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    are you werking as a part time house cleaner like a dkg? not nice to snipe your empployer like that.
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    depending on the political awareness of the travelers. if the traveler is more concerned with freedom for pgd sex, then he/she will probably not be concerned for what the protesters r asking for.
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    the only endowment plan i know r selected shares such as ocbc, thaibev and mapletree industrial trust on sgx. hope it is useful to u.
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    Mai noob leh This phenomenon nong time liao wahaha
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    @HarrisY Is this Vietbu Teacher on par with your MATHS teacher ?? https://www.instagram.com/thuyngan210
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    ZZ so kelian.... ok, i've decided to change camp to the protesting ginnas
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    Yes. I got one or two of these. Start small and build up as the years go by. For example, some allow you to start with $10k and pay for 4 yrs. Then start collecting after 5th yr. You pay $40k and you will get back at least 2.50% or more. Slightly better than the ordinary acct interest in the cpf @2.5%. Then you slowly build up. When you have saved some more, get another annuity, bearing in mind that it should be within yr means. By the time you are ready to retire, you can accumulate two or three plans, paying you at least $1k monthly. Bear in mind that once you commit a sum, the money is tied up and only available at a later stage of yr life. However some prefer to have ready cash. In that case put the sum in FD. You will get at this moment slightly below 2%.
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    tiongland national day even better. off for the whole week until double 10.
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    Buying stocks if blue chips is good , that is , if you know when to buy (low) and when to sell (high). Unfortunately, most of us are laymen, a bit knowegeable but vulnerable unless we are like @socrates469bc. We need to monitor and check prices and we need to know the prices are subject to fluctuations due to the world economy. Blue chip stocks are reliable but we need to have holding power when things take a change for the worse. If planning for retirement. for me I will buy annuity plans, less risky and gives you more peace of mind. Different insurance companies have different types of plans. But basically they offer interest of about 2.2% to 3.5% or even 4% depending on the amount and tenure of your amount you put in. The longer you have put in, the higher will be the returns. Let's say you at the age of 45 put in a sum of money say $100,000 into one of annuity plans available. They need at least 4-5 years for it to generate money in order to pay out. Many companies provide payout on the fifth year, a monthly sum of approximately $350 or more per month for life (the amount varies among the different companies but is round this figure). Let's say you wish to collect till 85 years old. You will have collected $(350 x12) x 37 years = $155,400. Then you surrender your policy. They will always quote you surrender values at 3.25% and at 4.50%. It is not the minimum or maximum value but an indicative sum depending on the economy. Some insurance agencies are more reliable and having paying out the higher value. So if you surrender at age 85, your surrender value is between $105000 - $108,000 (estimate). This is similar to one of the plans quoted for me. The overall interest earned will be higher if you withdraw at a later date. Breakeven for most of these plans is around 10 -12 years. Say you put your money in Fixed Deposits (FD). The interest earned normally is slight below 2%. And if you put $100,000 in FD for 41 years, your simple interest earned will be $82000 (higher with compound interest). Total amount may be around $200000 (approx with compound interest, not too sure as I dun have prog to calculate). I was also given another proposal whereby for a lump sum, you get higher payouts but it starts on the 5th year and ends on the 20th year. Say for $120000, you get $770 per month for 15 years. That means $770 x12x15 = $138,600. This is guaranteed. At the end of the 20th year you will get a lump sum of say $21000 to $65000 (again depending on the economy). So total is about $160000 to $203000. Putting in bank for 20 years, $120000 will get $120000 x 0.02 x 20 = $48000. Total sum is about $168000 (more with compound interest). So you have to decide whether the track record of the insurance company is good, whether they pay out as declared. All agents will always give you the higher expected returns to make it look good so you have to make a decision whether to trust that company. So ask around and do your checks before deciding. When you get to 65 years, your cpf payout will be around $1000 monthly , plan your annuity to get you $1000 monthly so you will have at $2k pocket money. Hope this helps. I was also looking at the many plans available.
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    Diam diam rah kgks mai suay cui rah Juz nao sit 5min kar jiak cai png kym
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    When bankers say banking sector in good health, better be careful. Sounds like 2008.
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    If you head, all of them sleepless nights. Very stressed 36hr is long, I misread as 15hr
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    its the robbers not smart like stanchart amdk robber. mata take 36hr to break the case means there is more than enough time for me to go gayland jiak durians and then go harbourfront center to take ferry to batam. for an island like sgp with surveillance cameras everywhere, the time to break such case shld be within 6hrs. if i m the mata head, i will ask why the public security monitoring center takes so long to track down the robbers.
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    unfortunately, the hk economy has reached a stage where most youngsters dont see a future for upward mobility that is why they protest.
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    Die lo someone better inform value dollar shop they are breaking the law
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    kgk xdd go report for reservist at mata logistic base today???
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    Why he never wear it on his head can cover his face and smell at the same time
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    the west wont waste money to sabo hk when lame cheng has alrdy self-imploded hk and by extension, the chinese core leadership for them. mad-rational Trump has been very sarcastic lately to Emperor Xi.
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    this guy, see ghost taslk ghost, see human talk human, see apple talk apple. i also boycotted all his films since years ago
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    Jin song Near my atb gf's place I will gpgt this place when I visit her after Aug 30 @socrates469bc
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    and this is after 13 yrs. if the deal doesnt make a 100% return including dividends, taka-masek ought to commit suicide. btw, i use dtac when in bkk.
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    After dis go home nap den find my Guillemard ATB wahaha song bo @absoluthell
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    Yes, most of them very scared to paiseh themselves in case any accident. Some didn’t even like it when I initially suck or rim their pgd Those who didn’t mind trying were mostly private uni/diploma students who were bored/lonely enough to try. Some see my cock size will get nervous but I just have to assure them I know what I’m doing.
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    this is better forum why dun stay here its like having two gf but choosing the ugly one to have sex with
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    Most atb I anal before never squirt but some left brown stain on my condom for me to suck mmm mmm
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    This will be chain effect... big four banks kena... Then china will sell gold and bond to save... Gold price will drop... IMF will save... song boh?!
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    maybe @ManOfTheHour' will like that brown stuff on top of the omelette....
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    what GST? if they serve me white bread and ask me to ownself toast, i flip back to their face... walk to beside provision shop and buy my own white bread to eat. why pay extra money to toast my own bread. kumgong right?
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    Chiur kgk frens acting as if they combi of Guo Fuchen + Liu Dehua + Bread Pig sia
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    i alrdy said last yr that us will be less impacted by than the tiongs but still have a kgk or 2 want to challenge my economic modeling. but i never expected the tiongs to be this badly impacted to the core of the PROC while the americans r only tickled on the skin.
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    i like the way how the edge exposed blumont in 2013. they really know how to dig for news.
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    meet to jiak chiu chow steam goose and lim chiu chow patriotic soup to celebrate 1-China
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