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    yeah no longer wear watch or go pub/cinena or buy alcohol only buy economy rice and fairprice snacks
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    nope, but as gold etfs r backed by gold holdings either in the bank of england or swiss national bank etc, international banks r willing to use them as collateral or buy it off u after verification.
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    Not everyone... Just the rich and the idoits like 70%... Because by doing so, it bring wealth to enemies... Enemies whom china made by threatening them ....
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    he is not wrong to forecast this timeline of ard 9mths, maybe even somewhat optimistic. however, i will give a shorter timeline of late july based on the accelerating losses in manufacturing jobs, the increasing stress in the financial system due to the contracting property and private manufacturing sectors and the weak shanghai composite index. the only solution to delay the chinese economic collapse is to reach a truce with the americans and buy time to restructure the chinese economy. however, in order for this to happen, a palace coup in zhongnanhai is needed. i will not be surprised if there is a party coup to overthrow Emperor Xi in the next 3mths.
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    Australia economy shaky... AUD dropping... australia housing prices dropped like flies... Their oil and gas industry not doing well?!... Euro not able to take another hit as the italy situation growing bad... China economy badly hurt... Stock prices bottom liao... housing prices dropped like 11/11 sales... Many other problems dun wan to type out... Americans having a hidden crisis at hand.... Indo side like not so well run... Thai having their every few year revolution elections.... So who else not having a problem at their economy now???
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    But moi rikes to have a pack of gold sovereigns tucked away rike James Bond's briefcase from Q branch, then walk around gotch wind in Praha cobblestone streets and meet Czech secret agent chiobu at sidewalk cafe, slam down a sovereign to buy her a good beer and bouquet of roses. Then we piakpiak raw in cozy countryside hotel and after moi pewpewpew we sit on bed chatting she puffing a long cigarette but suddenly *pfft* sound from silenced pistol, an assassin tries to shoot us, but moi fast reaction toss a vase at him and we escape out of the bedroom half naked, moi pew juice still running down her thighs.
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    Moi largest monthly expenditure ish money for parents and CPF, actually spent on moiself is only about 6%.
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    this is the valuation given to the junk bond status of hyflux by the market. this bond valuation is reached after the market takes into account of net assets and possible restructuring. so the holder of the hyflux bond is expected to get ard 5c for every sgd he/she invested after liquidation.
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    fed shld have been normalizing interest rates during 2014-2015. instead, useless obama and stupid yellen listened to wall st and kept on pumping in cheap money. the monetary transmission mechanism has alrdy failed. so no matter how much money is being pumped in, the created credit is being diverted into the financial market instead of the real economy.
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    Think now u go bank ask, they will be smiling to sell u these best rated investment grade fixed deposits... All part of banks way to throw out the dirty laundry before banks get hit by it...
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    sian liao have to go back trade stock or buy FD people see too much cash in moi account eyes red
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    Moi oso, keep calling me during office hour disturbing my work or meeting time, make moi bery dulan.
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    buy rolex better? they seem to appreciate similar rate as inflation
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    good advice pains the ears. i alrdy douted the ability of Emperor Xi when he ascended the throne. this trade dispute with mad-rational Trump confirms my analysis regarding the incompetency of Emperor Xi. Emperor Xi will set tiongland back by 10yrs if he is not overthrown.
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    good timeline, cause i need 21month to fully pay off my 99yr rental of my bird cage
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    sun tzu's art of war is required reading in west point and many top us business schools. but unfortunately, Emperor Xi prefers watching yanxi palace instead of romance of the 3 kingdoms. by imposing tariffs on targeted china-made/assembled products, mad-rational Trump is making it expensive for companies such as apple/hasbro/adidas/sony to outsource their production to china-based factories. therefore, the companies will request their sub-contractors to make up the shortfall in needed production from other origins. thereby reducing manufacturing production in china while increasing it in other regions such as thailand. as this is a fundamental shock to the global supply chain, sub-contractors will move out of china to other bases. there is not much china can do except increasing the domestic consumption to fill the falloff from us demand.
