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    When I wake up in the morning, realised that I don't need to go to work and then go back to sleep. That is the happiest part of my day.
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    Precisely similar to What's wrong about making more money We have not raise prices for x years
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    when pap is voted out, every part of my day will be the happiest
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    When my tongue ish really to drill insai my atb gf de pgd wahaha
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    bolehsia news no head no taill.... how come suddenly BTS also come in??
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    yea... looks like he cant wait for it to be over... knn... make me sit beside a melayu auntie
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    Cant u tell we all actually jin jelly u everyday go around jiak good food and enjoy life.... the rest of us need to work like kgk to afford $4.50 caipng.
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    Miniso is MIC stuff packaged to look like it came from Japan or Korea... not sure if the council's research is bias or skewed... Maybe Miniso submitted a special sample... :P
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    Wahaha xdds in playground setting n nice aunty make for a potentially jin kinky jdrama sia
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    I see veg fish eggs and ikan bilis. this is near a balanced meal but still not enough veg. tomorrow maybe you can try 2 veg 1 fish and 1 egg for a healthy caipng meal according to the hpb nutrition pyramid
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    You can tell from his entire body language that he has no respect and almost rock bottom interest for her lol
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    Jail time for owner. Must send a strong signal that unhygienic conditions have no place in our unesco hawker heritage. But i am sure if .... Haiz Rip bang
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    got chiobu gf, live in penthouse facing lake or sea, then got my company building everyday go in got chiobu secretary, then meet other towkays for business deals then got event ask chiobu wife folo me... but is a dream...
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    please work towards a balanced meal for healthy lifestyle. better luck tomorrow!
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    my ranking for the 3 caipng pics. 1) @kyloren 2) @HarrisY 3) @Thor @kyloren caipng looks the best. balanced with meat and veg dishes. tau ghey looks crispy and juicy... braised meat... bui bui... jhj... white rice drenched with curry zhup... jin song!! @HarrisY fried cheekon wings and ikan bilis looks jhj... but not enough veg to balance the diet... HPB food pyramid failed... @Thor plate too imbalanced. too much cai for the png... and looks oily. not appetizing. the egg overcooked.
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    Tiagong mani atbs cum here pray but laining so no atbs sianz ah
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    Putin loves dogs a lot... A lot of foreign country head of states give him their own breed of dogs as gifts for Putin to bring home to keep... Can this be a good gift to further strengthen friendship ???
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    You have no idea, Mahathir wants it to be long, as long as possible. What good is jailing Najib? He’s a trump card. Use him for information, for connections, squeeze him dry, find out where the missing money is. If there are some dirty dark secrets about Singapore, all the better.
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