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    Thanks to forum members, we are able to continue ! yay ! more good things are coming . Stay tuned.
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    Missiles got big launch/radar signatures and can be intercepted inflight more easily especially subsonic cruise missiles. Gun based arty is way cheaper, easier to mass fire, capable of delivering simultaneous rounds on target and more applicable to tactical use compared to strategic weapons. While theoretically possible to intercept with say Iron dome, CIWS, the angle they come in and smaller projectile with no need to carry fuel means smaller window of interception. Also combat with near peer adversary would mean way different usage for both systems, arty used for support of the ground troops and counter battery while missiles are generally employed to hit "high value" targets. Anyway this is more of a program to upgrade existing capabilities. Ground based arty is one of the weakest areas in the US military due to high reliance on air supremacy and close air support. Many existing 155mm systems are already 52cal (barrel length = 52x155mm) longer barrels tend to give better accuracy, longer range. Its just to counter Russian doctrines that has historically always relied on firepower superiority.
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    All i hear are excuses. And the accusations are not wrong. The price for cleaning did increase, and NTUC did stipulate for some hawkers to stay open for a certain period of time. Only difference is that they have not applied this requirement to all the stalls yet. hawkers are entrepreneurs. they are not your employee. how come they still must justify to you when they want to take leave and close shop? do you pay them sick leave or paid leave? do you not continue to charge them rental even if they don't open the shop? why must they justify to you whether their reason to not open is valid or not?
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    b4 we logged off for the day, let us say a prayer for our brethen kgk xdd @HarrisY. May kgk xdd survive the clutches of United airlines lao aunties on his return 20hr flight so that he can live to lick another atb aunty pgd on monday. Ye that kgk xdd survive from this ordeal, glory be onto the next atb aunty pgd that he will lick.
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    Damn, I play single player RPGs and I use cheats to give myself 999999 gold Please give me a chance, I am not confident in my farming for gold. I just wanted to give myself a slight assist.
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    ....... unfortunately not our kgk xdd @HarrisY. it is this american chinese ah peh. he has alrdy jiaked cai png in more than 7300 chinese restaurants and still counting. our kgk xdd still has a long way to go. jia you kgk xdd @HarrisY, we r sure one day u will beat this ah peh's record. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/long-reads/article/2169154/man-who-has-eaten-more-7300-chinese-restaurants
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    Mee siam mai hiam la, that how cheap I can go.
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    Suck liao bo? Got suck out tapeworms or not?
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    cos no govt funded hawker centres in these countries ?
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    this reminds me of a conversation i had with a ubs saleslady pitching the malaysian ipo of 7-11 master franchiser. she was telling the fun managers/anal-yts attending the briefing that malaysian penetration of 24hrs convenience stores is far less than than of japan/bkk/sgp etc and that the growth is tremendous. i shot back, ' the only reason why i visit 7-11 at 12 midnite is to buy condoms and this is true for all straight men in this room.'
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    my value for money once per week outside food As always Nooooooooo ice(unless it carl jr, cause it free flow for soda or real lemon tea(cause ownself squeeze real lemon + ownself add ice + ownself add sugar)
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    I think if he gets punished in-flight also jin kinky...made to lick pgd in lavatory...wahahaha
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    sibei high tec sia duck kway chap
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    everything is working out and according to plan. No worries, take a chill pill
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    Sinkie scavenge for scraps: loser, low ses, beggar, scums of society, trash. AMDK scavenge for scraps: challenge lover, adventurous, resilient, #lovefoodhatewaste advocator.
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    social stratification alrdy harden... And its caused by LHL and his policies... When u are the cause of the matter but u keep saying u dun like this kind of thing... It makes u?
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    Lol the google translate is damn cancerous. 电话 become electric call. Smlj is that
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    i alrdy predicted this outcome when the war broke out 3mths ago. but its amazing how some clowns still dont know what to do.
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    hdb really thinks that the whole sgp has no accounting sense. lao tiko me no accounting training alrdy know their accounting is damn funny. hdb is only land sales agent, so how to have deficit from 'housing activities'? secondly, what is the definition of 'housing activities'? thirdly and most importantly, who did the land valuation. i think hdb has to change with the time and rethink their mission.
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