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    Dual-wielding AMDL zehzeh be your white knight ish keyima?
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    Hi, as long time edmwers know, I like drawing and have been doing chiobu art since I was eleven. This is an experimental thread to help encourage more views and participation, if you made your own chiobu art to showcase please feel free to share here too. If you like the drawings and would like to see more, please like and subscribe to the thread, many thanks. The Archer
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    Hi guys, after the recent changes to this forum it is impossible for lurkers to view anything here now, so post views have diminished to nearly nothing. In addition, I keep getting ads and ad redirects, it makes the forum not easy to use. As such I will be taking a break from edmw life, many thanks for the support and your kind words in the past few years. I may be back to visit from time to time, please take care.
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    Yes I was humming "From Russia with Love" tune while drawing this. "Are you going to kill me Misterrr Bond? Or just stand there and stare?"
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    Moi went to NK to disturb @broadwalk really love his sarcastic posting style and always amazed at the shit reading comprehension ability of NK edmwers. Anyway I lied that I pcc until injured myself last night.
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    No, still using my handphone to draw, as shown below: Big nehneh are heavy, they tend to hang lower.
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    Found this while lurking in nk.
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    Pretty sure she will ravage your pgd until sunflower
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    Bas stop ID 50081 Blk 41A Owen Road Pek Kio Market food center. Farrer Park hospital in the background. Please buy a better camera phone. your samseng phone CMI!!
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    Portobello chicken burger. dont really like it as it lack bacon smell and taste but portobello not really a lot
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    huawei os can only succeed in tiongland since china internet ecosystem is closed to outside competitors. if we look at the takeup rate of baidu browser as a guage, only tiongland users r using it. the only successful chinese app being marketed overseas is wechat, but that is only becos of the wesearch function for atbs.
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    dont worry, the americans wont touch oppo and vivo yet. they dont make networking gears like zte or huawei. the americans had a good practice run on zte and so now they shift to a bigger target, huawei, using the same mo. in military parlance, we call this a surgical strike.
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    the lady looks like those secondary school teacher... and u r behaving like a bian tai student spying on her
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    Hi all, I think i am going to be a father soon because my wife period did not come for last month. She did test with pregnancy kit and the result is positive. My wife is not local. Is there any doctor to recommend for gynaecology and can share the price and information need to know for 1st time father?
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    Congrats! I'm not a father but you're blessed
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    where to eat https://deskgram.net/explore/tags/chizubukake
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    Haha your spirit is back...pls sic, i also want to dio punish by aunty...wahahaha
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    Booked 1 atb but she aeroplane me wahaha
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    can see the face shape you like. PGD should be mala flavoured.
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    imagine you are her prison warden... and she complains of piles and you need to check before sending her to medical center... @HarrisY
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    ani kgks noe y all dis xdds queuing up in dis jdrama? Wahahah there chiu have it!
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    Mai state the obvious dkgk wahaha Chiu have xdd n not xmm rite?
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    Rearing fish as food kind of industry should be taken by govt or military as defence assets. Singapore should take seriously food and water resources and guard it like gold...
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    The kgk covering cos he shee shee, not in time to go toilet . The aunty teacher stressed cos she kenot pangsai
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    His holiness and her highness were delegated to the insignificant corner in the third row. GREAT DISRESPECT !!!! Xi never studied Chines Classics well due to Cultural Revolution : 《论语·学而》: 有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎 It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar
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    Will be upgrading this forum's software over tmr as to fix some bugs and apply patches. Mainly for security issues, no much changes.
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    yuan lai ru ci! Thanks to "Enter Aristocracy of Armed Talent: The Military Elite in Singapore" a publication by an academic publication written by Adjunct Professor Samuel Ling Wei Chan of UNSW, Canberra, and published by NUS Press... It seems an officer’s CEP is defined by the amount of HAIR he possesses. HAIR being short for the four cardinal virtues of Helicopter Vision, Analytical Power, Imagination, and Reality... Helicopter vision fails... because when u only look at the bigger picture, fails at the details... whole freaking plan falls apart... Analytical Power contradict helicopter vision... Imagination is never found in any of singapore army generals... Reality is something our generals and politicians will never understand because they nvr face reality... So i still dun know how SAF chose their officers...
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    Those smokers who wanted to save on cigs can stand in the middle of the box. Dolby surround smoke.
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    that one easy to hack. all you need is a computing device and software pick locking skill need time to master and need to create own pick locker tools
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    ownself leak ownself to fry news other countries leak nudes and sex videos... sinkies leak SMS... major wtf... SMS is between 2 people... how to believe is leaked?
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    take care....asgard is always open to chiu
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    this aunty is now 48 yo, kgk xdd. she was in baywatch with pamela anderson. so she still ky for u since she is almost twice ur age????
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    the occifer ask the crew close hatches oredi? they all shake heads occifer interpret as yes
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    China will spend billions to make sure trump dun become president.... Then bribe enough senator and create their own "china president"...
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    Diam diam rah see if she can b my new atb gf wahaha
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    My home? Knn i didnt even know!
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    think we all shldnt judge him here. He's a certified doctor and has save lives . to me , he is doing things that we can't do. And im not going to the moral high ground on him, he is free to do or say whatever he wants in his free time . I dont see that he because of what he did online , he neglects his job . He is still going to work, saving lives , day in day out , before all this happen.
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