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    bro, this thread about precious metals wor. i thought you planning for armaggedon
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    i better sleep at my slum 99yr rental home better
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    i ask them is your house door auto lock. why i must go by this door and not that door, is he out to waste my time by a big detour. until i cannot stand it and i ask them is it because i am BBFA
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    reminds me of elizabeth holmes con so much money
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    Next time don’t show them your boyfriend, and don’t invite to your wedding.
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    jin sad, must suppot when i got money
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    if boy dun wear bra huai girl need to wear bra?
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    Tomolo meeting my gayrang atb gf again wahaha jin song Onli ting I rook forward to nowadays haiz
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    When economy crash... these stuff become junk... zero dollars... collectors also no cash to buy from u.
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    Will use my hand to provide warmth to her left butt.
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    Diam diam rah kgb mai act Nigella Lawson wahaha
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    The calm before the storm. Storm will hit when least expected.
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    Got nothing to do with pap loh... Though i dun agree with pap methods... U invest at ur own risk...
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    seems like my fd is the highest at almost 5% p.a.
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    Normally servants dogs and Chinese must enter through backdoor You should go kungfu smash a 东亚病夫 signboard in front of your relatives
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    Day 2 of feasting (yes my responsibility for this CNY is over) Roasted Chicken Congee soft boiled egg Kopi Rice Othes Dishes Fishball with sambal, curry Veggi, braised pork, hongkong style yam cake, Green bean with barley All done, final With someother dish like bee hoon, Achar, prawn roll
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