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    I don't know the MIW will take this seriously or just sweep under the carpet. But to the Singaporeans, this is not just disrespecting the flag. The flag was designed by PAP pioneer. This guy just shiat on PAP pioneer work. If PAP just let it go, during erection just tell the PAP supporters see LKY and pioneers are disrespected. Show it to pioneer citizens and say same thing. See vote will drop or not. Then to us Malays, the Crescent moon is very special. This guy do this to our crescent moon, just send the message out to all Malay communities. Just to save 1 foreigner the MIW will lose support from pioneer citizens, some PAP supporters and piss off the Malay community. Let them try how worth it it is to save one idiot who commit a crime. Also must investigate all those with PR who send or use the image. Strip their PR. They don't intend to be Singaporean why give them PR? Their employer can apply for EP for them if their skill so special. Pinky still want to hide in his hole then he will see the result when erection come.
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    Well it’s their choice so let them deal with it. Whats there to be salty about
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    yes, its my choice to choose turkey cps as my latest fetish. no dilan no talk.
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    Morning goodies for the young 'uns.
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    These sb70 crazy one... Seen one sinkie women wan to brainwash my father in law ask him if lky is ok... Then my father in law say he dun own him a living. Then that siao cha bor go crazy and scold him... Say who give u ur house,job and family... Sb70 all fucking brainwashed liao...
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    Meritocracy is good but unfortunately, Singapore's version of meritocracy is if you perform(just do what your Master tells you), you get promoted and receive 10 months of bonus. And if you underperform or fuck up, "It's an honest mistake, let's move on".
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    EFL SKY BET CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS SATURDAY 18TH AUGUST Bristol City 0 Middlesbrough 2 FT Hull 0 Blackburn 1 FT Ipswich 1 Aston Villa 1 FT Leeds 2 Rotherham 0 FT Millwall 2 Derby 1 FT Reading 0 Bolton 1 FT Sheff Utd 2 Norwich 1 FT West Brom 7 QPR 1 FT Wigan 2 Nottm Forest 2 FT FRIDAY 17TH AUGUST Birmingham 0 Swansea 0 FT
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    usually ppl that burn and not considerate 1 are the ppl that they tink they big fk 1 and most of it is true...
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    my take on this issue is that HDB should not be free market. Buy sell and quote direct from gahment by quota and by design based on income levels pay certain amount for certain house. DBSS will be gahment subsidised but able to buy sell freely, while condos and private estates will be whatever the hell freehold/999/99 year thing. Everyone wants to appreciate their assets, but if every tom dick harry starts to "invest" in HDBs and buy sell them like commodities its going to screw up the pricing for those who are just seeking a roof over their heads and start their own family. And if gahment wants to cool down and lower prices, who is going to pay back those people that bought 1mil resale HDBs in Bishan? So instead HDB should be cheap affordable housing, but like insurance savings plans, provide x% returns after certain years so people can still enjoy a low risk form of asset enhancement. but of course this is almost socialist thinking and wouldnt fly in any except utopian societies.
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    Sit car to jiak watnam gu bak kway teow kym? Dis cost 2x my 3 meat 1 veg cai png at gayrang balu hawker but larky ish my lao peh pay wahaha @absoluthell
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    Its illegal because govt dun earn directly from this... Govt taxes extra from casinos... Same as singapore prostitution... not regulated is illegal... only govt say ok then legal... Also same as 4d aka singapore pool. Govt say ok but u run the business, govt say illegal.' Song boh?!
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    Pigbunny late lunch tatsuta-age burger
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    This is in Singapore seriously?
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    but their commercials all damn long sia, watch first 30s like sian liao.
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