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    what u tell your laobu ask when u return home? u r outside doing field research on latest ah tiong tech? wahaha
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    kgk xdd is really kgk xdd. u really weak to only pew pew 2x. if overnite, must pew pew 3x, then is really song song. last time in my prime, i pew pew 6x in 2nites straight.
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    Tonight sit bas back from jiuhu after the dkgk cny visiting Time nao to be satki kia n jiak atb pgd wahaha song bo Dis meaty atb pg kym? @socrates469bc @absoluthell @Thor
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    u didnt know that useless loong busy writing sudoku code and updating his facebook page in the past 15 yrs????
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    but got auntie in this story. so who will u play with???? the auntie or her daughter?????
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    Diam diam rah kgk tag me for wat Dis news abt xmm not xdd If xdd den I interested Next!
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    Look like pictures from my quiet com area series. The style of taking pictures look the same Ahahhaha
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    My Lao peh's mangalas also off for the whole week. They muz b jin song oso wahaha
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    My parents coming back on Sat afternoon song bo?
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    Awesome. The dictator can be security guard after election. Huat r Make thailand great again Looks like 2019 is a year of great happening
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    Wahaha 2x nia. I conserving for my gayrang gf Tonite dunno wanna stay overnite oso or not
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    The wide-eyed creatures are the Five Ghosties. The green skinned boy is Nai He Tong Zi, the guardian of the Bridge of Sorrows (one of the two exit points of the Netherworld). Hu Shi Ye is a Bao Bei Ye with the surname Hu.
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    Dkgk from Mon night to Thur night. Must feel rike satki kia soonest wahaha
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    i think most dont mind marrying this xmm...
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    A married couple in Pancoran, South Jakarta, has been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing their teenage daughter. The couple, identified as Taufik Hidayat and Mira, allegedly forced their teenage daughter, who has been identified by her initials KN (news reports put her age at between 15-17), to participate in a threesome with them. Mira is KN’s biological mother while Taufik is her stepfather. South Jakarta Metro Police’s Crime Investigation Unit Chief Commissioner Andi Sinjaya said the alleged abuse had been occurring since October 2018. According to him, the couple confessed to wanting to “try a new sensation in their sexual lives” and it was Mira herself forced her daughter into the incestuous act. “Taufik said to Mira that he wanted to try a threesome, she allowed it and ordered her daughter to join,” Andi said yesterday, as quoted by Kumparan. Andi added that the victim was promised IDR200,000 (~US$14.30) and a new phone by her stepfather and mother to take part in the threesome. KN initially declined, but Mira insisted that she obey their orders. When KN couldn’t take it anymore, she told her biological father, who divorced Mira eight years ago, about the abuse. Her father then reported the case to the police. Taufik and Mira were arrested at their home in Pancoran on January 30. If convicted, they could each face up to 15 years in prison for violating Indonesia’s Child Protection Laws, as anyone under the age of 18 is classified as a minor under Indonesian law. Police say KN is currently receiving psychiatric counseling from their Women and Children Protection Unit. Incestuous sexual abuse is a rarely talked about but widespread problem Indonesia. In their 2018 report, the Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) noted that out of 348,000 cases of violence against women in 2017, 1,210 were incestuous rape cases with the perpetrators mainly being the victims’ fathers, uncles, and brothers. https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/jakarta-police-arrest-mother-stepfather-forcing-teenage-daughter-threesome/
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    SINGAPORE - A Frenchman who was listed as teaching at the Ministry of Education (MOE) Language Centre in Singapore has been arrested in Bangkok for allegedly having sex with children. French-language teacher Jean-Christophe Quenot, 51, was arrested by police in a hotel room in the Thai capital on Monday (Feb 4), according to reports in the Thai media. A check of the MOE Language Centre's website on Thursday showed Quenot listed as a staff member in the French department, but his name was removed later in the day. Thai Metropolitan Police deputy divisional commander, Colonel Nakarin Sukhonthawit, on Wednesday was also quoted as a saying at a press conference in Bangkok that Quenot told the police he had taught French in Singapore. ST has sent queries to the ministry. At Wednesday's press conference, the commander of the Metropolitan Police, Major-General Senit Samrarnsamruajkit, said that Quenot would meet boys aged 13 to 15 at the Huay Kwang Stadium in Bangkok, and offer to teach them English and coach them in football. This started a year ago. Quenot allegedly then invited some boys to his hotel room for sex, in exchange for cash. When police arrested him on Monday, officers found a camera tripod in the hotel room and a video of Quenot having sex with a teenage boy, Thai reports said. They also found a computer with pornographic films, and 36 condoms. Police officers found 36 condoms, a computer with pornographic films and a camera tripod in the hotel room, Thai reports said. PHOTOS: THE NATION/ASIA NEWS NETWORK On Thursday, The Straits Times spoke with one of Quenot's former students Aaron Pereira, who said he recognised Quenot from his mugshot carried in Thai media and was "completely shocked and in disbelief" over the arrest. The 27-year-old, who works in the aviation sector, studied French as an A-level subject at MOE Language Centre's Bishan campus from 2008 to 2009. The centre, which also has a campus in Newton, is where students pursue a Third Language, such as French, German and Japanese. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/french-teacher-linked-to-moe-language-centre-arrested-in-bangkok-for-sex-with-minors
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    ya lo Quote: Not at all. All the assumptions I had about the west went out the window the longer I lived there. In other words, there is no “better” side. It’s just a simple matter of preference. if stay in geylang, everyday got ppl service your pipe
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    kgk xdd @HarrisY is the best guide for gayland. he knows where to find the best pgds among the many lorongs of gayland.
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    BS, he should stay in geylang then know why it the best
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    but nite long long, so how???? just now at food court, i saw this program with 2 nice aunties. maybe they can help u thru for 30minutes. https://video.toggle.sg/en/series/body-sos-s7-7/ep33/750919
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    so tonite how??? play with ur goldie's pgd????
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    Her fren cannot cum so cannot everyone reunion Nevermind still have 10 days of CNY wanaha
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    Ya...bad things happened then act, this kind of CEO cmi, shld kick him out!
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    wah she gave up her royalty when she married an american... but she is really lao chio from the photo... if she is looking for a lover/bf/husband, will anyone of u raise your hands and volunteer for it? lol
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    probably in a ulu location where no one bothers to go ?
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    then maria also go off to find her mangala kor kor????
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    nice color and sharpness and detail
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    Song sia...my whole body ache today...think kana virus...
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    Although I know up to 5k outlet, I still try my luck but they refuse Aiya not like they not enough cash
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    Above is sky pic. Snake spotted
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    xmm moaning on chu san for you...
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    Normally servants dogs and Chinese must enter through backdoor You should go kungfu smash a 东亚病夫 signboard in front of your relatives
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    wah king, thats a lot of food... can feed at least 20+ visitors. did u put the weighing machine there to remind your guests that though the food is delicious, they need to be responsible for their own weight gain, and should eat moderately? lol
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    That's not Marshal Zhao. Marshal Zhao is the military wealth god. This one is the civil wealth god (Bi Gan).
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    u shld teach kgk xdd @HarrisY how to get carvings under control. he has a serious carving issue with atbpgds. i worry for the health of his intestine.
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