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    What all these out of touch people don't realise is that 80% of Singapore households user plastic bags from grocery shopping to bag their rubbish. We are not like the Americans or those high ses mp who stay in landed property where they put their trash in a big trash bag and the garbage man comes to collect it. Those big trash bag cannot fit into the hdb rubbish chute. If they insist want to ban plastic bag, then be prepared for unbagged rubbish choking up the chutes.
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    Cooked this afternoon. Easy and nice to eat
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    Dual-wielding AMDL zehzeh be your white knight ish keyima?
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    Easy to prepare and under $10 for 3 -4 1. boil spaghetti ($1.80 - $2 per packet, feeds 4 - 5) 2. soak clams ($4.00) in salt water, rinse and wash after 10 min or so, repeat 3. cut button mushrooms ($2.95 from NTUC for 200g) 4. cut capsicum ($0.80) into small pieces 5. cut onions in thin slices and fry with garlic till fragrant 6. remove some onions and garlic and fry the washed clams till they start opening. Those that refuse to open, put aside and open carefully. Some may contain mud. 7. Fry the button mushrooms with the onions and garlic and add the capsicum. 8. You add a bit of rice wine and oyster sauce to the dish. 9. Fry the spaghetti in tomato puree and you are done. 10. Scoop the spaghetti into bowl, put the opened clams and the vegetables on them. Garnish with paprika powder or chiilli powder. Enjoy.
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    Hi, as long time edmwers know, I like drawing and have been doing chiobu art since I was eleven. This is an experimental thread to help encourage more views and participation, if you made your own chiobu art to showcase please feel free to share here too. If you like the drawings and would like to see more, please like and subscribe to the thread, many thanks. The Archer
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    https://www.facebook.com/ili19930831official/photos/a.387138664742356/1905305219592352/?type=3&theater 新年快樂 年假期間,務必吃到飽、睡到爽。 今日は旧暦の新年、あけましておめでとう。 休みの日は寝放題しよう、好きなだけ寝られるね。
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    So pigbunny decided to try out this promotion with his friend young piglet:0 The promotion only exist for dory fish. There are afew fishes to choose though such as dory, tilapia, seabass and salmon. Since we are there we didn’t bother with chilli and ketchup so we had these sauce instead. Comprises of tartar, curry, mustard and salted egg. Salted egg doesn’t taste so well amongst us but the curry taste just like the ones you’ve get from Indian stall was thinking of buying some roti prata to go with it The potato chips apparently have refills by their staff who walks around and gives you from a bowl. We didn’t had any refill as it was as salty as the game you had with Pinoys/indos/tiongs from mobile legend, onmyoji arena, LOL, HONs, DOTA and AOV The fish is sort of a saving grace. It’s tender and fresh to make up for the chips. price: 5.5/10 with the promotion you had to pay so much which is just another typical gimmick to cheat you of your feelings, money and body. Taste rating: 5.5/10 the taste is sort of an imbalance with salt and oil. The rest you can figure it out. thank you for viewing!
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    East to cook 1. clean (do not remove shell) and devein big prawns ($14 per kg) 2. add a bit salt and an egg. Then add a bit of corn flour and let the prawns soak in the mixture. 3. deep fry the prawns in oil. 4. In the pan, melt some butter about 30 g and fry about 4 stalk curry leaves and (chilli, optional). Fry till crispy 5. Add nestum cereals and abit sugar and fry them together with the leaves. 6. After cereals are crispy, add the prawns 7. Remove prawns from frying pan and serve
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    Yes, singaporeans lose out to FT who don't play by the rules. We get proper degrees instead of cheap ones from degree mills. We do things the proper way instead of lying and cheating to get rich. We have proper work ethics while others are bullshitting their way through and claiming credit for other's work. I'm not saying that non-Singaporeans are all bad, just that our own govt and companies value such scum like Yang Yin and SPU degree more than singaporeans.
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    @nachtsider Hello Nacho. We are not nasty people like the HWZ EDMWers, go out of their way to destroy your career and life. We definitely won’t call you out as Pinoy. We troll, but we also have self-control, unlike some egotistical people. So please give a thought about joining us full time. The door here is always open. Warmest regards, Commy’s Mummy
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    Thanks to forum members, we are able to continue ! yay ! more good things are coming . Stay tuned.
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    Missiles got big launch/radar signatures and can be intercepted inflight more easily especially subsonic cruise missiles. Gun based arty is way cheaper, easier to mass fire, capable of delivering simultaneous rounds on target and more applicable to tactical use compared to strategic weapons. While theoretically possible to intercept with say Iron dome, CIWS, the angle they come in and smaller projectile with no need to carry fuel means smaller window of interception. Also combat with near peer adversary would mean way different usage for both systems, arty used for support of the ground troops and counter battery while missiles are generally employed to hit "high value" targets. Anyway this is more of a program to upgrade existing capabilities. Ground based arty is one of the weakest areas in the US military due to high reliance on air supremacy and close air support. Many existing 155mm systems are already 52cal (barrel length = 52x155mm) longer barrels tend to give better accuracy, longer range. Its just to counter Russian doctrines that has historically always relied on firepower superiority.
