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    This thai MM kym ?? heard she got some exciting videos wor
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    this lim tean jin kumgong. the elderly population he is trying to defend are the most staunch supporters of PAP. and if anyone is to profit from the HDB scam, it will be the elder generation. they were offered loans and subsidies to buy HDB at much lower price in the earlier days. (marine parade 5 room, less than 100k) and many of these elders flipped their flats and made alot of money. If he wants to pitch from the housing cost POV, he should target those struggling to pay their monthly bills and feed the family. Does he know what is going on at the grounds?
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    When I wake up in the morning, realised that I don't need to go to work and then go back to sleep. That is the happiest part of my day.
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    So korean yu get elected kao xiong will become like taipei meh ? Please wait long long loh they do not even have capable people like our 4g leaders how to succeed ?
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    Please loh after erections, same old shit and corruption again Not like reliable MIW ownself check ownself so no wrong done let's move on etc glad we stay in sinkapore eh ?
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    It is normal! Many ppl in sg also plan and make use sympathy to score points. Some even plan in advance and disregard father and siblings opinions LOL
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    Precisely similar to What's wrong about making more money We have not raise prices for x years
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    Kgk @socrates469bc tiagong recently many raids. Chiu encounter b4? In chiur sexpert opinion, what advice would chiu gif if kena?
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    All ok, only face and chest bky
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    Jin satki man their 20 dollars. Rast time when moi was yang chewren allowance only 2 dollars a day. School canteen prices: Fishball = 10 cents, Rose syrup cordial drink = 10 cents, Fried rice kosong = 50 cents, Fried rice with luncheon meat = 70 cents.
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    one of the reason why i do not like thai gals. 9 out of 10 have fake boobs
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    I thought Amy Khor said it’s merely “hearsay and anecdotes”?
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    She make use of the hubby, now throw him one side. He never give her 11 stabs to return the flavor?
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    I like ringgit...everytime i change ringgit i feel rich
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    Please beware. Today I receive call from a china automated message claiming my SingTel line will be terminated and press 2 to speak to customer service so I press 2 and told her don’t be so foolish and if want to scam people please do some homework. Call me on my M1 line and tell me my SingTel line going to be terminated.
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    When i can wake up naturally, 自然醒, when there is no need to work.
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    New game coming 2019 @chamfer @Zirconwall
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