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    cpc lack of good economists? huai allow all these over leveraged debt and p2p scams and property bubbles or everyone just want to make a pile and move overseas
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    thought cpf only allow low risk investments? did uob persuade his waifu to put money in hyflux bonds?
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    Alrdy happened leh... Just govt hide... Like in 2008... Now wait the movie for the crisis loh
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    In b4 10kkj sleep well koi tank...
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    This is just one of the many signs and after effect of the upcoming crisis... Back when oil prices dropped in 2015, Australia economy was bound for crisis when their economy rely on oil and gas too much... Australian banking has laid back attitude... and was very much like Americans in 2008 crisis... The signs only pick up speed due to china own economy was badly hurt and spread to australia now... News outlet all hide signs of economy crisis similar to 2008 crisis... thats why up to now no big news about the crisis... The common aunty uncle who believed those bankers will weep again this coming crisis... I just saw a bunch of banking ppl asking aunty and uncles to invest high interest "fixed deposit" in a shopping mall near my house...
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    i m more familiar with this thai fish tank.
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    Mmm I wanna suck her anus til her farts explode on my tongue
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    https://www.facebook.com/ili19930831official/photos/a.387138664742356/1905305219592352/?type=3&theater 新年快樂 年假期間,務必吃到飽、睡到爽。 今日は旧暦の新年、あけましておめでとう。 休みの日は寝放題しよう、好きなだけ寝られるね。
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    If they nominate this joker... Tcb is wasting his time... he will be better off retiring at home in peace...
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    ocbc sgd-denominated shares listed on sgx. alternatively, u can buy a newly issued ocbc/dbs sgd-denominated bonds. the last tranche of ocbc bonds was giving 4.25% coupon p.a.
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    Heng mine is normal FD. Btw what is investment grade fixed deposits? Any examples? Caudr I buidu all about normal time FD
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    RMB dangerous? The whole china waiting to implode... Lai liao lai liao...
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    how did he manage to save 250k in OA most will spend it on property
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    u didnt know hyflux bond is ah loong's recommendation?????
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    becos never b4, has the world economy been so integrated with each other. and never b4, has the global financial system been awashed with so much liquidity.
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    Merdeka package to delay it until they get re elected If it does happen I think a war would be needed to resurrect. China looks like the likely one to kickstart that and the domino effect would take effect. For all you know the geography of Sea will see a change in boundaries.
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    How's the liquidity though? Moi see Chinatown 2nd-hand watch shops full of rolexes in pristine condition just sitting there macham no movement reh.
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    Those guys still havent bankrupt or killed by villagers?
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    there was supposed to be a deep economic recession in 2016-2017. but mad-rational Trump was elected instead of corrupt hillary, thereby delaying the schumpeter timetable by 4 yrs.
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    i m preparing the script for a modern version of curse of the golden flower.
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    mad-rational Trump will do a bridging deal becos he knows that he cannot allow china to go into a free fall as china is too integrated into the world economic system. he has accomplished his primary objective of rejigging the global supply chain out from china, so now the next logical step for him will be concentrating fully on 5g absolute supremacy. Emperor Xi has committed all the errors depicted in Sun Tzu's art of war.
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    he body strong, my body BBFA cannot
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    that means they r kgk xdd @HarrisY's favorite sort of pgds. he is no tapeworms in pgd, he no jiak.
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    i alrdy came to this assessment on the eve of the dispute. this former chief economist of agri bank china also voiced out his concerns in dec 18.
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    but still look very nice
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    Yingluck is really milf and Lao Chio... QYF is not
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    ya lo Quote: Not at all. All the assumptions I had about the west went out the window the longer I lived there. In other words, there is no “better” side. It’s just a simple matter of preference. if stay in geylang, everyday got ppl service your pipe
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    How come walk like mechatron? Also no Westerhout Rd?
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