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    Back then when you bring one of those to school, you will become the most popular kid in class
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    When I feel miserable and try to explain my stress, my "fellow" man stare at me rike a siaorangs. When I feel joy at learning something new or discovering some insight, my "fellow" man stare at me rike a siaorangs. Human beings wans money, fucks and haolians, moi only wans to escape escape escape, we have practically no common conversation topics. Since moi was yang chewren have been fantasizing about waiting for a spaceship to leave this planet, that's why moi hobbies ish space technology, astrophysics and star navigation. Maybe should visit doctor then take 43 to IMH... haiz...
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    No marnee for double fly Hope next wk ang bao marnee gao gao enuff for many double flys wahaha
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    Rast time, this western bar game ish consider high ses, quite big fuck to own one among the yang chewren. Some kids from the more well to do families will bring to sch to haolian...
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    u r too kind to management. i put it down to management failure to allow this in the first place. dont even need to do an audit if there is a firewall in place. apparently, in enterprise sg, it is a 'ownself receive, ownself process' workflow procedure. use my pgd and i can alrdy see the possibility of potential internal/external collaboration. the correct sop shld be team A who received the claim shld be different from the team B processing and team B will randomly assigned the claims to a team Bmember which team A will not be allowed to know until the disbursement.
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    trendy to see their favourite smlj korea, tiong stars using cashless so must follow trend if not lose face.
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    This type ah, usually after the second or third date all her horns/bad behavior/antiques will start appearing. I think some here would have experienced before. Better do the Forrest Gump on her. Run!!!
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    wahahaha all these productions not bad wor
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    another chinese investment gone wrong and this time horribly wrong. time for call to arms to overthrow Emperor Xi. Long Live PRC!!!! Down with Emperor Xi!!!!
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    Maybe it is the way you approach your fellow man. Try saying "I come in peace" next time or something
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    Self drive? Or got guide?
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    I will hang myself
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    I scared someone rob me so I never collect yesterday, today I collect 25k, mon I collect 5million [youtube] https://i.imgur.com/4XH4jx4.jpgyoutube]
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    Dear Gilbert, I have been following your site inception as that is the year I got retrenched. You have my admiration for supporting local Singaporeans in their darkest moment of their life. Since then, your site has driven me to fight on and I managed to secure employment later on. However, good things didn’t seem to last as I am back in the same predicament. I am 35 years old and has a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (2001). I considered myself lucky as I’m still single and do not have much financial or domestic burden as compared to some of the postings. Nevertheless, the recent dismissal had taken quite a toll to my psyche and prompted me to write to you. I have 12 years of working experience, and my last job was a Senior Executive managing ICT operations for financial institution. In November last year, I was told to tender my “resignation” in order to pave way for cheaper labour. Many of my friends have left IT industry citing reason of work/life imbalance & salary depression due to foreign labour influx. As I have interviewed quite a few number foreign labour with Master’s Degree qualification requesting $2500 for a junior position during an employment exercise. I’m well aware of this but I soldier on as my life have been dedicated to the IT profession for so many years and I do not know of any other means of employment. Now, I’m back at the crossroads and I’m really at a loss, Gilbert whether should I continue to venture on in the IT industry or seek other fields. I’m no longer certain if I can see the light at the end of tunnel. I look forward to hearing from you. Warmest Regards, James
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    Now go mountain should be super cold right? Nearby got premium outlet so go enjoy!
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    typical sinkie gcp sell stuff on carousell also hate to sell to sinkie girls
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    I remember queueing up in the school bus to have turns with this. Everyone hates the turn after the champion.
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    izzit becos i m chineseeee?
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    Can only post screenshots..Lol..Forum doesn't allow me to post pictures.. I am here now..:)
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    When trump presidential term is over. Either 4 or 8 yr. Those globalist confirm will remove the bill of rights one by one
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    KGKs... Bring in so many ppl but payout not even 500k...
