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  1. I took the chance to switch hosting. Thus keeping the running costs lower.. However theres hardly any light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. U never know whats inside
  3. In a more serious point, Arma is really really good when it comes to mil simulators. Battlefield and cod series dont even come close
  4. Kira

    Potential Lobang

    Nope. Not good with r or node
  5. For those who like to have a subscription package. You can click here https://www.edmw.life/index.php?/subscriptions/
  6. Thanks to all who have help out. And this site doesnt cost 2k per mth to run as what the FL had said.
  7. We r not interested on whats going on the other side.
  8. @absoluthellignoring @Thor
  9. So u are trying to say. I allow nsfw stuffs to be posted here and put adult ads. Which in turn who the fuck will surf this site at work ? Or when there are friends around? If ladies see all these, would they want to sign up and join the community? Food for thought.
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