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  1. nonewsgood

    siao lang with knife shot dead at yau ma tei

    The guy who got chopped is unlucky yet lucky. Unlucky he was chopped. Lucky the police shot the siao lang in time.
  2. nonewsgood


    Build that wall!
  3. nonewsgood

    Louis Koo new sci-fi movie

    Looks promising.
  4. nonewsgood

    grab driver take lee yipeng beedio now lim kopi

    I am curious what the police is going to charge the video taker. As far as I know, taking video is not a criminal offence.
  5. Banana need packaging meh?
  6. Women's prison video must been more exciting. Too bad, Serina Wee already out of prison.
  7. nonewsgood

    Registers of electors ready for public inspection from Feb 26

    Election is this year. 2019. Confirm and chop.
  8. Mediacorp stingy like fuck. Everything also want to cut costs. How to make good programme like that. Let them go bankrupt.
  9. nonewsgood

    MRT train evacuated after phone emits smoke

    Huawei is a spy agency disguised as an IT company. The phone must be secretly recording and transmitting the conversation until overheated.
  10. nonewsgood

    Teen builds working nuclear fusion reactor in Memphis home

    What if chibaboom?
  11. nonewsgood

    Is it safe to drink tap water in Singapore?

    I have been drinking tap water for years.
  12. nonewsgood

    Wear until like this, might as well dont wear

    I respect her. She came out and apologised even though I think she did nothing wrong. Those who complain must be women!