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  1. 5 points
    this pigu ok for ur discerning connoisseur taste , kgk xdd @HarrisY ??????
  2. 4 points
    to be more precise, it is atb catfight. this must be dream scenario for our kgk xdd @HarrisY.
  3. 4 points
    if there is a country more kumgong than sgp, then it is republic of taiwan.
  4. 3 points
    passive income from ocbc share dividends. better than putting my money in fixed deposits or properties.
  5. 3 points
    Definitely @ManOfTheHour type
  6. 3 points
    Juz nao lost a lot of protein nao need to replenish wahaha Ani kgk noe where
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  8. 3 points
    She got bigger biceps than Thor
  9. 3 points
  10. 3 points
    Diam diam rah kgk mai gong jiao wei rah wahaha
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    Today is my pigu day, doo-dah, doo-dah Today is my pigu day, doo-dah, doo-dah, day
  12. 3 points
    singapore: can only buy banks malaysia: can only buy banks and glove makers thailand: can only buy banks and car parts makers taiwan: wait for veggie english to be overthrown then talk
  13. 3 points
    https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/scdf-fire-geylang-road-breaks-out-at-shophouses-11351946 Tomolo I meeting my atb gf. Will gpgt the aftermath of the fire for all my loyal kgk sarpokers
  14. 2 points
    dream scenario got boobs and pgd incorporated for kgk
  15. 2 points
    Nong time nv cum to dis satki mall liao. Any of my loyal kgk fans cum here b4? Dkgk @absoluthell sit chiur satki Malaysian brand spots kar here b4? Luck sar kym?
  16. 2 points
    *vibrate it's body at high speed to Summon all cute creatures to flood the place
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  18. 2 points
    She got bigger biceps than harley quinn
  19. 2 points
    SINGAPORE — Close to 7,000 visitors thronged the showroom of what is touted to be the largest private condominium launched in Singapore, with over 2,200 units set to go on sale. Launched on Friday (March 15), Treasure at Tampines sits on top of the former Tampines Court, a Housing and Urban Development Company (HUDC) property which was sold en bloc for S$970 million in August 2017. Developed jointly by Sim Lian Group and Sim Lian Holdings, the condominium spans 650,000 square feet (sq ft) and has a 99-year lease starting from Nov 29 last year. It is expected to be ready for buyers to move in by 2023. The condominium comprises one- to five-bedroom units, with sizes ranging from 463 sq ft to 1,722 sq ft. With an indicative price of S$585,000 for a one-bedroom unit and at least S$1.88 million for a five-bedder, its developer said the condominium is priced at about S$1,280 psf on average. ZACD Group executive director Nicholas Mak said the pricing is “quite reasonable” as it is within the range of a new 99-year leasehold private condominium in that area. Among some of the interested home buyers TODAY spoke to while visiting the showroom, a few have already set their minds on purchasing a unit. Mr Triston Tan, 47, said he has already submitted a cheque to indicate his interest in a two-bedroom unit which he intends to acquire as an investment. The equipment engineer and his wife, Ms Catherine Teo, 47, live in a five-room Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat in Tampines and have no intention to sell it. This means they would have to pay a 12 per cent Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD), which is imposed on buyers getting a second residential property. Mr Tan said they will have to bear with it since they made the decision to invest, although they are concerned about servicing the mortgage loan in the future. “We have to plan properly. We don’t want to keep topping up cash, and (our) commitments (in) other (areas have) to come down,” he added. The ABSD rate was previously 7 per cent before it was increased to the current rate as part of the cooling measures imposed in July last year. Married couples who sold off their first property within six months of purchasing a completed property or receiving the Temporary Occupation Permit for uncompleted units are however eligible for a ABSD remission. Another showroom visitor, Melvin Goh, 37, is also looking to submit his cheque on Monday for a one-bedroom unit he intends to get as a form of investment. He lives in a five-room HDB unit in Tampines and said that there is “no choice” but to pay the ABSD. Other visitors adopted a “wait-and-see approach” and said they would look at other launches in the eastern region. One of them is Mrs Vinita Malekar, 47, who lives with her husband in a five-room HDB flat in Bedok and is looking to upgrade. Having to come up with the ABSD upfront poses a problem, Mr Chandra Malekar, 54, said, and so the couple is shopping around for a smaller unit than they were aiming for. “Definitely we want to go for a bigger house, a four-bedroom. But the cost also goes higher right? It definitely puts a strain on us,” said the housewife. Mdm June Tan, 63, is also looking to buy a second property in the eastern region as an investment. The retiree lives in a three-bedroom freehold condominium in Geylang, which she is looking to move from after her husband died last year. She is looking to buy the next property under her 21-year-old daughter’s name, as she can then avoid paying the 12 per cent tax. The current condo in Geylang is in Mdm Tan's sole name and her daughter has no property to her name. ABSD is not refunded for singles even after they have sold off their first property within six months of purchasing a completed property or receiving the Temporary Occupation Permit. “Isn’t the law very weird? Just because myhusband died, I cannot get back my 12 per cent?... I didn’t ask for my husband to pass away,” Mdm Tan said. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/packed-showroom-treasure-tampines-opening-weekend
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  21. 2 points
    Comparing human society to toilet bowl bacteria is a horrible insult
  22. 2 points
    Fully agree with you on the enormous scale and distance for interstellar travel. In the case of the Fermi Paradox, physicists just need to see any sign of intelligent life, no need for them to fly here yet. However their expectations may be too high; to find direct evidence such as Dyson Spheres, the ET alien civilization not only has to be intelligent but also have massive industrial capability. Moreover it isn't clear why an advance civilization would necessarily be so power hungry, even within the human civilization not every culture is as "exploratory" (i.e. invasive and resource greedy) like modern Western culture. The aliens might be very satisfied with a certain level of industrial development and not expand any further, so no need to build anything large enough to visible across the galaxy (and possibly wiser too just in case other alien killers exist). In the case of our silver spiral (the so-called Milky Way) galaxy I find it interesting that the galactic centre is very conveniently blocked by dust and gas clouds, so that a lot of what is happening there is not directly visible from this vantage point. Maybe there is already a bustling galactic-level civilization there that isn't aware or totally doesn't care about what is happening here in this dark sector of the galaxy.
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    Satki kias dun self pew Onli dkgks rike @absoluthell do dat wahaha I wechatting wif atbs rah
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    moi thinks is just down to probability. the universe is as good as infinitely large given Human's tech restrictions against the physics and natural laws such as lifespan and suitability to outer space travel. So in such a big volume, the percentage of life is already so low, then for intelligence life even lower and out of this small pool of intelligent life, how many are capable of space travel much less long distance space travel if they are also governed by the same laws of physics as our solar system. Then lets assume there are a highly evolved life form out there, but they are sited on the opposite corner of Earth in the entire universe which can be thousands or even millions of lightyears away, how much time would they require to explore their own solar system, then their galaxy before they get here. Base on the aforementioned argument of thousands/millions of systems inbetween, even if they spend just 1 Earth day on each, how many years would it take before they even get here. As for replying to transmissions, again we dont even know how EM pulses from the Sun work, what are the odds of our transmissions even getting beyond where Voyager 1 has gotten to and how to we verify the integrity of the transmission. Then lets factor in obstructions/interference by other planets/systems and even other signatures from other stars, when it gets to the alien would the signal even be intact or mistaken as universe noise, what are the odds the aliens even use a similar form of communication that renders it legible to them?
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    you should kaopeh to DBS and make them return you the $1.20. how can they authorize the payment without your OTP? yes, the amount is small. but their problem is not your responsibility.
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