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    Moi tinks that Hongkies don't seem to be aware of their terrible reputation overseas, to them the Tiongs are low SES "locusts", but to outsiders rike us Hongkies are even worse than Tiongs, loud cunning money-faced snobs. :emoji_expressionless:
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    Maybe something ish coming so got smoke screen... Gng rain
  4. 3 points
    heypi sunday likers:) haze ish back:(
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  6. 2 points
    dunno from where and dunno why central most polluted
  7. 2 points
    Wtf... How cum suddenly haze...
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    Morning birdy... Got haze meh? Tot ish rain clouds
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    Chiu can try the amdk brand from phoon huat... priced like low SES, but imported from spain... can imagine u r AMDK as u jiak...
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    without flour and with less oil
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    pinky ish as usual kaki gong kaki song most importantly ish wad did mahathir say abt da meeting mahathir didn't even deign to comment anything afterwards PINKY XIASUEY AF!!! THROW SINKAPORE FACE! PUI!!!
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    Rast time moi tried to approach NRF to discuss VR applications, but they not interested and seem to think that VR is just about gaming gaming gaming. :emoji_expressionless: In addition, VR has an undeserved reputation for being for nerdy guys and weirdos. But let's not forget that during the early days of the computer gaming revolution, the first adopters were also mostly nerdy guys. Nowadays OLs pway games on their handphones rike no buttie's business, no longer just for nerds and weirdos. Using VR for gaming is not actually ideal because of nausea issue. However, VR could be an excellent fit for online shopping. Of course, retail giants like USA's Walmart have already begun VR/AR trials for shopping. But I think their strategy may be mistaken. To truly engage the OL/rich auntie crowd, you should not focus on grocery shopping at a supermarket or other cheap shit rike that. Anyone can walk into a supermarket to buy things, but only a truly high SES atas society tai-tai can be invited into a haute couture fashion boutique for a private sales event. :emoji_relieved: To fulfill the fantasies of OLs/rich aunties to live the high life rike Rosmah or Jamie Chua, high street brands can recreate entire shopping experiences in VR. OLs can then hold the $300,000 Birkin bag rendered in high resolution closely to see all the details, carry it around and walk back and forth in front of a virtual mirror while wearing a virtual Versace dress and a virtual $600,000 Roger Dubuis diamond-studded watch, constantly at the centre of attention of a crowd of procedurally-generated jealous onlookers - all in the comfort of their own home. Normal OLs clearly cannot afford the top line products but the high street brands can then promote their bridge brand products to them with similar styling at a more affordable price of a few thousand dollars. If you think about it this way, that $199 VR headset and $1.99 app rooks ridiculously cheap for such a high SES experience. :emoji_relieved: VR hardware makers and app developers will HUAT HUAT HUAT AH!!!
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    He added that the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) project was not discussed during the visit. ... However, Dr Mahathir has said that all major projects will be reviewed by the new government, with local contractors to be prioritised. What the fuck is he saying not discussed but all major projects will be reviewed. Just say it will be reviewed! Double talking snake
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    How to? You have magic to make 70% stop voting it? The ANG MO KIO GRC residents are the ones who keep voting it to bring the country down and make us suffer. Tiagong this basturdie ccb sissy tua very uncaring no go meet-the-people session yet the people there still vote it. Knn.... Moi told the auntie who stay at ang mo kio off when she complained about price increase. She diam diam.
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    Economic bee hoon with 1 sunny side up
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    Front Blue one... The rest too airport...
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    As long got Kong hee followers there will be sb 70 Tipping point is when more lose their mid career jobs Now phv drivers still lub them deep deep
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    Shibuya zeh zeh also retiring soon [MEDIA=twitter]997855498723409921[/MEDIA]
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    My fav kind of plain bread. I love eating the crust of the loaf. Kind of hard to find.
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    Not csb. There are many sinkies even the young and educated ones, not even aware of all these.. Shocking and incredible, and they only read and believe 154 The daftness ish no horse run...
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