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  1. ジバニャン


    remember recently also read a case of japanese caught for outrage of modesty. same case?
  2. ジバニャン

    those into cashless, better know this

    i thought ever read before if wrongly transferred, the recipient need to return the amount?
  3. ジバニャン

    Bicycle-sharing firm Mobike raises bike rental prices

    last time easy to find bikes, now so hard to find one. even if there is, half of them are not working.
  4. ジバニャン

    Those Android TV Box

    a lot of info to digest.
  5. ジバニャン

    Those Android TV Box

    yup. but basically i wanna watch real time japanese tv. i am trying one of those provider where you just need to install the app in Mac/Windows/Android TV/iOS/Android and you can stream. want to see if those Android TV box in the market comes default with Japanese TV channels. and if yes, will it be cheaper cause the app that I am trying cost about $200 USD per year depending on number of channels.
  6. ジバニャン

    Those Android TV Box

    what do you mean?
  7. ジバニャン

    Those Android TV Box

    Can watch Japanese TV channels?
  8. ジバニャン

    Where to give away bible?

    last time people give, schools also give. feel like dumping into rubbish bin but scare strike by lightning.
  9. ジバニャン

    Thai worker, 49, dies after 14m fall at Tuas construction site

    we still have thai construction worker?
  10. ジバニャン

    Any Bank of China customers here?

    Anyone knows what is the music they used when they put you on hold when transferring call to a CSO?
  11. ジバニャン

    Where to give away bible?

    Any Christains here can advise?
  12. ジバニャン

    [GVGT] ah neh use tongue play with crab... ending sibei funny..

    i thought the thunder thing applies to tortoise.
  13. there is no such thing as IT glitch. it's always human error. whether human using the system or human who programmed the system.
  14. ジバニャン

    Hong Kong new high speed rail station

    HSR means shinkansen? So this is a first for HK?