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    "The more righteous your fight, the more opposition you face." Unker Trump jin satki! Reminds me not to give up on dis thread despite sum jealous chao kgks wanting it to close down! 8k check. Onward to 10k! @beautifuldays @socrates469bc @The_King @Thor @absoluthell
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    As we approach 8k posts in dis thread, wanna express my heartfelt thanks to my loyal kgk sarpokers whu hv been wif me during dis nong nong journey I hereby dedicate dis cai png pic to all my loyal kgk sarpokers wahaha @xiang887 @absoluthell @socrates469bc @Thor @beautifuldays @kyloren @The_King so guess hw much
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    bkk for the cheap piak piaks with chulalongkorn uni meimeis.
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    Do take note that we will be purging inactive accounts soon . It's mostly to clean up the clones and do some database cleaning in the meantime as we prepare for something new and exciting. Should be doing the purging accounts over the next or something.
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    Thats why u guys dun understand malaysian culture... U wan to do business or invest in that country u must understand the culture first... Malaysian culture is this... They build rubbisb stuff just to get bribes... Malaysian dun produce stuff to invest or do business... The whole freaking govt just do projects for a chance to get kopi money...
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    looks like peace center lift
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    please remove my pic. i am waiting for my friend on the corridor, minding my own business. please respect my privacy
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    The judges 口味越来越重
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    last time i got attend friend ROM before, held at his home. he and his wife chiong resale flat settled liao then ROM. even the solemniser come to their house. chop chop 20 mins settled liao, jiak buffet at home. jskm
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    this is something to do with the country's characteristics. many japanese friends of mine told me they feel more comfortable investing factories in siamland than other sea countries becos there r no such nonsense as bumi/govt/local equity quotas. and secondly, becos of the generally relaxed social atmosphere, foreign investors feel comfortable.
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    4th girl is fan xiao xuan. Mavis Fan Big S is married to younger rich tiong auntie son... she got to maintain her looks to protect her hubby from the hordes of young sexy hungry and vicious atb at their gates...
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    most sme family bizs, up to 95%, collapse within 5 yrs after the death of the founder becos their descendants r useless kgks.
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    I see many sme family biz so many years also nvr collapse leh... They hire bey kan managers also stable...
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    Yes @socrates469bc is right... @HarrisY should bao her overnight. Wake up in the morning and go to work like a satki businessman... like richard gere in pretty woman...
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    Who cut her hair? Edward Scissors Hand?
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    i think i know what u intend to do. wahahaha... we discussed before. dive down and submarine torpedo attack
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    Dis kgk weak sia I juz tell my dad I not werking today n I go visit my new atb gf rike a satki kia wahaha
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    JSKM!! Ah boi put in much effot. visit your gf so many rounds this week. I guess she must be true love. Jia you jia you!! wish your happiness and eternal bliss
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    Werk ish for kgks wahaha! @absoluthell @socrates469bc @Thor @beautifuldays
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    allow me to give u a monetary policy 101 lesson. in order for qe to work, the monetary transmission mechanism must be effective and efficiency in encouraging productive investments. ie, for every dollar created, another dollar credit is created for economy activity. now allow me to expand this into a monetary policy 102 lesson. for an economy which has been flushed with liquidity for a good 10 yrs or so, the ample credit created a condition whereby productive investments r getting scarce. in order for the ample credit to be mopped up, the ample credit will go into equities, properties or unviable tech start-ups/ but there will come an inflexion point whereby any newly created dollar will not be able to generate this additional dollar credit and in extreme cases, this relaxed qe policy may not even be able to generate even an additional 0.1 dollar credit. thus by this line of logic reasoning, the current economic environment has reached a situation whereby the effectiveness and efficiency of the monetary transmission mechanism is now greatly impotent and thereby rendering it useless.
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    at least old horse did some good for the country like building the north-south highway, power plants and brought in some japanese factories. however, this is outweighed by his utter disregard for the independence of the court, the freedom of speech in media and the blatant corruption on contract awards. but jib kor and wife went one up from his mentor. he basically conned foreign investors with 1mdb bonds while ros jie took a cut on all the govt contracts and wants a cut on all major property development or biz deals. what is even more unbelievable is that the senior echelons of malaysian central bank and finance ministry did not raise the alarm. only a few good men in the junior ranks from the 2 institutions took the risk and hid the papers b4 they can be destroyed by jib kor's foot soldiers. thats why the checks-and-balances in most asian countries r a f, and whats more a ownself-check-ownself system?????
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    the original plan was to sell the development to the arabs as a summer playground cum sea biz/manufacturing hub. then oil price collapsed, so the arabs pulled out. now the plan changed to selling to the tiongs as a shenzhen-in-making with chinese developers in charge of luring gullible tiongs and sgporeans. the development was supposed to have all these hubs focusing on different high-valued industries but all r inherently flawed. there was a supposed tech park but nb, cannot even have stable supply of electricity and water so how to have a semicon fabricator and related supply chain????? at least in pasir gudang ftz and industrial zone, there r at least 2 power stations which primarily supply the zone. thats why this development is having a tough time taking off after almost 15 yrs of promotion becos there is no detailed systematic planning in execution
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    He emose coz he hungree? Heard of the saying hungree man ish angree man I can treat him jiak $10.80 cai png at Havelock mah y nid to be so hostile But soli I no marnee to treat him jiak atb wahaha
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    On fri I will mit my new atb gf living near gayrang and gpgt the aftermath To my loyal kgk fans, stay tuned! @xiang887 @socrates469bc @Thor @absoluthell @beautifuldays
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    So where are the people coming from? Other parts of Malaysia to Iskandar to study, work etc?
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    kumgong investors, so no sympathy from me since they r kumgong enough to believe in the projection. like i said, once i saw the projection given to me by the marketing agent, first question i asked is where the people come from???? secondly, i m not a great fan of property. i saw so many people were stupid enough to overpay an apartment in a falling market during 1997-1998, i learned a good lesson on liquidity. better buy ocbc in a falling market and get decent dividend yield is more profitable.
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    Never see amdk eat until so cham before...why the zz scratch her buttocks? u drill your tongue into her pgd is it? Wahahahaha
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    ur last pic jin power. take picture until ang mo, aunty unglam eating and zz wipe her butt moment
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    been watching youtube docus on chernobyl and fukushima after seeing dis almost becums nuclear scientist liao
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    Iman Banana Leaf Restaurant Pte Ltd 12 Lor 1 Geylang, Singapore 389120
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    U wanna kena tapeworms n enjoy sai smell?
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    Jewel waterfall has replaced MBS as the new wechat moment post for ATB to showoff.. bring your atb there and bring a good camera to help her take nice pics. she will be pleased and reward u later.
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    this xdd just surprise assault her PGD. the trick is to be very fast. attack before she can react. when she recover to react, she realised she is enjoying the KGK sucking her PGD. like they say never drop your soap in the prison. ATB must always guard their rear against this hungry KGK
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    wahaha got potential sia... @absoluthell or @socrates469bc can add to dis plot?
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    Kaifeng Court? Was he trialled by Justice Bao?
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    looks like she is having a bad flu. better see doctor fast and remember to rehydrate.
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    she shd win teacher of the year award sia... so caring for her xdd students until rook so stressed wahaha
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    Wahaha jin kg River valley condo mani atb nests sia
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    Behkan dkg crippled by atb kctrap need a few more rounds of kc traps to develop full immunity and truly enjoy the atb game
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