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    huawei os can only succeed in tiongland since china internet ecosystem is closed to outside competitors. if we look at the takeup rate of baidu browser as a guage, only tiongland users r using it. the only successful chinese app being marketed overseas is wechat, but that is only becos of the wesearch function for atbs.
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    dont worry, the americans wont touch oppo and vivo yet. they dont make networking gears like zte or huawei. the americans had a good practice run on zte and so now they shift to a bigger target, huawei, using the same mo. in military parlance, we call this a surgical strike.
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    Aunty much taller. The guy host oso rook rike those jdrama kgks Ani huan noe wat I tinking? Wahaha
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    Watching Japan Hour nao. Dis tall aunty host ish gravure model last time Self pew to her b4 wahaha @absoluthell @socrates469bc
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    i always get full marks for my pure maths, so aunty teacher always give me treats.
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    Red Dot Power, Energy Supply Solutions, SmartCity Energy, Charis Electric and Sun City.
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    jin satki calculus... i jin scared. always fail and get punishment
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    I would let her release her poop on my face and in my mouth as she forces out her constipated turds while groaning in pain in 10 languages mmmmm dessert
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    i hope june will not be much ppl, planning to be there at around 10am since i got direct bus
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    If not open source, then not much interest will be on it...
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    price is $7.95 Pros: * Decent amount of aroma, flavor and spices * Chicken is hot * chicken is fresh * Good enough to eat without chili sauce and there the chicken is a little juicy Cons: * Only a little Crispy skin * Only a little Juicy meat With a score out of 10. i give it a 3.5/10 check out my other review: https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/74232-review-carl-jr-thick-super-bacon-burger-bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/75588-review-2-carl-jr-thick-super-bacon-burger-bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/74853-review-kfc-goldspice-chicken https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/75803-review-burger-king-hainanese-tendergrill-chicken-burgers https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76269-review-don-quijote-aka-don-don-donki-black-pepper-chicken-meal-and-baked-sweet-potatoes https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76405-review-koo-kee-yong-tow-foo-me https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76492-review-popeyes-fried-chicken https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/76744-review-authentic-mun-chee-kee-king-of-pigs-organ-soup https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/77025-review-carl-jr-the-big-carl https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/77573-review-burger-king-rodeo-bbq-beef-meal https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/78561-review-carl-jr-the-super-mushroom-thickburger https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/80386-review-jollibee-chickenjoy-chicken-and-chicken-burger https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/81010-review-earth-jar-treasure-ginseng-chicken-soup https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/81572-review-texas-chicken/ https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/topic/83288-review-marry-brown/
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    洪门 is a major secret society in tiong kok now becum OS not simpur
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    It's true. I also not trying to master the gov-endorsed art of small space sex.
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    so shiok ah last time moi only tickle her crotch with moi finger or massage her neh neh
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    if go in early afternoon, is most likely piak piak in cinema. some people like me is claustrophobia, so need wide open space to perform.
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    the kgk short guy proclaim suppork for china and climate change but voters more worry economy and jods
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    I only know people should still be flooding to Jewel.
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    Feeding expensive leaders is just what we do for decades. We'll just have to keep up the good job.
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    She should teach Kamasutra Complete 245 Positions
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    If chiu r a xdd, would you want her to be chiur tutor? @absoluthell @socrates469bc
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    The CGI liquid metal look bad. WTF who do this? 100000000000000000% failed this liquid metal look so much better
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    cos many are daft? china has been enjoying loads of advantageous trade not to mention blatantly copying products from other countries. Now apply some pressure nia kpkb liao as if the whole world owes them. If china chooses to make things difficult for foreign companies in their own country then they should have a taste of it when china company trades internationally!
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    the video neglected to mentioned the fact that alipay/wepay do not have processing fees and their payment terminals r provided foc becos of economics of scale. with ard 600m users and an average of cny2k each for both providers, that means there is cny1.2trillion of pure cash in alipay/wepay low interest bearing trustee account. this will result in alipay/wepay receiving cny36billion interest every yr. and assuming operational cost of 1.5%, alipay/wepay will net cny18billion each. apple, samsung and sony have come up with mobile payment apps for ex-china but just not as widely adopted due to terminal and legacy costs in these countries. for china, there is no such legacy costs as credit/debit cards only took shape in early 2000s which is the same time as alipay.
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    Looking at HWZ EDMW Sales.Convenience post history He always derail thread all the time one. Now I know how to hopefully get him pbanned Even while my plan to lurk and NOT POST at all P.S. I really do hope the Sales.Consipation is BANNED FOR 30 days this time
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    No la... I try my best to participate actively in both forums. Here and there. Hahaha.
