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    lao tiko works for the money & women.
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    Many of these YouTubers, channels or famous personalities are very popular and entertaining, but I have difficulty trusting them because something about their content isn't right: TED (and TEDx) in general Prager U VICE School of Life Kurzgesagt The Infographics Show Marques Brownlee TechAltar Dan Lok Robert Kiyosaki Jordan Peterson Malcolm Gladwell How about you? Is there any famous YouTuber/channel/personality whom you cannot trust and why?
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    bill gates drop out steve jobs drop out mark zuckerberg drop out harrisy should do just fine
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    tiagong this 20yo xdd is part time construction mangala while aunty is part time cashier in ktv.
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    3 big tablespoonful of ovaltine powder in mug, then pour in hot water. put in freezer for 15mins then take out. then go sit in front of the arcade and watch all the nice ol zzs walk past while slowly liming the ice cold ovaltine.
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    Ya... tiagong the new funan can cycle or escooter inside the mall, so can knock down moar people and toddlers...
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    Amdk read books: sexy, interesting, appreciate books.... Sinkie read books: boooooooring, nerdy, poor man no $ buy tablet, selfish taking up space, not updated and living in past, must be reading pervert stories, loser, must stomp him sitting on priority seat and make sure his camp and company discipline him 9696....
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    Pew two rounds, report clear consperm sleep like a baby...
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    kgk xdd @HarrisY, mai go so extreme if ur atb aunty gf dont let u jiak her pgd, ok????
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    i never trust anyone offering me buy high sell low advice on behalf of paper Gen.
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    i never trust anyone offering me financial advice on behalf of financial institutions.
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    Horlicks is the best! Followed by Ovaltine! Milo is only good for eating out of a bowl.
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