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    Cooked this afternoon. Easy and nice to eat
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    Yes, singaporeans lose out to FT who don't play by the rules. We get proper degrees instead of cheap ones from degree mills. We do things the proper way instead of lying and cheating to get rich. We have proper work ethics while others are bullshitting their way through and claiming credit for other's work. I'm not saying that non-Singaporeans are all bad, just that our own govt and companies value such scum like Yang Yin and SPU degree more than singaporeans.
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    Hello Community! It's been a while since our last official announcement, so here goes: Since our move to the new forums we've expended much funding for licenses etc We know for the past month(s) site loading speed has been on a little slow..also Admin had experimented some features in the background. Although we could still use more donations, right now we are looking to move to a better host to handle site traffic and more importantly, resources to handle our upcoming features! Meanwhile just chillax while Admin prepares for the migration As you may have noticed, on and off new themes have come and gone, and now chosen themes are being tweaked for readability. Hence only default is available in the meantime. TDLR: Moving to better, faster host for speedier loading times New features coming up Themes are being tweaked at the moment Cheers!
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    Cook rice in a pot (3-4 persons) When rice is almost cooked, add mushroom sauce (campbell) Add slices of button mushroom and let them cook together. Take out cooked rice and put salmon pieces on top and bake or broil them, turning the fish over to ensure proper cooking. Add some mozerella cheese and bake again. Enjoy!!
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    pls vote jskm if u agree
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    u dont know i supported the hk's occupy central protest of 2014???? thats why beijing bo song with me. https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/article/1623015/beijing-mouthpiece-calls-pro-occupy-celebrities-be-banned-mainland
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    Pig Organ Soup Pros: * ingredients were generous * Fast service ( less then 1min after paying and ordering) Cons: * ingredients is a little little little little too soft and not QQ enough * unable to detect sweetness in the soup and the salty taste of the salted vegetables * soup broth is not thick, flavourful, tasty, it like diluted soup broth did not find the soup good or flavorful so did not ask for refill With a score out of 10 . i give it a 1.5/10 Braised pig trotter and pig hair for me Pros: * ingredients were generous * Meat texture is good * Fast service ( less then 1min after paying and ordering) Cons: * Fur * Egg is hard just like any Braised pig trotter i eaten, nothing special but for the price i pay, the ingredients were generous, as mine is small bone, lot of meat and the layer of fats in between the meat is thin not thick With a score out of 10 . i give it a 3/10 check out my other review: https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/74232-review-carl-jr-thick-super-bacon-burger-bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon/ https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/75588-review-2-carl-jr-thick-super-bacon-burger-bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon/ https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/74853-review-kfc-goldspice-chicken https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/75803-review-burger-king-hainanese-tendergrill-chicken-burgers/ https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76269-review-don-quijote-aka-don-don-donki-black-pepper-chicken-meal-and-baked-sweet-potatoes/ https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76405-review-koo-kee-yong-tow-foo-mee/ https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76492-review-popeyes-fried-chicken/ https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76744-review-authentic-mun-chee-kee-king-of-pigs-organ-soup/
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    sb70 finally ending her misery after voting for pap for the past 20 years...
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    Diam diam rah kgk i dun rike 18yo xmm rah
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    Kgk nao i juz wanna show dat i m the undisputed cai png ong rah
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    Very Easy. Tau Kwa Pok $1, cucumber $0.50, towgay $0.50, Hay kor $1.40 (only use 2 big scoops), peanuts $0.30
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    pengsan loong must really think that everyone failed their finance 101. a lease by definition is a contract by which one party conveys land, property, services, etc. to another for a specified time, usually in return for a periodic payment. thus, it is long term rental in layman's definition. the difference for private property is that the lessee is give the first rite to extend the lease, which is absent in hdb public housing. if pengsan loong tells me and make into a rule that hdb flats can be extended beyong 99 yrs, then i will say it is the same as private properties.
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    my brrakfast... rm6.50 yong tau fu in tampoi. on my way up to muar this morning.
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    Groomed out of China Produce 101 in Mar - Jun this year (see thread here) the 11 members girl band Rocket Girls 101 finally debuted on 18 Aug 2018 As you all know I loved the programme so much, and have been following the story of the 11 girls after the program ended, and has became a huge fan of one of their member Sunnee 楊芸晴, so opening this thread to share my love for these lovely girls with all of you. Now here's the release of First EP, performance by 8 of the girls: Collide (撞): PS, during the last min can see my Sunnee fainting already T.T she was suffering from severe gastric attack since a day ago, but she insisted to go on stage to complete the debut performance to the very last second and then she collapsed on stage. Worldwide release extended version Nevertheless, very happy for the 8 girls, look forward to more interesting works from them over the next 2 years!
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    atb money radar very sensitive one... when their radar tell them the KGK money is drying up... they will dump the kgk... and the kgk will become a loser dua kumgong... and eat like a slumkia mangala... waddling in self pity
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    Would gladly drill my tongue deep insai dis lao aunty's seasoned yet flavorful pgd wahaha jin song
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    Why laura's figure look like transformer....
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    Very Easy to cook. 1. Pork Belly $3.45 cut into this strips. Choose the lean ones for healthy reasons. 2. Add a bit salt, 4-5 table spoons black sauce, a pinch of 5 spice powder, a teaspoon sesame oil, a spoon sugar, some pepper and marinate for about an hour. I alos add a bit rice wine and a spoonful oyster sauce. 3. Fry some ginger (thumbsize) and garlic till fragrant. Add the meat and fry and let the sauce and ginger and garlic mix and cook nicely. I let the pot simmer over small heat for half hour. 4. Steam some buns ($1.90 for 7-8 pc from giant) and when soft eat with the meat. Very fragrant. 5. You can add mushrooms (optional) or garnish with spring onions or cucumber. total cost is less than $6. gets a bit messy after the 4th buns
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