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    sotong ($2), prawns ($7 @ $14 per kg), noodles ($1.35), bee hoon ($1.15), 2 eggs Feeds 4 with lots left over lots of prawns and sotong
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    The other half of the duck @$2.48 Seasoned with black soya sauce, light soya sauce, sesame oil and pepper and salt ..Honey Glazed Roast Duck Add a bit honey to the skin just before finishing enjoy!
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    Cook rice in a pot (3-4 persons) When rice is almost cooked, add mushroom sauce (campbell) Add slices of button mushroom and let them cook together. Take out cooked rice and put salmon pieces on top and bake or broil them, turning the fish over to ensure proper cooking. Add some mozerella cheese and bake again. Enjoy!!
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    Last day of the wk to feel rike a satki kia! Meeting my new atb fren later Stayed tuned for updates, my loyal kgk fans!
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    i don't think she needs the flowchart to explain why is she single.
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    Hi guys, after the recent changes to this forum it is impossible for lurkers to view anything here now, so post views have diminished to nearly nothing. In addition, I keep getting ads and ad redirects, it makes the forum not easy to use. As such I will be taking a break from edmw life, many thanks for the support and your kind words in the past few years. I may be back to visit from time to time, please take care.
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    Dont do it just becuase it once per year. Always save money. Dont save what is left after spending, spend what is left after saving
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    Yes, me another bbfa stay home until sian.
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    I will never understand how those fucking NK mods can allow Regina to be cyber bullied all these years while they are so quick to protect the slutty girls who get caught up with sex video leaks.
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    And tiagong they were laughing at us saying our forum going to toh by end of October. It's 1st November today.
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    All i hear are excuses. And the accusations are not wrong. The price for cleaning did increase, and NTUC did stipulate for some hawkers to stay open for a certain period of time. Only difference is that they have not applied this requirement to all the stalls yet. hawkers are entrepreneurs. they are not your employee. how come they still must justify to you when they want to take leave and close shop? do you pay them sick leave or paid leave? do you not continue to charge them rental even if they don't open the shop? why must they justify to you whether their reason to not open is valid or not?
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    I know my classmate sure got people qualify. All pro- social media. If you guys want please let me know. I can seduce some of my classmate to get things done. Want to gather people for "peaceful" protest also can! Poor Student at least can contribute something for you guys!
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    Strongly advise u all to download Telegram and get ur own username without revealing ur hp number (unlike WhatsApp) Then someone create a group to shift all those who still hope for edmw to return one day In case admin decides to shut down for real, u still got presence somewhere as a temporary refuge. Just like Matrix. Edmw has come so far and we all still managed to stay together somehow , shows we are resilient. We, means all of you. Admin is spent, exhausted so we gotta understand if he wishes to take a well deserved break and focus on his life . Maybe things get better on his end, and he returns in near future? I'm not returning to HWZ ever.....what say you?
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    NOT at most NTUC Fairprice Spotted at Fairprice Finest Tiong Bahru Plaza #B2-24 Also available at FairPrice Finest Yishun Wisteria mall Stocks has arrived at Fairprice Finest Parkway Parade **I checked Fairprice Finest Waterway Point and there is stock *Update: I received unofficial news that stock will arrive at all Fairprice Finest gradually, not normal outlets. Look out for a special post much later tonight or just check us out tomorrow morning. Thanks to friends of our page for shar
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    seems like you are trying to vanquish the unequal cost of living, , king, no need go to extremities lah. just economize on the necessary use of home appliances would be sufficient enough. keep it simple, don't recommend extremity.
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    2 straight guys arguing over whether gay is a sickness is also a form of sickness.
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    1. Fry onions till caramalised 2. Cut capsicum ($0.80 from previous dinner) and tomato 3. Fry button mushrooms ($2.95, from previous dinner) 4. Fry egg, sunny side up 5. Melt cheese on bread 6. Fry minced beef ($4) with pepper sauce 7, put all together! Enjoy without egg with egg on top
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    she say she coming to sg and need me to pay the custom passport fee for $2000, when i pay she say passport admin fee $1000 then another guy called and i need to pay boarding fee to sg $8000 So i borrowed from my family and then airport say cannot let her go because her ticket never pay tax so another $2000 gone when she here i pay another $4000 for her baggage fees. hope i get to meet her soon cross finger
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    u dont know i supported the hk's occupy central protest of 2014???? thats why beijing bo song with me. https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/article/1623015/beijing-mouthpiece-calls-pro-occupy-celebrities-be-banned-mainland
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