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    Maybe their parents lich and is burning their money...
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    You are right. And because of this, once china breakdown... The whole world goes with it... I believe this year it will build up until implosion... Imagine how much money singapore invests in china... The kind of losses a lot of ppl going to take...
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    Chinese student nabbed for ‘taho’ tantrum NCRPO Director Guillermo Eleazar said that before the incident, the policeman told Jiale Zhang about the MRT policy prohibiting liquid substances after a cup of taho was found inside her paper bag when she entered the station at around 8:30 a.m. Robertzon Ramirez (The Philippine Star) - February 10, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines — A 23-year-old female Chinese student was arrested yesterday morning after she threw a cup of taho or soybean dessert on a police officer who stopped her from entering the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT 3) in Mandaluyong City amid the recent ban on bottled drinks and other liquid substances due to bomb threats. Jiale Zhang, a first year Bachelor of Fashion student at SOFA Design Institute who lives in Mandaluyong City, allegedly argued with Police Officer 1 William Cristobal who was assigned at the MRT 3 Boni Avenue station, after the law enforcer insisted that she could not bring her cup of taho inside the train, the Mandaluyong City police said.National Capital Region Police Office chief Director Guillermo Eleazar, who went to the Mandaluyong police station, said Zhang threw the cup of taho on Cristobal. Eleazar said that before the incident, the policeman told Zhang about the MRT policy prohibiting liquid substances after a cup of taho was found inside her paper bag when she entered the station at around 8:30 a.m. Instead of complying, police said Zhang refused and threw a tantrum, then attacked Cristobal. Investigators said the policemen arrested Zhang and brought her to the Mandaluyong police station where she is now detained. She has not yet posted bail as of press time. Police said she faces charges of direct assault, disobedience to agent of person in authority and unjust vexation. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) said officials are considering the temporary or permanent ban on Zhang from entering any of the MRT-3 stations over the “extremely rude behavior she exhibited.” For its part, the MRT-3 management reiterated that the tightened security measures in all train stations are intended for the safety of passengers. The Bureau of Immigration (BI) yesterday said it would coordinate with the DOTr and the NCRPO to determine if action could be taken against Zhang. BI spokesperson Dana Mengote-Sandoval said they would assess if the Chinese student violated any immigration regulations. There were calls for her deportation after photos of the incident were uploaded on the social media yesterday.
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    i m more interested in the lady in red than the biz model.
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    jin sakti, kgk xdd. last week alrdy jiak so much pgds and hungry so fast. i think u better consult @The_King on how to control cravings. i believe u have a serious case of atbpgd cravings and this could be detrimental to the health of ur intestines, so pls consult a gastroenterlogist as well.
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    bro, this thread about precious metals wor. i thought you planning for armaggedon
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    i better sleep at my slum 99yr rental home better
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    SSFA supper by the load side rike a slum kia Ani kgk noe where?
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    if my lao peh gives me sgd50k, i will use all to buy ocbc @ sgd6.80/share until gao gao
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    yeah silicon valley elites were fooled because CEO is white chiobu
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    Yup. Mostly the capital is from parents. Minimally 50k each.
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    oh ok... obamanotbad.jpg... i dont mind... max 650/2/2 for 3some.
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    SINGAPORE: Despite a year of losses amounting to S$115.6 million, the CEO of troubled water treatment firm Hyflux received more than S$60 million in dividends from her 34 per cent ordinary shareholding in the company in 2017. In addition to that, Olivia Lum, according to the Securities Investors’ Association (Singapore) (SIAS), also received “significant salary, benefits and bonuses". Highlighting these points, SIAS asked why the Hyflux founder wasn’t contributing her gains to the restructuring process and if she would have any role in the Hyflux group after the firm’s restructuring. These were just two of more than 40 questions put to Ms Lum and the Hyflux board by the investor watchdog in a letter issued on Monday (Feb 11) and signed off by its President and CEO David Gerald. "SIAS, representing the interests of the numerous stakeholders of various securities, is seriously concerned that many questions regarding the operations, valuation and accountability of the board of directors of Hyflux have not been addressed, so as to help securities holders make an informed decision, with respect to the restructuring," Mr Gerald said. “In the time that shareholders and bondholders have seen their entire investment destroyed, Olivia Lum has received over S$60 million in dividends from her 34 per cent ordinary shareholding in Hyflux. "In addition, she has received significant salary, benefits and bonuses and earned between S$750,000 and S$1 million in 2017, a year in which Hyflux reported losses of S$115.6 million and a period which was five months prior to Hyflux Group filing for Court protection from creditors and when Hyflux has been losing huge amounts of cash and building projects,” Mr Gerald said in asking Hyflux to justify Ms Lum’s remuneration. Mr Gerald also asked if many of the executives who “appear” to be shareholders are