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    most people just butthurt that dany becum villain
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    SINGAPORE — Some said business has become worse, while others said the initial boost from the opening of Jewel Changi Airport has waned. That was the response from 12 food-and-beverage outlets across the four terminals at Changi Airport that TODAY spoke to, about a month after Jewel officially opened its doors to the public on April 17. Jewel is located at Terminal 1, and connected via link bridges to Terminals 2 and 3. Visitors from Terminal 4 will have to take a shuttle bus to Terminal 2, and then take the link bridge. It is home to 112 food-and-beverage outlets, with new-to-Singapore brands like Shake Shack drawing snaking queues. During its six-day preview period prior to its official opening, about 500,000 visitors flocked to Jewel to catch a glimpse of its new facilities and retail offerings. The crowds spilled over to the other terminals. “The opening of Jewel has certainly increased footfall to Changi Airport, including to our terminals,” said the Changi Airport Group (CAG) in response to TODAY’s queries. SPILLOVER CROWDS HAVE THINNED While food-and-beverage outlets in Jewel are still seeing brisk business, most operators outside of Jewel said that the spillover crowd seems to have thinned. Some are starting to feel the heat from the competition coming from outlets in Jewel. Local restaurant PappaMia in Terminal 1 said it had more diners than usual during Jewel’s preview and opening period, but its overall monthly receipts have dropped “significantly”, said its operations manager Tai Ser Kiong. “PappaMia has been here for nearly seven years already, but this is the first time (business is) so bad,” said Mr Tai, adding that he was already expecting things to slow down during Ramadan. “Usually we would be full during dinners and over the weekends, but now we see a lot of empty tables.” Mr Tai, 39, said that the competition from Jewel could be a factor; he believes more people would be drawn to it as it offers more food options compared to Terminal 1. Similarly, Chinese restaurant Paradise Dynasty in Terminal 3 saw its revenues dip slightly compared to the same period last year, said its manager Li Gui. “When I’m on the MRT (to the airport), I see more people coming here but most of them are headed towards Jewel (instead of T3),” said the 37-year-old. Even during Jewel’s preview period, the restaurant saw a large decrease in footfall, she added. RAMADAN FACTOR? Some restaurants believe that the fasting month of Ramadan could have contributed to their business slowing. Halal Korean restaurant Jinjja Chicken’s manager Eric Toh, 45, said that when Jewel opened, the 24-hour restaurant in Terminal 2 was at its peak, with a near-30-per-cent increase in takings. “Now, business is about the same as before (the spike),” he said. Another restaurant in Terminal 2 that is feeling the heat this month is Fish & Co, as around 70 per cent of the halal restaurant’s customers are Muslims, said its store manager Ravi Aravind. “I don’t feel that the Jewel magic is still there,” the 27-year-old said, referring to the initial boost brought by the spillover crowd from Jewel. With quieter lunch hours now, Mr Aravind said that it was a good time to focus on training his workers. “If you do a good service, people (customers) will definitely come back,” he added. AWAY FROM JEWEL... Terminal 4, unlike the rest of the terminals, is not directly connected to Jewel. Visitors going to Jewel from the terminal have to take a free shuttle bus to Terminal 2, before walking over via the link bridge. Thanks to the provision of a free shuttle bus service to Jewel during the opening period, some businesses reported an increase in receipts. But when the bus service was suspended, their takings also declined, they said. In response to TODAY’s queries, the CAG said that the direct shuttle service from Terminal 4 to Jewel was introduced specifically to cater for the “very high visitor volume” during the public preview period and the following two weeks after Jewel’s opening. For Bee Cheng Hiang supervisor Yeo Wan Chin, 58, there were “no significant differences” in sales or footfall in Terminal 4 since Jewel opened. “The only difference is now I get more enquiries about how to get to Jewel,” she quipped. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/jewel-effect-wearing-some-fb-outlets-changi-airport-say-business-has-dipped-after-initial
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    in retail, we call it the novelty effect which is much the same as casino effect. the novelty effect states that a retail mall will enjoy increasing traffic footfall in the first 6mths of operation b4 plateauing. but jewel really even more short-lived at less than 3mths.
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    Hahaha... Since he my nemesis I gonna plan to be like @tankgunner bro... like how he deal with @DanielSan8, the man-man way... This chibai ah sales.constipation want to play wif me. OKAY LORH! LOL... We play until see who get PBANNED FIRST But ya anw next time I wun entertain his nonsense. Any of his HARRASSING messages I just report str8 to mod. HAHAHA Then can sleep well pwning an annoying arrogant JHK
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    i nv visit nk edmw. only iherb or aircon or my reno home
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    do post if you have any thing to share or ask
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    in modern economic development theory, the state will always play a leading role at the very beginning b4 retreating. however, this almost never play out accordingly 95% of the time. very often, once the state gets involved, the state will not devolved from the biz due to political benefits. however, there r a few successful cases where states successfully devolved. taiwan's tsmc, which started with state funding, successfully became fully private due to a capable manager in morris chang and KMT's Duke Chiang Junior's belief in private markets while in japan, industrial conglomerates, such as mitsubishi and kawasaki, started off by relying on govt contracts b4 becoming world leaders in heavy industrial.
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    Was expecting a beemer 5 series. Not disappointed nonetheless.
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    Look at me, bbfa alone also get used it. Whateverwill be will be. Life also have to move on
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    ok, looks jiakable. kgk xdd go with family or with atbgf and her 3 jiemeis?????
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    a glaring example of loong loong's economic management ability.
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