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    My buddy needs to give a speech tonight. last time he fainted after speaking for an hour... lucky there were doctors and surgeons around... they checked on him immediately and said he is ok.. the fainting is from prolonged standing, heat and dehydration... He kena arrow to give a long speech tonight... again... Can anyone give suggestions on how to avoid fainting and giving everyone a scare again?
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    so your friend, pengsan lee, tonight will give speech about how the new 9-10% gst will help the poor? ie they will take thousands from you, and then return $200 rebates to you? sb70???
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    If sit down also have fainting spell then next year try laying down lor wahhaha
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    I don't know the MIW will take this seriously or just sweep under the carpet. But to the Singaporeans, this is not just disrespecting the flag. The flag was designed by PAP pioneer. This guy just shiat on PAP pioneer work. If PAP just let it go, during erection just tell the PAP supporters see LKY and pioneers are disrespected. Show it to pioneer citizens and say same thing. See vote will drop or not. Then to us Malays, the Crescent moon is very special. This guy do this to our crescent moon, just send the message out to all Malay communities. Just to save 1 foreigner the MIW will lose support from pioneer citizens, some PAP supporters and piss off the Malay community. Let them try how worth it it is to save one idiot who commit a crime. Also must investigate all those with PR who send or use the image. Strip their PR. They don't intend to be Singaporean why give them PR? Their employer can apply for EP for them if their skill so special. Pinky still want to hide in his hole then he will see the result when erection come.
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    This is to conceal their identity. *paw strike @Thor and stop changing my species
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    In after oxley rd.... Old tampines rd rooks jin eerie during night time de wor...
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    Another kgk trying to act white knight wahaha @socrates469bc
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    So pigbunny’s friend, kind squirrel decided to treat pigbunny this
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    Lining up to seek Li Ya Pek's blessings.
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    Meat galore for the King of Ghosts.
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    To me, Oxley Road is the most haunted. It has been haunting Singaporeans of all ages since they started
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    No problem! I'm hoping to explore North Korea too! The real North Korea the country!
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    Well it’s their choice so let them deal with it. Whats there to be salty about
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    yes, its my choice to choose turkey cps as my latest fetish. no dilan no talk.
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    Morning goodies for the young 'uns.
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    These sb70 crazy one... Seen one sinkie women wan to brainwash my father in law ask him if lky is ok... Then my father in law say he dun own him a living. Then that siao cha bor go crazy and scold him... Say who give u ur house,job and family... Sb70 all fucking brainwashed liao...
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    Meritocracy is good but unfortunately, Singapore's version of meritocracy is if you perform(just do what your Master tells you), you get promoted and receive 10 months of bonus. And if you underperform or fuck up, "It's an honest mistake, let's move on".
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    EFL SKY BET CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS SATURDAY 18TH AUGUST Bristol City 0 Middlesbrough 2 FT Hull 0 Blackburn 1 FT Ipswich 1 Aston Villa 1 FT Leeds 2 Rotherham 0 FT Millwall 2 Derby 1 FT Reading 0 Bolton 1 FT Sheff Utd 2 Norwich 1 FT West Brom 7 QPR 1 FT Wigan 2 Nottm Forest 2 FT FRIDAY 17TH AUGUST Birmingham 0 Swansea 0 FT
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    usually ppl that burn and not considerate 1 are the ppl that they tink they big fk 1 and most of it is true...
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    sunday afternoon go suntec jiak bk is jin kgk. nothing to beo there. if u go ion orchard lim starbucks on sunday afternoon , there u is sakti.
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    Think i agar agar know where, the dead end road beside bedok corner hawker centre?
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    Supper with the phantom.
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    Unless your child is autistic or has ADHD, there is no excuse for your child not to listen to you. It is down to bad parenting or mollycoddlying. Not asking you to use the rod or to beat them but if all else fails, you have to. Yes I do believe in conditioning but please condition at home and not in public If the child cannot control, then they need to be educated and toilet trained. Kids are so caught up in playing that sometimes they think it is alright for them to pee as and when they want and where they want. That mindset should be corrected starting from the parents.
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    They got no logic one... SB70 will say u forget how lky give u all these things and u ungrateful... then become super angry like u killed their whole family and raped her... Trust me... they are like this...
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    please do so n give us bbfa forever alone edmw low lifers a FR. TIA yeah.
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    I also believe it is a form of gambling. It tries to lure the buyer with the bait of high end prizes and whether you have the "luck" to get it. Plus it purposely tries to further bait the buyer by showing a picture of a "winner" with the top prize. However, they do not actually show that the machine does indeed contain those prizes it lists in the advertisement. It might all be just low end stuff with shitty prizes or even some lower end prizes but from unknown manufacturers instead of the branded manufacturers shown in the ads. IIRC, I've read one article recently about this Malaysian guy who saw one of these machine in a shopping mall (or some other place). He worked out that if he empties the entire machine and gets all the prizes in the ad, it would have worked out much in his favour. So he indeed went and empty the entire machine. All he got was the really low end prizes, like hair dryer, but what's worse was the prizes were from some unknown al' cheapo brands instead of the branded stuff shown in the ad. There was none of the high end prizes in the machine at all! It was so lucky that the service man came to top up the machines and he challenged to guy and say how come the machine doesn't contain the prizes in the ad? Service man shrugs his shoulders and say dunno. The service man don't even know what's in those boxes that he tops up. What's the moral of the story? If it's too good to be true, it usually is. Greed is not good.
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    Heng I use abloy with protec 2 system, key with ball bearing one. Hahahaha
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    This Jack Sim sounds like a SB70 ostrich. Rather bury his head in the sand than face the truth.
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    may be you can consider using fresh milk in replacement for the coffeemate...
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    Lol juve sneaked a late winner damn drama
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    Missy coming to garang grill and return @Dark_Pigbunny to our asylum
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    She got stare back at u or not? Maybe u can dedicate this song to her. U sing infront of her and maybe.. she will look at you
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    i wonder if any sb70 post this pic to terrex lee's FB: HAPPY BIRDDAY SINKAPOR! Song Boh????
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    You see the type of trash we are importing? they have no love for singapore and are just mercenaries. Worst still, they have no actual talent other than bullshitting. And yet when we call them out on their bullshit we get labelled xenophobic.
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    A bit difficcult but I really hope the senior officers, ie those jlb cols and generals, will also be implicated and charged this time round. Else such uncalled for deaths will bound to happen again. Commando dunking case... Guardsmen smoke grenade case... wtf man.
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