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    @Thor was a baby before also wat... tats his teething toy lah.....
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    this oily png is bky.... feed doggie also cannot. doggie will lao sai
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    Woman complains about how her deceased mother’s CPF money was given to her only after 31 years When netizen Rahayu Bte Mazlan went to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) board to collect her late mother’s CPF money, she found that it did not receive any interest, even though her mother had passed away 31 years ago. According to her, it took them 31 years to review her mother’s account, and therefore after the review, the money did not accrue any interest. Rahayu’s post was shared on Facebook page All Singapore Stuff. In her post, she shared a letter from the CPF Board and wrote, “My mum passed away in 1987. She nominated me as her beneficiary. Last wed, I received a letter from CPF that there is money in her CPF after CPF review”. However, after going to CPF Board, Rahayu was advised differently. She wrote, “I went to CPF yesterday. I said that since they had kept my late mum’s money, they should pay interest. They say that that her case was after review so no interest. What I don’t understand is that why after 31 yrs then they review? What is going on with our CPF?” She also added, “CPF are you trying to fool me or mock me after 31 years? Before I got kids till now I have grandkids. Don’t know if I should be happy or angry”. Netizens who commented on the post had mixed feelings about the issue. Some said that she should be happy her mother’s CPF money was handed to her even after all of these years, while others said that Rahayu should have rightfully been given the accrued interest as well, since it was rightfully hers.
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    showing without people onboard epic failed, need so many propeller waste space siol, if huan or two propellers fail hao? can balance bo?
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    check out volocopter dubai u tube for more beedios
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    Ish kyky, family got good genes, even the Mum ish ky @HarrisY
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    if u all know AMDK ah neh working style... CSB gao gao... when take action time... all excuses come out... i won't be surprise if 2020/H2, they fly some drone toy at MBS and claim that is the air taxi they "testing"...
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    then huai admin paying few hundred dollars every month?
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    Supporked by the ministry, hope one or two of the ministers sit on it and suddenly do SMRT fault and cum crashing down and kill them.
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    kgk xdd is really kgk xdd. go ah moh land to be chop carrot by expensive cai png for lunch by atb waitresses. go ah moh land is to jiak either fresh vietnamese banh mi sandwich or ah moh bacon pork burger for lunch. followed by a round of piak piak with the nearest korean bu at the nearest massage spa.
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    How fucking ironic when she is a fucking pappy dog. means she dun watch the news too?
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    Fuck these SOCIAL ENTERPRISE-RUN HAWKER CENTRES bloodsuckers act yige social enterprise. Pui! They are worse than @appleyum vermins!!!
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    Aiyo Little India ABNN riot all run away tell them mai talk cock please. They only dare to bully sinkie by doing random check to disgrace us in the public.
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