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    what filling your waffles ? have you try blue waffles?
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    prefer dg, zh, sz, gz... hk feels very crowded and tense... and expensive too
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    this type of case very simple... just forward the video to tp and let them send the bmw bastard a warning letter or summon...
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    Related: https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/79798-how-to-get-to-visit-to-capital-city-angsana-and-other-area-in-jb-mini-private-hire-car-taxi-guide https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/63468-how-to-get-to-paradigm-mall-johor-bahru-mini-bus-guide Many items to choose and see
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    Lai liao lai liao... The start of the great inflation...
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    Pros: * Crispy outside * juicy inside * Sauce add another much needed layer of flavor * Chicken is warm Cons: * Crispy skin lack aroma, flavor (like herb, spices.. etccc) * Crispy coating a little little too thick With a score out of 10. i give it a 4/10 Pros: * Chicken burger patty is hot (like just cook) * juicy chicken patty Cons: * lettuce not fresh * For $7 the burger is very very small * lack of flavor * Air Bun ( the bun is so airy inside) With a score out of 10. i give it a 1.5/10 check out my other review: https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/74232-review-carl-jr-thick-super-bacon-burger-bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/75588-review-2-carl-jr-thick-super-bacon-burger-bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/74853-review-kfc-goldspice-chicken https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/75803-review-burger-king-hainanese-tendergrill-chicken-burgers https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76269-review-don-quijote-aka-don-don-donki-black-pepper-chicken-meal-and-baked-sweet-potatoes https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76405-review-koo-kee-yong-tow-foo-me https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76492-review-popeyes-fried-chicken https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76744-review-authentic-mun-chee-kee-king-of-pigs-organ-soup https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/77025-review-carl-jr-the-big-carl https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/77573-review-burger-king-rodeo-bbq-beef-meal https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/78561-review-carl-jr-the-super-mushroom-thickburger https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/80386-review-jollibee-chickenjoy-chicken-and-chicken-burger
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    over a period of time, its possible to making money from stock, commodities, currencies, cryptos... so many people have been doing it. am not an expert but i bought dbs shares close to $10 about 10 over yrs ago... sold off 75% of my holdings last month... took back my capital and some profits. my friends dad bought 3m+ worth of ocbc shares 10+ yrs ago (he bought ocbc and dbs too)... he probably made 5m easily from just ocbc shares. unless you know when to long or short, you have some understanding on how mkts work, and your full time job is to stare at the trading screen, its gonna be quite hard to make a few k daily from trading. not trying to scare anyone but the risk of losing all your trading capital and income is always there.
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    Because all humans likes being excited... To become excited... u must first experience... anger or fear...
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    its true... u find 300 idoits to invest 100,000 each... Ta da..da...! u are lich man!!!
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    High SES snacks... that amdk dun even buy because too sexpensive
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    Haiz back to jiaking slum kia cai png again... ani kgk guess hw much n where? @absoluthell @kyloren @The_King
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    most Koreans are naturally ugly anyways so they don't have a look cos always unnatural. So anyone with abit of plastic ends up looking Korean
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    I agree, looks like Korean with lots of enhancements. The second picture tells a lot.
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    looks like korean... obamanotbad.jpg
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    still not as hot as the Goddess of City Harvest mmm
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    Children under 16 will still be able to ride e-scooters, Latest Singapore ... https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/children-under-16-will-still-be-able-ride-e-scooters 6 days ago - Singapore News - Children aged under 16 will still be able to ride ... The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has clarified to The Straits Times that such young riders will ... president of the PMDRetailers Association of Singapore, estimates ... on their "borrowed" e-scooters, the registeredowners would have to ... wahahahahaaaaa ASsBe 70ssssssss deVOTEDleeeessssssssss BUY MORE VERMIN INSURANCE HUAT HUAT HUAT FOR CRONIES R ARSE FAMileeeeesssssss
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    Well sinkies voted for this. I'm beginning to have a feeling that the main reason why all these shit isn't banned, or outright controlled, from the start is... Those importing them in must be related to the white pearlies..
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    Came in expecting pang sai... Disappointed
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    i came in because of shit........... left disappointed.
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    lol @ the sb70 commentary "omg, these people ah, terrible people..." meanwhile pappies are happilee collecting their million $$$ salaries and doing nothing about these pmd issues for the last 4 years... sb70?????
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    time to reload road courtesy campaign wahaaahaaaaaaaaaa
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    Yes mmWave radio is bad news for all of us.
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