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  1. LupCheong

    Updates on

  2. LupCheong

    Updates on

    who has the biggest kkj?
  3. LupCheong

    Updates on

    I can let everyone know and preview, and those who choose to register later, how do i know i won't be banned for 'promoting' another site. Hint, you got the name right in one of your posting to the club.
  4. LupCheong

    Thank you Amy Khor

    Salad mai hiam. Should cost $2.50 with drink too like Baey nasi padang.
  5. LupCheong

    Thank you Amy Khor

    Her extra fingers remind moi of...
  6. LupCheong

    BREAKING: Had 1st cai png meal in AMDK land

    In before sucking AMDL pgd
  7. LupCheong

    Updates on

    There are accient forum in singapore still operating. You will be suprised how much money was poured in since this site with ads was created just mere 4 months ago and annouced to be closed down because need even more money? @The_King do you agree frugal is the way to be surviable and substainable?
  8. LupCheong

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    How about $0.69 or $0.96 for yearly subscription? Let me tell you all the evolution of forums, last time know as bbs or bulletin board system, before the internet, people are setting it up from home by dailing in using slow telephone line modem on CRT monochrome monitors. Other than chat, they share illegal software and porn. Nothing new.
  9. LupCheong

    Updates on

    I wouldn't know. All of you can ask for the breakdown, I never have that figured out, even with dedicated servers and commercial software subscription. Maybe my advantage is I can fully manage and customized myself, as I am a professional kok leong at that level, therefore no cost at that. The cost of cai png is my hosting for 1 whole year for the development host, and no need for ads and is sustainable. Not cheap is slow, there are less than active 30 users, thus performance will be adjusted accordingly.
  10. LupCheong

    Air taxis to be tested in Singapore skies mid-2019

    Supporked by the ministry, hope one or two of the ministers sit on it and suddenly do SMRT fault and cum crashing down and kill them.
  11. LupCheong

    Thank you Amy Khor

    I wonder does she use her extra fingers to masterbate extra song?
  12. LupCheong

    Updates on

    Mee siam mai hiam la, that how cheap I can go.
  13. LupCheong

    Updates on

    Almost there, soon will be limited release for heavy weight users to load test the basic feature, customize will cum later. I'm cheap.
  14. LupCheong

    I got legit tiagong rumour.....

    No need tiagong, GPGT, nobody talk about the $69 donated when bugger and natnai still around, can only remember the $0.96 donation. Of all the monies pour in, what have been achieved?
  15. LupCheong

    incum opportunity: shoo birds

    Maybe orh orh one alway free at cafe instead of working.