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  1. ジバニャン

    WHAT THE HOLY FUCK!!!!!! Arnold Schwarzenegger

    thought he is going to act in new terminator movie?
  2. ジバニャン

    This is eye power

    Surprised she looks ok
  3. ジバニャン

    Thailand cave rescue to be turned into Hollywood movie

    so they gonna get real thais to play the thais?
  4. ジバニャン

    Man who had sex with 15-year-old girl sentenced to 5 years’ jail

    the picture shows he look old for a 33. is it ppc to much will drop hair?
  5. ジバニャン

    Now jumbo seafood like no business one ah

    last time i went ecp one. the auntie ushering customers damn rude.
  6. ジバニャン

    Louisa Mak is not affected by wardrobe malfunction

    her acting sucks but she's very smart, grad from cambridge.
  7. ジバニャン

    No more dark mode?

    thank you ah min. just nice can use with my Mojave.
  8. ジバニャン

    No more dark mode?

    Miss the dark mode in the old forum.
  9. Is obike originated from SG?
  10. Last time i ganna ping pong show scam also. From then on, I never follow touts.
  11. ジバニャン

    Premium Rate Services

    Chao ji bye...
  12. ジバニャン

    17 arrested in police raids on massage parlours, public entertainment outlets

    Legally nothing wrong but read b4 police will call your family to bring you home. Not sure how true nor rationale behind it.
  13. ジバニャン

    17 arrested in police raids on massage parlours, public entertainment outlets

    customers safe?
  14. ジバニャン

    Premium Rate Services

    I got the following SMS in my phone U've been charged for thelogicalbase at S$10.70 w/GST. Play @ http://sg.thelogicstation.com/?r=6512345678 Valid 7 days from today. To Opt Out send 'stop LBSG' to 79900. Help 63387005 Means I ganna charged already? Didn’t even sign up for it.
  15. good loh, stay inside no need worry about FT stealing jobs.