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    LOL this way will work meh. cause few days back the site keep on going down. so i transfered the old db to other server, then reinstalled our server and switch back. but it seems that theres problems, and i spend 2 days on it liao, and some things still broken. so i switch back to the other server without syncing the DB, cause if i sync the DB, same shit might happen. this server is super fast. so enjoy it lol
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    If you want Router but too cheap to buy ASUS can buy Tenda AC-18 现货 腾达 Tenda AC18 1900M双频无线WIFI穿墙家用智能稳定高速 Even the store encourage you to use Merlin ASUSWrt 可刷梅林
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    i rolled back to the last well known config / db
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    GO4POOL - discount $4-6 x 1 time FOUR - can discount 3 pool rides ($4 each) until end of Sunday
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    U.S., China agree to first trade steps under 100-day plan a few snippets: The United States and China have agreed to take action by mid-July to increase access for U.S. financial firms and expand trade in beef and chicken..... The United States also signaled that it was eager to export more liquefied natural gas, saying China could negotiate any type of contract, including long-term contracts, with U.S. suppliers. and this is my favorite: And U.S. credit card operators Visa Inc (V.N) and MasterCard Inc (MA.N) have yet to be independently licensed to clear transactions in China, despite a 2012 WTO ruling mandating that Beijing open the sector and rules issued by the central bank to let foreign firms enter the market. nb, this is a wto ruling and beijing just choose to ignore it. so how can 'mainstream' media says beijing is free trade friendly and why didnt useless obama take any actions against beijing????
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    Tiagong XDD oso take off later wahaha huai aunty teacher sit on the table rike dis?
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    Typical dumb bitch ATB think money and FACE ish more important than life. Absolutely no sympathy from me whatsoever.
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    Localised isolated hairline hack only. No need undue panic, no finger pointing blame culture pls. Honest admin glitch. So let's move on. #WPmustCumCreamAHTC #PAP70%PRIDE
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    t00 b0red desert bestie n playful h0kay g00t nite all +1ss
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    @向日葵 annyeonghaseyo gongjunim
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    Really? So do you think he is handsome? XXXX Deleted XXXX I think he is! So tall and nice built. I like If I get sued .. I will just say :
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    Anyway, Ttyl, getting change and going out. It's Friday!!!!
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    sophisticated attack? sounds like an excuse for their own beh kan
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    no la , i also need to explain for the stuffs , so might as well use this time to do it. so as i said, in terms of stability or the latest database. i chose stability lor . thanks for your donation again. lol i dont wanna spam the whole forums with the donation thingy la.
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    This ish what u get when PAP hire ABNNs with SPU certs to look after their major network & servers. 70% Approved.
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    Where you get the icon?
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