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  2. Maybank gives you 2.22% provided you deposit $1k in savings for every $10k in FD. So the effective interest is less that 2.22%., about 2% i believe.
  3. thanks a lot, i am noob in investing, so most likely i stay out of it.
  4. i dont earn that much, i dont even have 10k per yr. i am seeking a plan that i can store the money for around 5-10yr that will give me the best return for my money. which give me better return the current maybank of 2.22%
  5. so the min i can start with is 40k? any idea which plan? all they websites dont stated the amount you can start with, which mean i have to call them one by one i was hope to find a plan that pay well above FD rate for XXX yr which should start as in my early 40s. no plan to wait until 65
  6. he could be the oldest singaporean guy to marry a girl half his age!
  7. ManOfTheHour

    alicia low

    Just saw 2 video. She look very tiny next to the buibuis in 3some
  8. As long as the interpretation is not left to human judgements, any rule can be illogical yet fair, once it's equally applied to all.
  9. Today
  10. Hope no taxpayer's money was thrown in due to this relocation.
  11. Poor driver... even though he made a sudden lane change, it was definitely his right of way. Hope the driver gets off lightly and the stupiak cyclist learn his lesson.
  12. if transiting, cannot leave airplane liao. if the air stewardess chio is not too bad but if sibei fugly, then really is torture.
  13. Thor

    Chao ji bai lol

    why dun use original account
  14. The new wife not bad. I don’t mind sniffing her farts after she jiak sea bass in thai soup mmmm
  15. lol... what i meant was delayed at lax for 10 hours... then went transiting in hk, kena delay again due to these protestors...
  16. I just came thinking of her, Sun Ho and qyf taking turns to fart, laosai on my face while verbally abusing me mmm ahhh aahhh aahhh
  17. I am another user. Very inconspicuous.. Not as infamous as @nachtsider or whatever. Yet kena such unfair treatment. Chao ji bai!
  18. Btw I am not @tanyakchin! or @[[ForeverAlone]]
  19. wahahaha dua kumgong jiu shi dua kum gong... perm banned there... u are stuck here... until u make a new NK clone...
  20. Some policies are not good. That is why they put people off. So do consider carefully what you want and see if they suit you. You also know that they have a 2 week grace period and if you are not comfortable with the terms and conditions, you can reject the policy and get back your money without any penalties. I have rejected a few cos after paying, I still was not comfortable. This is a kind of savings commitment and considered conservative. If you want want more gains from your money like above 4%, then you need expert advice or good reading to make sound decisions when buying into stocks etc. Of course another way is have a fund manager manage your portfolio. However there is no guarantee you will get profits all the time. I, too was dumb to have lost a bit, even under the advice of the so called experts.
  21. Just add, assuming you put the $20k annually in FD for the first 5 years, you will get @2%, ($20000 x 0.02 x 10) + ($20000 x 0.02 x 9) + ($20000 x 0.02 x 8 ) + ($20000 x 0.02 x 7) + ($20000 x 0.02 x 6) = $16000. Total sum based on simple interest is $11600. So if I can get more from the above endowment policy, the interest earned is about 2.9% or more.
  22. Heng I won’t see her gums as my face will be deep in her butthole sucking out her farts and sai residue mmmm
  23. damn i wanna marry her!!
  24. The new rules sucks VAR sucks too as end of the day still prone to human error n judgment. With that said however, LOL TO MAN CITEH!
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