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  1. ジバニャン

    [GVGT] ah neh use tongue play with crab... ending sibei funny..

    i thought the thunder thing applies to tortoise.
  2. there is no such thing as IT glitch. it's always human error. whether human using the system or human who programmed the system.
  3. ジバニャン

    Hong Kong new high speed rail station

    HSR means shinkansen? So this is a first for HK?
  4. ジバニャン

    still remember these clubs?

    actually go disco is for what?
  5. ジバニャン

    [Review] Authentic Mun Chee Kee King of Pig's Organ Soup

    since the ban of pig blood, all these zhu zha tang, yong tau foo like missing something not complete.
  6. ジバニャン

    carousell lost us$30m in 2017, made only us$1.7m

    How does carousell earns?
  7. ジバニャン

    Anthony Wong has been banned?

    Did 古惑仔 pay you well?
  8. How they get evidence since only AT and officer around?
  9. ジバニャン

    Free entry to Sentosa during September school holidays

    so normally if u take 123, there is an entrance fee on top of bus fare?
  10. ジバニャン

    Free entry to Sentosa during September school holidays

    bus 123 is free?
  11. ジバニャン

    Official: Johor committed to providing free bus service

    it says launched in 2014? nvr see it in b4 in jb.
  12. ジバニャン

    StreetFighter gangbang

    why street fighters got hit but no damage?
  13. ジバニャン

    Who is the ghost?

    This kind of question is like those analyze who is telling the truth and who is lying. From there narrow down to the final character.
  14. ジバニャン

    SingPost hit by $16.7m loss from e-commerce business

    singpost has ecommerce?