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    location is ok but 99 yrs lease at 2.3kpsf is on the high side. rather buy freehold at mount sophia. at least can walk to nearby atb ktv ang pais within minutes.
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    Vermins vs Vermins scum of the earth. Now you know where your insurance premium all goes to funding their luxury life style, holiday retreats. No wonder they can earn so much money from you. I think Insurance premium is going to raise again because your money will be use to fund Prudential's law suit at your expense !
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    Jiaking nasee lomak for dessert near the roadside rike a slum kia after jiaking dinner rike a satki kia nearby @socrates469bc @absoluthell @Thor @beautifuldays @The_King
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    my favorite r those mixed european blood siambus.
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    Why this oppo use @The_King idea to stir PAP?
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    i highly recommend kgk xdd @HarrisY to purchase 2 studio apartments of this development. he can either use one of the units for his own atbgf while renting out the other one. alternatively, he can rent both out to atbs and the rentals can be totally offset by 10 therapy sessions/mth/unit.
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    Those people whu came up with dat foodcourt more dkg den chiu wahaha
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    Wahaha jin satli Every time jiak at Guillemard will sianz huan
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    Jiak tao huay not at Gayrang Rochor Beancurd dis time wahaha song bo
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    If they say not strong u wont invest more mah... This year lots of companies alrdy sell position now waiting for crash... If dun crash... Market will slump for a very long time...
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    yup i track everything , like ur ip address, ur location, where u stay , what u eat and stuffs
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    No wonder yesterday night I suddenly feel so sleepy. Must be my six sense trigger by this news.
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    The Dragon Fish jumped out of the Feng Shui Pond at the ground floor of KMT Building the day Korea Fish was declared the winner in primary to run as KMT presidential candidate: https://tw.news.yahoo.com/韓國瑜初選勝出-國民黨-風水池-龍魚竟跳池亡-065908179.html There were 9 Dragon Fish in the pond originally.... KOREA FISH WINS, DRAGON FISH Commits Suicide !!!!.
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    Put until like that, would it lure potential burglars that like challenges or totally deter them?
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    Yislum... Where da wall? Jewellery and pen insai safe makes sense but who nowadays put fone and laptop insai safe... ?
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    So it broke the myth that you cannot have alcohol when eating durians?
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    i want to earn my usd100m b4 i reach 60, then retire to bangkok and bang bang a couple of young uni meimeis for several yrs b4 i go report to my maker.
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    this lim tean is another version of CSJ making himself look silly but at least he point out jobs going to FTs which WP keep silent about
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    I thought Liang Court usually very empty. Only McDonald's, Subway and some eateries. One of the Quays next door is more crowded. Have not been there for about 3 years so not sure my info accurate or not. Tean ah, can argue using other facts or not? Next go Upp Serangoon Shopping Centre complain empty ah?
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    Den make the pages stick together? When I xdd time dunno abt jdrama yet oso do dat wahaha
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    This is in my quiet com area series already
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    Its true. Looks dont matter for girls. Talent is more important. talent can make a lot of money.
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    Knn lazy to even collect the car ownself? probably the person who got the key already enjoying his car, kumlan
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    tis one got balls made of dark matter
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    heng, i got jewish mentality. instead of buying properties for speculation, i buy property stocks for speculation and that is when they r super value for money with potential good dy. if not, i hold part of the ocbc share i bot on the cheap for dividends. i seen many kgks bought shoplots in ts' quiet commercial areas back in 1990s. back then, these areas were quiet, now, they r still quiet.
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    enough already, all you need is small space for sex
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    last time moi help WP during erection the PA volunteer aunty next to moi ask for moi number, give excuse wanna intro to her relative later really call me but kept quite
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    kfc, texas , chic a boo, popyee all halah also, but jollibee one is comparable with texas, as both lack the spices
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    WTF so expensive, maybe china will grow their own durain that the reason i stop eating durain. the price end my craving
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    the real deal is equality. but that is the tough part. No one has enough of EQ
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    first off, singapore can start off with a thorough audit of temasek and gic.
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    that why i ask ppl live a frugal life and retire early, cause you may not know what will happen in the future
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    Really can eat smoked bites. Hair also no need to dye liao.
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    other nations trying qe will be no avail. the monetary transmission mechanism on the international level is now very near 0 as a result of the glut of usd credit created between 2009-2016. nipponland has been in 0-interest environment for the past 20 yrs and even negative in the past 3 yrs, but the economy is still in deflationary mood. the reason why nipponland is unable to break out of the deflationary mood is becos a tightening monetary policy was used in the immediate aftermaths of the asset bubble burst of 1989. the correct monetary policy for japan shld be adopting a loose monetary policy in the immediate aftermaths and then a gradual tightening after 5 yrs to avoid runaway asset prices again. eu has been in a loose monetary policy mode as well since 2010 but is unable to pull out of the rut becos the eu economies r too different from each other. in fact, monetary policy has now been rendered useless as the monetary transmission mechanism on the international level has been broken after a prolonged glut of usd credit. thats why some rational chinese economists r also cautioning against using qe to stimulate the weak chinese economy and instead, focus on reforming and restructuring the economy. https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/3018063/china-will-not-turn-global-financial-crisis-stimulus-playbook https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/3017909/chinese-banks-may-not-have-enough-capital-lend-economy-out
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