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    auntie very tired. just finished ippt 2.4, gold timing
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    Dr. @HarrisY, being the eminent pigu sexpert of Uni of EDMW, can you pls critique on this pigu????
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    Never played the game but looking forward to this series
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    She so tanned her pgd muz b brack brack huan wahaha
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    yesh its her , i see the beedios and i scan thru her IG already wor.
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    bbfa ah pek with chronic disease needing to take medicine gets sreepy seekat rah, wait panda fall asreep tio go prison how ??? go jail no moni to pay for bail, no money to pay for lawyar, no moni to pay utilities, no money to buy food, no moni to take bus go leeport to prison / court, rike that how to relac right ????? bbfa ah pek panda not rich yandao kia lke @absoluthell ask can leelac leelac fuck the seekureleety guards wealthfare rah.
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    Hopefully the winner is some elderly cleaner that works there
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    If dun wan bro Xi reading your love letters better avoid tiongland fones... ya Samsung/LG/HTC/Google safer...
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    that mean time to look at picking up cheap semicon stocks. i sold out mine too fast early last yr.
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    wahaha later go my lao peh lao bu house jiak dinner
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    then how abt this pigu???? can meet ur professional standard????
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    Chiu weak sia... no fight compared to dis influenza rah
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    diam diam, i so busy recently until no time to even beo atb during lunch time, ok?????
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    today's jiak cai png kym? cai png ong @HarrisY
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    Ya bro... sb70 voted for more msian bikes to enter sg every day... once i returned to sg at 7am+ on a weekday... u cannot imagine the number of j plate bikes waiting to clear customs bro... easily more than a thousand... haha...
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    really is tl;dr sia. come here post WOT, no evidance no picture. piang eh
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    now min req is must have leaked vid/photo ?
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    song song gao chennai liao lor
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    wah damn ugly. Look like Michael Jackson surgery face
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    hope the arrest that driver, bring him/her in for questioning and revoke license, then charge asap.
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    Must include those who run away from their job also. Harsher punishments, it is awol in a way
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    it all begins from...... if you have done nothing wrong, nothing to fear of a NEWlee arbitrary law right?...... n the rest is history repeating sinkies r daft........ WAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA
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    today go tis slum kopi tiam place jiak this loser slum bf meal kym?
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    I think the “missing” dogs already died and were quietly cremated. I don’t know how this level of accountability can be accepted. You board a dog with them, they can just say you dog went missing, end of story.
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    In other words, they will also be the world first to crash a driver less bullet train running at 217 mph
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    moi work need to use macbook so bo bian only like the retina screen
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    "You have chosen an MP who is committed,... - Channel NewsAsia ... https://www.facebook.com/.../you...mp...go-the-extra-mile.../10153615755172934/ "You have chosen an MP who is committed, trustworthy, and will go the extra mile for you": PM Lee Hsien Loong on Murali Pillai's win in #BukitBatok SMC at ....... WHICH EXPLAINS WHY GREEDY CORRUPT JIAK SAI peeApee mPiss NEED A GOOD SLEEPING REST IN PARleeeeMENT ????!!!!!! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA USELESSleeTHESHIT FUGTARD hsien looooooooooong, TRUleeeee leeeeTARD
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    but of course, DAFT SINKIES WOULD BE ERRONEOUSleeee MISTAKEN THAT MEMBER OF PARleeeeeMENT IS A PUBLIC OFFICE JOB, HOWEVER IS MAINleeeee PROVIDING A SINECURE TO SECURE POleeeTICKLE POWER BY ENLARGING PARleeeeMENT MEMBERSHIT UPTO 89 SEATS !!! theindependent.sg/netizen-alleges-that-pap-mps-drive-luxury-cars-and-play-golf-at-yi... Jul 19, 2018 - Facebook user Liew has alleged that he frequently sees a group of ruling party parliamentarians playing golf at the Orchid Country Club in ... Clarifying viral video alleging PAP MP owning luxury car, and MPs ... https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/.../clarifying-viral-video-alleging-pap-mp-owning-l... Aug 17, 2018 - Every Wednesday morning, a bunch of PAP MP will play golf at Orchid Country Club. I am a paying member there and I am very sure they are ... MP who owns Bentley strongly believes in meritocracy and still upset ... https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/.../mp-who-owns-bentley-strongly-believes-in-merit... Aug 18, 2018 - It was reported that the white Bentley parked at Orchid Country Club ... viral video actually belongs to Bishan-Toa Payoh MP Chong Kee Hiong.
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    I miss my gayrang atb gf... shd i find her tomolo n break my niu ear resolution of not finding moar den 1 atb per wk?
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    Wahaha jin satki. The lian kym? So dis omelette hee char png kym by Gordon Ramsay wannabe kgks standards?
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    They should not blame china. They need to recognize that iphone users have been switching to cheaper android phones with better specs n bigger batt capacities. This trend was spotted > 16 months ago. Hence the other smart phone makers viz xiaomi huawei oppo... have up their production to meet demand from global sales.
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    Jiak liao 2 atbs no marnee to jiak cai png even haiz
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    So did she catch her hubby steal eat?
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    MOAR.......MOAR......MOAR........ ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING INTO SINGAPORE AND THANK CHIU GREEDY CORRUPT JIAK SAI peeApee POleeeeSHITS SGRV‎ to SG Road Vigilante 18 hrs · #JSS9884 BLATANTLY DISOBEY TRAFFIC SIGNAL Please don’t bring your DIRTY HABITS into our country! Offence have been reported to TP!
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