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  2. industrial land in ho chi minh really triple fly in the past yr. unfortunately, unless its vacant land, then easy to sell. a friend of mine who invested in vietnam during early doi moi must be banging himself for not leasing more industrial land.
  3. The_King

    Where is all the ATB, suddenly all the shop empty.

    @HarrisY no wonder you moody, all the atb MIA
  4. dysentry

    Heavy Rain

    hot nite turning on mitsubishi
  5. think ho chi minh and saigon got more room to grow as supply chains adjust to decouple from china
  6. wait for crash and use moi waifu name buy cheap condom in shenzhen?
  7. although it is people park centre that enbloc first, people park complex will soon follow due to human greed
  8. alot of us will miss people park, golden mile and peace centre.
  9. shops like retronutz deserve a nice and cheap place to settle also some nice shops in peace centre which will enbloc soon people park and golden mile also soon there will be no place to hang out
  10. the question is whether the migrants have the cash to pay. i dont think refugees from afghan or syria have the money. and rich chinese or sea migrants r not going to buy in darwin.
  11. dysentry


  12. dysentry

    abnn throw beer bottles in amk

    touch pussy pay 1000 baht
  13. although australia cut migrant cap to 160k, that is still 160k migrants who have to settle somewhere and they only have these secondary cities to enter now that they are banned in sydney and melbourne there should be a boom in infra spending, schools and other facilities in these migrant cities and greedy developers will also launch many new projects
  14. dXter

    BTABNN caught

    WTF!!! Report!
  15. The facade of the Moncler store at Marina Bay Sands. (PHOTO: Moncler) Who says retail is dead? Apparel and lifestyle company Moncler just revealed its newest brick-and-mortar store at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore and we were there to preview it on Thursday (21 March). The new Moncler boutique covers a total area of 5,600 sq ftspread across two floors, making it among the biggest Moncler store in the APAC Region. The interior of the store. (PHOTO: Moncler) Not to overlook their biggest opportunity to connect with consumers, the store, at the first glimpse, marries an inspiring physical environment with vignettes of our lifestyle – the facade of the store mimics the brand’s classic puffer-style jackets, to use of black and white marble within the interior and furniture that’s carved into shapes of icebergs – leaving you with that feeling like you’re off on an Alpine ski trip. (PHOTO: Moncler) There is a marble staircase that’s luminescent, which we reckon would make the next Instagrammable snap, while the mirrors on the high ceilings will leave you wanting to take a 360° video. Thanks to French designer Gwenael Nicolas and founder of the Curiosity design studio, we got to experience the evocative ice effect within the store. (PHOTO: Moncler) Moncler’s customers will be pleased to know that there is a range of 4 Moncler Simone Rocha to shop from, which is part of the instalment of Moncler Genius’ SS19 collection, as well as kids’ collections, accessories and both men and women’s collection in-store. Moncler is located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands L1-63 and B1-141.
  16. Beedio

    Do you crave malt foods e.g. Horlicks drink?

    Moi just went to Downtown Gallery Ya Kun again earlier this evening. Had a small cup of Horlicks and enjoy the Shenton Way view, a bit noisy though because of the dance studio downstairs.
  17. Today
  18. Commach Mother

    BTABNN caught

    MY EYES!!!! OH MAN!!! Why no warning???????
  19. purpleflock

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    Skipped main course and went straight for dessert. Dissatisfaction.
  20. purpleflock

    BTABNN caught

    There's the regular BT and there's rapeland BT. Same same but different levels... Feed to lions please.
  21. The_King

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    I know why emo, cause all the ATB is missing. Will post pictures of proof later
  22. socrates469bc

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    why emo???? i thot jiak gayland's rochor beancurd is kgk xdd's favorite end of day dessert.
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