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    So pigbunny and the other cute creatures wanted something quick on the go so we all decided to have this It cost 9.60 sgd with medium milk tea and a chicken drum. The burger combines with the takoyaki sauce makes it feel like eating the actual takoyaki. The outer crispy exterior with the soft and chewy inside makes pigbunny feel like having more. Rating: 6.5/10 If they are willing to put on a perm menu I could have this every month thanks for viewing!
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    Somemore still say gonna change forum name soon. Probably gonna re-name into some hippie sound name like BHBH.life aka Be Here, Be Happy Forum copied from Halimah’s Do Good, Do Together cheesey slogan. Somemore warn indirectly say don’t post NSFW thing anymore, most likely gonna mainstream the entire shit like HWZ major clean up, soon gonna ban all those KYM threads and posters. Truth be told, EDMW.XYZ was good till some MYSTERIOUS @TeamXYZ showed up out of nowhere with no proper introduction and no clarification on her agenda to ‘revamp’ the entire EDMW.XYZ forum. Scarli ish maybe some rich hippie ASK bought over everything riao, and want to turn this forum into some social media community shit that caters to the hippies crowd (which we all know will end in failure). i might seem rike a ‘trouble maker’ to some but i have done my due, constantly posting high-interest news/threads day-in-day-out (can go check my thread history for proof) that engages EDMW forumers and even bring traffic from the public outsiders; and i have an eye of Sharingan. From day 1 i know ‘Kayaloti’ was a stupid idea and bound to flop and i was proven right. EDMW.XYZ was the right re-direction which revived the forum and community. But as a chinese saying goes: 画蛇添足, some smart ass gonna break EDMW.XYZ and overhaul it without major advantages and claim EDMW is ‘moving forward’, but atlas just some reskinning shit with smlj social media vibes for wayang wayang. Let me remind everyone, EDMW is essentially EDMW. And we are the ones standing up against the authoritarian tyrant Mods and Dog Amins of NK forum because we believe free speech and expression such as ATBCPJHJ, and we believe in giving a middle finger to corrupted mods and Admins who anyhow delete threads and unjust banning of forumers. EDMW.XYZ was doing fine, everyone played their part. If someday this place got bought over by money and stupidity (I hope haven’t yet), and unwittingly revamped into another failed SG forum or PetalByte forum. It unfortunately become rike this one day, then its the day the original Exodus died.
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    *This thread will be updated from time to time Hey Community, While we have been trying to allow most content to be made public, it has affected the ads that we can feature to help with site costs. For a start, please please please (please.....) refrain from posting NSFW content on the main forum. We have already catered outlets for you (if you know what I mean *grin*) and we want to keep this place safe for all genders Testosterone is important, but the community is importanter! *sweat* For now we hope veteran resident members can self regulate; we do not wish to interfere in anyway with your daily activities. Staff and Moderators will be informed on the new guidelines as well, and to avoid misunderstandings we will slowly update and detail this thread for clarity. Team.Life's duty is to #BeHereBeHappy, but we may help out in moderating if required (definitely hope not!). #Team.Life #BeHereBeHappy
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    I also find it rude we ask you cum cream your gender but u always deny without gpgt
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    Last night someone chatting about the knee cup selfie, made me lmao. I decided today I will try to take the knee cup selfie for LOL and sic for fellow edmwers to have a tgif good laugh. And I tell u the process of taking them really Jin farnee I keep falling over and laugh like mad. Then I also realise my knee too pointy, very hard to imitate the correct shape. [spoiler=Looks like nsfw] But actually very innocent one hahaha [GALLERY=media, 1865]PhotoGrid_1529649744621 by Sofero posted Jun 22, 2018 at 4:08 PM[/GALLERY] [spoiler=Looks like nsfw]but actually innocent one hahaha this angle I tried very long also bky cos my knee cap too pointy [GALLERY=media, 1866]PhotoGrid_1529649833769 by Sofero posted Jun 22, 2018 at 4:09 PM[/GALLERY]
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    Diu lei lah chao kim mo lian! u want to talk abt content let kachang puteh talk to u abt content. I now cannot tahan have to come in and screw yr ah lian pgd upside down. sunflower has a few frens chatting in her different threads, these are contents with high readership. just becoz u and tat casper guy dun like her, u 2 drop daily bombshells at her until our circle all dispersed. and a few of them like wolfman and sunflower were donors. i felt so put off by the 2 of u tat i dun feel like posting any more here. and now u talk abt content? i dun donate much but i used to post a lot per day and by u and casper guy actions caused how much contents to be lost? don't u think u 2 are self centered and deprived others of their postings and frenship. I scold u tonite by i still feel my kkj stirring while scolding u kim moh lian. wtf! 😨
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    Basically , the forum moved to a new host @Admin knows every dollar that all of us earns are our hardearned money , so he decided to make the call to move a cheaper host with similar security and include in ads so that we can surf happily for a lesser cost. Ever since the other 3 founders left , he has been pouring money into the forum on his own every month, especially when the donations are zero. Yes , content is important , and we thank you for that. However , cash is just as important. @admin is not some high flyer , he has been doing his best to maintain the forum at his own expense. I dont think it's too much too ask to put up some with banner ads to help with server cost right ?
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    Kgk nv go bukit timah food center jiak bak kut teh cheap
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    Hey erm.... *kanji characters* , sorry about the theme now, Admin's working on it but due to limited funds we currently have other priorities. It will come for sure....my eyes have been hurting since morning
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    So many ppl view this thread but so little replies? Knn how about atleast some ‘Likes’ for me?
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    It is true, cost of oil is also free since it is dug from the ground
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    Take bas to jiak dis siam loh char png kym?
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