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  1. 6 points
    Here my dinner Happy chinese new year 2019 to all
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    Dont do it just becuase it once per year. Always save money. Dont save what is left after spending, spend what is left after saving
  5. 5 points
    My low ses $10 meal KYM? Curry chicken noodles for $6 @ Da Po Hainanese Chicken Rice, Curry Chicken Noodle, Golden Mile Food Centre After that i go eat handmade grass jelly for $1.50 @ Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly, Golden Mile Food Centre Then i finish by eating Traditional Ah Balling (6 pcs Glutinous Rice Balls) with Handmade Peanut Soup. i choose all flavor : Peanut, black sesame, red bean, yam and green tea for $2.60 @ Ah Balling Peanut Soup, Golden Mile Food Centre
  6. 5 points
    Hooted two cartoons today : carlsberg $39.60 per ctn @ ntuc anchor $38 per ctn @ shengsiong
  7. 5 points
    our kgk xdd @HarrisY more than meet their requirement. he is the heir of sakti stark industries.
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    Guys how's your dinner hope you all enjoy! Here's mine:
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    I scared someone rob me so I never collect yesterday, today I collect 25k, mon I collect 5million [youtube] https://i.imgur.com/4XH4jx4.jpgyoutube]
  14. 4 points
    What the guy in the post never taken into consideration is... perhaps his friend could have become someone great in that two years that was wasted doing NS? Nowadays people jin self centred and self entitled.
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    Indeed bery chio but this is all modern style makeup, actually Tang dynasty makeup rooks moar rike dis... The forehead mark, strange eyebrows and 樱桃小嘴 lipstick is typical of the era. Also Tang dynasty ideals of beauty tend to moar bah bah because that is an indicator of health; rail-thin women were only considered sexy towards the modern era. Here's a beedio demonstrating the makeup throughout China's dynasties.
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  20. 4 points
    Diam diam rah kgks I will alwiz b the undisputed Cai Png Ong wahaha
  21. 3 points
    u shld teach kgk xdd @HarrisY how to get carvings under control. he has a serious carving issue with atbpgds. i worry for the health of his intestine.
  22. 3 points
    The opera wayang didnt disappeared, it merely transformed into another form of "modern day wayang"...
  23. 3 points
    its a stupid biz idea in the first place. but still, there r highly-educated idiots who will fund it.
  24. 3 points
    kindly try again, i have changed some settings on the backend, the file limit here is 32mb.
  25. 3 points
    Nao jiaking pastry alone rike a dkg ssfa I see dis place so many nice OL aunty n zz together wif their satki husband or gf jin emo dat I no marnee to bring my gayrang gf out for dinner haiz Ani kgk jiak from here b4?
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