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    When i grow up i want to be like HarrisY...wahahahaha
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    Dis afternoon go hi class shop leelax After dat walk less den 1 min here to replenish lost proteins wahaha Pok zhop png kym? @kyloren @The_King Ani kgk guess where roughly the hi class shop wahaha @socrates469bc @absoluthell @Thor
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    Wahaha jin satki. Quite close. $5.50 Diam diam rah kgk I scared my tears fall into the tau huey haiz...
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    I dunno where but I’m happy u r moving on...give u a suka
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    If competition is good, then why taobao close all third party logistics company in their website? These people like jack ma and mark facebook all talk only... Selfish people who flip prata at every turn. Take their words with a pinch of salt... Sorry... Not even worth a pinch of salt...
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    kgk xdd, this is the first sign of gay tendency that u want to jiak mangalas' pgds. i suggest u better go find atb psychologist for counselling session.
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    So these people logic is... Work 12 hours a day... Dun marry.... And by 60 years old... Too old to fug... Got money but no life no family...
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    ah boi need to jiak more vege for better health. curry ayam 1.50 telur goreng - 0.70 tau hu - 1.00 babi goreng - 1.50 nasi - 0.50 $5.20 terima kasih
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    Jin emose haiz @socrates469bc @Thor @beautifuldays
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    Today jiak jippun ti mee cooked by ATK kor kor Jin gek sim rah haiz
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    no, wkday is work home sleep, wake up work home sleep. no life. once my loan is finish paying, i will live a simple life, wake up have 2 soft boiled egg, then ssrr my mini veggi farm, or do housework if needed then go out jalan jalan then be home around 5pm to make noodles from flour (cause cheaper 1kg flour is $1.80) then add sauce like seame paste, lard, some meat, home grow veggi then bath then youtube washing clothes, no need washing machine, that mean it free forever grow mini veggi farm will be from my food waste that mean it free now that life, a simple life, no work needed
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    Heart got empty space... jiak ho liao oso bo ho jiak haiz
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    I have met a boss who cant really talk... Those bosses the business is pass down from fathers... Mainly because most industry need to gather relationship to get sales,project, funds or licence.... Most of the time, these bosses can talk... but they dun have knowledge or vision.
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    10q dkgk kk for chiur kind words This wk I will visit new atb to try n forget my lonong 30 atb Hope dis werks Haiz
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    My atb gf no moar liao rah Other atbs not dat much feel Chiu whole life date chiur rite hand chiu wun understand huan rah chiur dis dkgk Haiz @socrates469bc @Thor @beautifuldays
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    i m looking at this kl development. http://www.stmaryresidences.com/home.php
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    Wai you eat so little. Harrisy one look like buffet
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    Follow CPO jiak cai peng today...wahahaha
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