contributing anything to the restructuring. The role of the Hyflux Group Remuneration Committee was also under scrutiny, as SIAS questioned its responsibilities and the basis as to how it established the remuneration paid to Hyflux executives in 2017 as “appropriate”. FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY QUESTIONED Beyond clarifications on the decisions regarding remuneration, SIAS also raised queries over the firm’s financial operations. “Hyflux Group has generated negative operating cashflow in every year since 2009. Was this highlighted to bondholders and shareholders? If so, in what form? Why did the Board continue to pay dividends, when the operating cashflow was negative and accumulate more debt during this time?” The investor watchdog also highlighted that Hyflux, despite the negative operating cashflow, reported profits in each year before 2017 and asked how this was possible. The Hyflux Board was also questioned over the level of scrutiny it exercised on the operations of the main assets of Hyflux and why the “faults and defects” were not announced in annual reports. The Board was also queried as to why it failed to ask for help earlier when Hyflux was unable to meet its debt obligations. “On Mar 22 2018, KPMG provided a clean a clean audit report for Hyflux Group for the financial year 2017. On May 22 2018, Hyflux Limited and a number of subsidiaries filed for court protection from creditors,” SIAS said, asking what transpired between Mar 22 and May 22 in 2018. QUESTIONS OVER TUASPRING Several questions were also raised on the Tuaspring Integrated Water and Power Plant project, which marked the company’s foray into the energy business in 2011. Among them was the basis as to which Tuaspring was valued at S$1.4 billion which SIAS said has been proven to be overstated by at least S$900 million and why the Board did not consider it “prudent to write down or impair the asset” since it had been loss making from the time it commenced operations in 2015. SIAS also sought clarification as to how a shareholder loan of S$57 million from Hyflux to Tuaspring was funded. The low electricity prices that Hyflux cited as a reason for its financial issues was also scrutinised. “Hyflux claims that its financial issues were caused by the low electricity prices and thus Tuaspring was unable to make a profit. A liquidation of Hyflux would compromise S$2.6 – 2.7 billion of outstanding and contingent debt,” SIAS said, asking what other factors that contributed to the firm’s position. Finally in the letter, SIAS questioned the “rushed timetable” that Hyflux has set for investors. “By releasing the restructuring terms one month before the intended scheme meeting, Hyflux is providing very little time for investors to evaluate the deal,” SIAS said. Channel NewsAsia has reached out to Hyflux for its response to SIAS' questions. Source: CNA/mn
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    https://www.facebook.com/100007066904129/videos/2278252919086916/ https://www.facebook.com/100007066904129/videos/2278252872420254/ https://www.facebook.com/100007066904129/videos/2278252892420252/
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    videos were rike taken in 2000 wif 3MP camera
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    Last one look like nuke
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    This kind of business cannot last. The next new thing comes along and they will i lao i lao.
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    Lucky you, they cld be categorizing the two toilets by masturbation and normal use, if you use wrongly tio fucked again.
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    i ask them is your house door auto lock. why i must go by this door and not that door, is he out to waste my time by a big detour. until i cannot stand it and i ask them is it because i am BBFA
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    reminds me of elizabeth holmes con so much money
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    Next time don’t show them your boyfriend, and don’t invite to your wedding.
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    not bad wor but pay high maintenance fee like the dining area in balcony
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    jin sad, must suppot when i got money
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    if boy dun wear bra huai girl need to wear bra?
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    First pwn by ceca, next by rental landlord?
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    Tomolo meeting my gayrang atb gf again wahaha jin song Onli ting I rook forward to nowadays haiz
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    When economy crash... these stuff become junk... zero dollars... collectors also no cash to buy from u.
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    Will use my hand to provide warmth to her left butt.
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    Diam diam rah kgb mai act Nigella Lawson wahaha
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    The calm before the storm. Storm will hit when least expected.
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    ocbc sgd-denominated shares listed on sgx. alternatively, u can buy a newly issued ocbc/dbs sgd-denominated bonds. the last tranche of ocbc bonds was giving 4.25% coupon p.a.
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    Got nothing to do with pap loh... Though i dun agree with pap methods... U invest at ur own risk...
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    seems like my fd is the highest at almost 5% p.a.
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    Normally servants dogs and Chinese must enter through backdoor You should go kungfu smash a 东亚病夫 signboard in front of your relatives
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    Day 2 of feasting (yes my responsibility for this CNY is over) Roasted Chicken Congee soft boiled egg Kopi Rice Othes Dishes Fishball with sambal, curry Veggi, braised pork, hongkong style yam cake, Green bean with barley All done, final With someother dish like bee hoon, Achar, prawn roll
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