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    Maybe kapo drivers looking for numbers or they from stomp community
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    That’s not a boy. That’s a middle age man child.
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    wtf wasted 1min 25seconds of my life on this , could have been spend on better things like leaks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    apm20bB_460sv.mp4 good bye old friend
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    SG Road Vigilante December 20 at 11:21 AM 20/12/2018 AYE towards bouna vista. Just entered AYE from clementi Avenue 6. Malaysia bus speeding at first lane. I tried to change to second lane(I did signal and checked blind spots). This malaysia bus changed to second lane without signal or whatsoever. Horned him to warned but he insisted and proceeded. P.S: if I’m wrong, pls advise. Thank you.
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    Family car ppl usually only care abt themselves and their kids
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