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    orchard road can beo alot of cjc/hcjc/njc/nygh xmms who go there lim kopi after their cca in the morning. sometimes, can also see young aunties doing saturday shopping. if lucky, maybe lao tiko me can engage in some cca with them later tonite.
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    Leember to gpgt here hor Orchard load kopi tiam?
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    nb, only 2 girls and can be on news. limpeh thought is 2 gangs of ah lians catfighting.
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    soon the new yislum millionaires will become residents of district 10. however, u can take a person out of yislum but u cant take the yislumness out of the person.
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    Drop on floor can becum 2 pcs of samsung s5?
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    SINGAPORE - A fight broke out between two 17-year-old girls at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West on Thursday (Feb 21). The police were alerted to a case of voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapon at the Choa Chu Kang Grove campus at 1.57pm. One of the girls was arrested in relation to the case, while the other was taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in a conscious state.
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    As a ET alien outsider, moi ish not interested in how fantastically big someone's claims are, only in the methods of the claims to be achieved. That's why moi ish fascinated by how people can be enamored by rich and powerful business and political leaders. Human beings love to listen to talks by these high SES leaders, they buy their books and watch their biopics, they fight and argue with each other over their favourite heroes, they worship the ground the leaders walk on and hang on their every word. Hoping to learn the secrets of their success so that they too can be rich and powerful. But why? Does any one believe that the rich and powerful would somehow willingly give away their secrets? All they need to do is to conveniently leave out a key factor, or misrepresent the significance of something and the entire story gets turned on its head. Misled chao stinkie peasants continue to blunder through life while high SES elites continue to control everything and rake in the $$megamillions$$. Am I missing something here or am I just a siao lang?
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    SINGAPORE - Two lucky punters in Yishun have won about $13.6 million in the Toto Hongbao draw on Friday (Feb 22). Both bought QuickPick ordinary entry tickets. One bought from the outlet at Northpoint City's Cold Storage in Yishun Avenue 2, while the other got it from Sheng Siong at Junction 9 in Yishun Avenue 9. The winning numbers - 05, 08, 14, 16, 34, 39 and additional number is 23 - were drawn at 9.30pm on Friday evening.
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    In 1819, SG only had a population of around 1,000 people living in villages, yet 154th keep publishing headlines rike SG was already a "thriving" port city before Raffles and team arrived. By 1964, SG had a population of 1,840,000 people, a major city with the tallest skyscraper in South East Asia, defended by UK jet fighters, heavy bombers and visited by aircraft carriers, yet 154th keep publishing headlines rike SG post-independence rose "from fishing village to metropolis". How can a 1,000-person village with no port facilities be called a "thriving" port city while a 1.84 million population major port city be called a "fishing village"??!? Does 154th think that us chao stinkies peasants are all fucking idiots!??
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    Still the 70% hard work is important so that you're ready when the 30% chance presents itself. Genuine chances are also just a subset.
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    Oh rook at all these quaint bullock carts frolicking in the "fishing village"! De Havilland Vampire jet fighter at Changi Airbase English Electric Canberra medium bomber at Tengah Airbase Gloster Javelin all-weather interceptor fighter jets at Seletar Airbase, wah sho many! "Fishing village" park sho many military jets for wat? Where's the fucking FISH?!??
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    the rich powerful conveniently left out the important 30% to chance while focusing on 70% hard work. if once dont have the 30% chance, 70% hard work counts for nothing.
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    Mai dkg rah So wat all my loyal kgk sarpokers doing dis wkend?
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    Area 177 Area 178 Area 179 Area 180 Click below to go to the next quiet commercial area series Area 181 coming soon So sad. i ending this as i run out of places to go. hopefully i can find more places ( Quiet Commercial Area Series Ending Soon........................... )
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