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    A senior executive at Spring Singapore abused his position and masterminded a ruse to dupe the statutory board into disbursing nearly $155,000. Leong Weng Cheou, who roped in four friends for the scam, received over $77,000 of this amount. Leong, 46, pleaded guilty in court yesterday to 18 counts of forgery and 12 cheating charges. The court heard that 105 other similar charges will be taken into consideration during sentencing. He committed his offences in 2015 and 2016. Spring Singapore, an agency aimed at helping Singapore enterprises grow, is now known as Enterprise SG, the court heard. While working for Spring Singapore, his duties included assessing applications and claims for the Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV). Each voucher worth $5,000 was given to small and medium-sized enterprises to encourage them to develop their capabilities in five categories - innovation, productivity, human resource, financial management and solutions. Deputy Public Prosecutor Norman Yew said the ICV scheme operated on a "reimbursement basis". Applications were submitted online for Spring Singapore's approval to buy an item or service from a "solution provider", he added. Each application must be accompanied by documents, including a quotation from the vendor. Once approved, an applicant could make the purchase before submitting a claim for disbursement, with supporting invoice and proof of payment. Applicants would receive their disbursements after the claim was approved. In 2015, Leong hatched a plan to defraud the agency by using false documents to deceive it into disbursing money to shell business entities. He roped four Singaporean friends - Lionel Wong Yong Jun, 35, Soh Eng Luan, 38, Mary Heah Hwee Hoong, 41, and Wong Ping Ling, 44 - into the scam. The DPP said: "To carry out the plan, Leong engaged in four separate conspiracies with each of his four friends to register multiple shell business entities and forge supporting documents for the sole purpose of submitting fictitious ICV applications and claims to obtain the ICV moneys. "There were... 31 successful fraudulent claims which amounted to $154,999.63, which Spring was deceived into paying out." In late 2017, Leong had a meeting with his four friends as he knew that Spring Singapore's auditing processes would eventually uncover the ruse. The court heard that Soh later consulted a lawyer and lodged a police report, admitting that she had conspired with Leong to cheat Spring Singapore. Leong, who is represented by defence lawyer T.M. Sinnadurai, is expected to be sentenced on Feb 21. For each cheating charge, he can be jailed for up to 10 years and fined. The cases involving his four friends are still pending. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/spring-spore-exec-admits-to-duping-agency-of-155000
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    thats why i stopped believing opinion polls conducted by reuters-ipso or gallup a few months b4 the 2016 us presidential election as apparently, their sample sizes r somewhat slewed or biased towards the democrats. the same can be said for the recent ROC local elections. use basic political economic logic is more accurate and unbiased.
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    Used to play this when young...memories...
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    And yet libtards prefer someone to come steal their jobs. Those who benefitted should do something to those libtards unless they are also dafties like our sb70s.
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    Why do we need AMDL to tell us about local food nutrition?
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    Closed down and then come back to the same mall? What kind of stunt is that?
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    Germany speaks alot alot of english. short of going far east germany most are english educated and accepting of english speakers. their culture is abit more straightforward and strict so it does rub off as demeaning and fierce but its also because the language is very masculine. I like the culture there, food is good and environment quite nice. If company big why not go there try for a few years, nice stay not nice then pad resume
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    They r serious n dun joke tat much unlike UK/American... If you can handle the job then it's time for u to man up and take up the challenge overseas...
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    everynite i dream of mi winning toto and 4d
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    Mai mountain tortoise rah go jiuhu oso wah ki lan dkgk wahaha Juz jiak my gayrang gf for the last session of the year of the dog wahaha song bo
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    the chinese cant even make a decent ballpoint for ballpoint pen. however, they r very good in commercializing and reverse-engineering technological products. even better than the skoreans. but yes, they r sorely lacking in innovation compared to japanese despite their huawei having the most patents in 5g. if the us decides not to sell u their intel chips and modems or if tsmc decides not to fabricate ur prders , huawei is dead.
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    The driver did well under this type of hostage situation
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    She is really siao lang...lol...think very sheltered child....
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    Because they are smart... Knows cashless is totally not safe...
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    Ya he lucky he Kenna at 35.. those in 40s will be stuck...
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    guys not sure how true but one of my friends just told me that lta will take action against the driver for recording the incident and posting it online. i didnt know such a rule even exist man. but whats wrong with recording the incident? it helps the cops/authorities to clearly see who's at fault. wtf pappies. only hope ah bang tells his family and friends to votes them out. lta needs to wake up!
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