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  1. ジバニャン

    Excellent old-school YONG TAU FOO in Singapore!

    prefer ampang yong tau foo
  2. ジバニャン

    Exploring Singapore’s only video game museum | CNA Lifestyle

    dun forget the photo studio game
  3. ジバニャン

    The Otters of Singapore | Cities: Nature's New Wild | BBC Earth

    where can watch full episode?
  4. it was good while it lasted
  5. where is this place. looks very much like those HDB heartland town center.
  6. custom jam? went few months back on a thursday, the crowd at custom not much different from weekends.
  7. ジバニャン

    Despite app ban, business as usual at TV box shops in Sim Lim Square

    so means the service no guarantee can watch long time. what's the resolution anyway? are there frame drops due to connection?
  8. ジバニャン

    Despite app ban, business as usual at TV box shops in Sim Lim Square

    anyone using these can advise? am considering subscribing to those app-based plan to watch japan tv but is monthly fee. the quality is good though. how good are these android tv boxes? will their service shutdown abruptly?
  9. ジバニャン

    New Seletar Airport passenger terminal opens doors to passengers

    what about the old one?
  10. ジバニャン

    Singaporeans can now pay with Nets in JB

    is sutera mall interesting? only been to ksl and city sq.
  11. ジバニャン

    black friday sales 2018

    any forwarder to recommend for shipping from US? used to use borderlinx but they have stopped.
  12. ジバニャン


    remember recently also read a case of japanese caught for outrage of modesty. same case?
  13. ジバニャン

    those into cashless, better know this

    i thought ever read before if wrongly transferred, the recipient need to return the amount?
  14. ジバニャン

    Bicycle-sharing firm Mobike raises bike rental prices

    last time easy to find bikes, now so hard to find one. even if there is, half of them are not working.