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    During the Qing Dynasty, China mainly used a bimetallic money system comprising copper coins and silver ingots. Copper coins include 1 wen and 10 wen for daily use, where silver ingots are in 1 tael (37.8g) or 10 taels, up to 50 taels max. The conversion factor is 1,000 wen = 1 tael of silver In the 1700s, purchasing power of one wen: 1. Three wen can buy a steamed bun 2. 16 wen can buy a bowl of noodles 3. 2,400 wen (2.4 taels of silver) can pay for one year school fees In other words, one wen is roughly equal to a modern 20 cent coin, but silver tael was highly overvalued compared to modern era. E.g. In swordfighting movies the small silver fragment that the hero slap onto the restaurant table to pay for food has the purchasing power of a modern S$50 - S$100 bill. If we take 2018 SG median monthly income of S$4,400 and buy silver at current prices (~ S$33 per tael) we can buy 133 taels of silver. That is 133,000 wen which can buy over 8,300 bowls of noodles which is about eight times the purchasing power of modern SG dollars. In other words, if convert SGD into silver bars/coins and time travel to 1700s China, can eat cai png until puke and piakpiak ATBs until uplorry from dehydration!
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    part of my job is to entertain clients from overseas. so need to know all the tiko zones and family friendly areas in sgp.
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    Wah, very dangerous siol... Me is low ses bb lao didi, can only visit stable ride horse write fr...
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    wah you still quite current with the fl scene... obamanotbad.jpg
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    i was lucky to have 2 good local pals there... we always open a few bottles of whiskey when ever we are in the club... easier to invite gals to our table... once i ever wanted to jio this hot chick who was dancing alone on the side stage... nearly got into trouble becos i didnt know she was the gf/mistress of some big time gangster... long story... lololol...
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    eastern european fls still can find in hyatt scotts area. most of them r on wechat now, cutting out the pimps.
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    may be can ask some of the pimps to consider importing some of them... there used to be a lot of eastern europe FLs and korean fl in sg...
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    this is kgk xdd @HarrisY's favorite position, he is the best person to sexplain to u.
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    i only live once so must piak chio bus of different origins at least once. if go heaven, can tell jesus that i enjoyed the earthly pleasures of my short life. if go hell, can tell satan that i had piaked so many chio bus of different origins b4 that he is not as sakti as me.
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    Wow. But still prefer tier 2 or 3 cities... 200rmb to tapow a 19 or 20 yo xmm is good enough for me. Most of the ktvs then, the girls are usually below 23. Anything above no value. Haha. They usually become mamasan. thats why we see those tianahmen or vegas or peace center prcs are like 25 to mid 30s. And when u want to them to overnight, they charge u 200 to 300sgd. Thats like macau pricing. Lololol.
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    Hope tonight dream bring me back to 1700s tiongkok, & bring 10 tael go...
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    Dongguan (东莞) is a factory city in China which gained notoriety in the early 2010's for its burgeoning sex trade, popular among HK, Taiwan businessmen and locals alike, and also bery well known in NK and bike forums. At the peak around 2012, services were so professional and standardized that they were considered as "ISO"-level processes. In recent years, multiple police raids have forced many such joints to close or go underground. According to the documentary, after police raids closed such services, sexual assault cases in Dongguan have started to rise.
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    i usually go to a fixed club in shanghai where my local guys r familiar with the boss. usually open a bottle of champagne and a bottle or 2 of whiskey. apparently, the hostess get a higher commission for champagne and she will get a few of her jiemeis over as well. so hardly any drunk ginnas dare bother.
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    FLs pics ads online, turned out ish totally different person.. Pruss no medical checkup, easily to tio jackpot, no worth the money wor... Pick and choose what u see is what u get is better. But cups can still look deceptive, due to the push up bras
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    the most exotic i jiak so far is a zhuang bu. if can jiak either ugyhur chio bu or white russian-chinese mix chio bu, i consider my life not wasted.
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    same like the rest lei... one dragon service... hot n cold treatment, poison dragon drill, hai di lao... but quite tall, like model, quite heavy... cannot carry and piak, else will kena back injury...
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    wah rmb3k? u have deep pockets. for that amount, can stay at the massage palor for > 1 week. every day just massage, piak, sauna, coldnhot pool, watch movie, foot massage, makan... for me, i am not choosy. young, pretty, and no armpit hair. haha.. only kena mogolian girl once at a zh massage palor. quite a tall girl.
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    Dis jdrama jin fapz sia but I disciplined enuff not to self pew coz I saving my ballistic missiles for atb tomolo wahaha
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    In swordfighting movies and TV shows, silver ingots are depicted as consistently boat-shaped yuanbao with perfectly shiny finish. Real silver ingots are less attractive, cast in several different shapes and having dull greyish colour with yellow or greenish tone. If you have 100 taels of silver to spare you are already considered wealthy, even though that is only about S$3k in today's silver prices, which is less than SG median monthly pay. If there were a time machine back to China in 1700s, basically all sinkies can become land owners because an average landed house only costs 216 taels of silver which is around S$7k - less than one-third the cost of a COE cert!
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    In 1700s if chiu put down just one 10 tael silver ingot from the Stephen Chow movie already can bao the ATB for one month! Piak until buay lin choo!
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    Watching jdrama rike a dkgk nao wahaha dis 2 aunty anchorwoman kym?
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    It’s normal. In my student days the teachers I’ve seen there are those nerdy version of the same one or kiddy kind and they are very popular.
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    Shop house price is high leh .. and maintenance ish higher...
  25. 2 points
    Seems like if can fuck Elin Tan, is win jackpot also
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