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    Well it’s their choice so let them deal with it. Whats there to be salty about
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    yes, its my choice to choose turkey cps as my latest fetish. no dilan no talk.
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    Morning goodies for the young 'uns.
  7. 2 points
    These sb70 crazy one... Seen one sinkie women wan to brainwash my father in law ask him if lky is ok... Then my father in law say he dun own him a living. Then that siao cha bor go crazy and scold him... Say who give u ur house,job and family... Sb70 all fucking brainwashed liao...
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    Meritocracy is good but unfortunately, Singapore's version of meritocracy is if you perform(just do what your Master tells you), you get promoted and receive 10 months of bonus. And if you underperform or fuck up, "It's an honest mistake, let's move on".
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    EFL SKY BET CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS SATURDAY 18TH AUGUST Bristol City 0 Middlesbrough 2 FT Hull 0 Blackburn 1 FT Ipswich 1 Aston Villa 1 FT Leeds 2 Rotherham 0 FT Millwall 2 Derby 1 FT Reading 0 Bolton 1 FT Sheff Utd 2 Norwich 1 FT West Brom 7 QPR 1 FT Wigan 2 Nottm Forest 2 FT FRIDAY 17TH AUGUST Birmingham 0 Swansea 0 FT
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    usually ppl that burn and not considerate 1 are the ppl that they tink they big fk 1 and most of it is true...
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    You wan to arrest a 3 star You mp minimum rank need ltc Where got ltc is mp command So it is invalid
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    the generals in SAF will ownself activate ownself after career path lost
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    Wow... this one really got the kumgong bu face.... @HarrisY like...
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    Pigbunny late lunch tatsuta-age burger
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    but their commercials all damn long sia, watch first 30s like sian liao.
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