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    looks like peace center lift
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    Do take note that we will be purging inactive accounts soon . It's mostly to clean up the clones and do some database cleaning in the meantime as we prepare for something new and exciting. Should be doing the purging accounts over the next or something.
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    As we approach 8k posts in dis thread, wanna express my heartfelt thanks to my loyal kgk sarpokers whu hv been wif me during dis nong nong journey I hereby dedicate dis cai png pic to all my loyal kgk sarpokers wahaha @xiang887 @absoluthell @socrates469bc @Thor @beautifuldays @kyloren @The_King so guess hw much
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    please remove my pic. i am waiting for my friend on the corridor, minding my own business. please respect my privacy
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    Never see amdk eat until so cham before...why the zz scratch her buttocks? u drill your tongue into her pgd is it? Wahahahaha
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    ur last pic jin power. take picture until ang mo, aunty unglam eating and zz wipe her butt moment
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    Diam diam rah kgk mai gong jiao wei I got my new atb gf liao wahaha
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    been watching youtube docus on chernobyl and fukushima after seeing dis almost becums nuclear scientist liao
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    Iman Banana Leaf Restaurant Pte Ltd 12 Lor 1 Geylang, Singapore 389120
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    U wanna kena tapeworms n enjoy sai smell?
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    Jewel waterfall has replaced MBS as the new wechat moment post for ATB to showoff.. bring your atb there and bring a good camera to help her take nice pics. she will be pleased and reward u later.
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    this xdd just surprise assault her PGD. the trick is to be very fast. attack before she can react. when she recover to react, she realised she is enjoying the KGK sucking her PGD. like they say never drop your soap in the prison. ATB must always guard their rear against this hungry KGK
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    Wahaha jin song Ani kgk noe where? Nid to replenish even more after dis wahaha @absoluthell @socrates469bc @Thor
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    wahaha got potential sia... @absoluthell or @socrates469bc can add to dis plot?
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    Kaifeng Court? Was he trialled by Justice Bao?
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    looks like she is having a bad flu. better see doctor fast and remember to rehydrate.
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    she shd win teacher of the year award sia... so caring for her xdd students until rook so stressed wahaha
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    Wahaha jin kg River valley condo mani atb nests sia
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    gxgx on finding new potential gf... wish you smooth sailing relationship and ever lasting PGD buffet I shall no turn on my GPS since locations were already identified by @The_King and @socrates469bc
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    Behkan dkg crippled by atb kctrap need a few more rounds of kc traps to develop full immunity and truly enjoy the atb game
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    huawei os can only succeed in tiongland since china internet ecosystem is closed to outside competitors. if we look at the takeup rate of baidu browser as a guage, only tiongland users r using it. the only successful chinese app being marketed overseas is wechat, but that is only becos of the wesearch function for atbs.
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    dont worry, the americans wont touch oppo and vivo yet. they dont make networking gears like zte or huawei. the americans had a good practice run on zte and so now they shift to a bigger target, huawei, using the same mo. in military parlance, we call this a surgical strike.
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    Wat excuse I tell my parents for not going home? Anyway I oso no marnee liao rah haizzz
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    Wahaha jin satki Nao jiaking supper wif my new atb gf rike a satki kia Kgks cum here b4? @absoluthell @Thor @The_King
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    SGP Mata Auntie is still Lumber ONE !!!
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    Is this your newest gf? i want to print out the pic to 'use"
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    http://ww9.watchopm.net/one-punch-man-season-2-episode-9/ Latest ep out liao! For evening entertainment
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    Looks like half the accounts here will be snapped out of existence...ah min snap!
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    you should see them when they are in men spa their leg suddenly got super power
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    aunty teacher is now teaching associative algebra. inflexion point is at 0 with x to the power of cube. can aunty teacher give me extra tutorial since i m finding the lesson boring?????
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    I would let her release her poop on my face and in my mouth as she forces out her constipated turds while groaning in pain in 10 languages mmmmm dessert
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    so shiok ah last time moi only tickle her crotch with moi finger or massage her neh neh
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