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    Sometimes when a person gets behind a wheel, his personality changes. It is a male thing, with the ego taking over, and unable to stomach other road users he feels that are inferior or not worthy to be in the same space as him. Out of the car, he slips into a different personality. I am quite sure that people will step forward to testify about how kind, gentle or considerate he is......when he is not in his car.
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    she say she coming to sg and need me to pay the custom passport fee for $2000, when i pay she say passport admin fee $1000 then another guy called and i need to pay boarding fee to sg $8000 So i borrowed from my family and then airport say cannot let her go because her ticket never pay tax so another $2000 gone when she here i pay another $4000 for her baggage fees. hope i get to meet her soon cross finger
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    fine and jail him. then revoke his citizenshit and send him packing. his salary of at least 200k pa should go to a true blue sillyporean.
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    too stressful, under public eyes all the time suggest putting the two in very small confined space for procreation as suggested by PAP minister
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    the menace is him in the car dangerously, recklessly, self entitled to threaten even possibly cause harm, serious harm to other public road users whom also could have many friends and love ones testifying their wonderfulness, when alive n healthy. how a distinguished elite consciously choose to live outside his car, does not mitigate his culpability of deprave actions with the use of his maserati.
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    full rep Chicken Biryani for about 10 to 14 ppl Step 1 BLEND Pepper corn 18pcs Cardamom 18pcs Cloves 12pcs Cinnamon sticks 6pcs Star anise 12pcs Bay leaf 9pcs step 2 ADD for overnight Add step 1 to: Lime juice 6 Tablespoons Ginger garlic 3 tablespoon Turmeric powder 3/4 teaspoon Cumin powder 3 teaspoon Coriander powder 3 tablespoon Red chilly powder 1 tablespoon Yogurt 400ml Oil 300ml of oil Coriander chopped 3 pack chopped Mint chopped 3 pack chopped Chicken 4.5kg Green chilly 10 pcs step 3 soak 1.5kg cup rice for 1 hr step 4 boil water add 1 teaspoon cumin + 6 bay leave + a little ghee step 5 place chicken to wok evenly step 6 once rice is 70% cook put rice on wok evenly step 7 ADD fried onions + kewra water 3 Tablespoons + rose water 3 Tablespoons + ghee 4 Tablespoons step 8 cook it on high for first 4-5 minutes then reduce the flame to low for 30min then rest 10min
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    let me try and see if it works for me.... eh, works lei.. how cum yours cannot work ah? haha
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    Businessmen are just interested in making money. They are not concerned about innocent getting killed.
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    How much she wants u to send her??
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    in this thread i wil post pics and distance of BMW required of lunch. will only be able to update this on weekdays 13 Sep Walk 20 mins for this chop carrot melayu cai png KYM?
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    the real smart money would be buy ocbc shares in large quantity at sgd6.50/share and enjoy the 5%+ dy plus 100% capital gain.
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    After pushing cart my first meal of the day. the people around me are rather slow and slack. Guess the place?
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    moi see a giant long cigarette on the road...
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    yeah, and if the comment were as " your pants will be gone " it would be a sexist remark. whahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaa ! whatever happen to the kampung spirit bochap relak lah bro culture ??!!!
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    PMD should be banned. What LTA is doing is almost as good as banning PMD. I support that. Pedestrians walking on pavements should never be subject to the risk of being knocked down by a 20kg missile.
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    This one not auntie la. If she auntie I ah pek
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    skalli he see kkj underneath....
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    I kgb no take bus jalan jalan often la. U still no tell me where is the place. Don't tell me u go this place to eat and beo those aunties.those aunties not really up to your standard la.
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