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  1. nonewsgood

    This van driver, new way to overtake

    What if the van topple?
  2. Next time will have 49% alcohol Rum and Raisin icecream
  3. Looks like gone case liao.
  4. Spin until like that. Real pigs got such long eye lashes? Real pigs can smile?
  5. Where's the video?
  6. nonewsgood

    NUS research fellow who cheated Uni jailed

    Import FT to con us. Sinkies are very good at doing that.
  7. nonewsgood

    What a violent washing machine

  8. nonewsgood

    What a violent washing machine

    The shock absorber is spoilt. My washing machine got the same problem (but not as serious as the video). The repairman came and replaced the shock absorbers and the problem was solved.
  9. nonewsgood

    kgk waited one hr for golden mile claypot still kena rude

    Learn some new words - 合家富贵
  10. nonewsgood

    twmm divorce sinkie hubby, so sad

  11. For donkey years nothing of this sort happened. Why the 2 recently?
  12. nonewsgood

    SG Badminton Hero: Loh Kean Yew

    At least he is not a China import .
  13. Cannot come here. Later Matland suddenly declare everywhere no fly zone.
  14. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
  15. Huawei is a spy agency disguised as a tech company.