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  1. LupCheong

    Meet the fashionable MP for Potong Pasir

  2. LupCheong

    [GVGT] ah neh use tongue play with crab... ending sibei funny..

    The tongue is far more responsible to be bitten than the crab. #IndianLogic #IncrediableIndia
  3. Clown Chun Sing and his Tripartite wayang gang. Ownself approve ownself. The only other famous Tripatite pact was when Nazi Gemany, Japan and Italy signed in WWII.
  4. Born in malaysia name khaw are all useless cb.
  5. So when's Lee Hsien Loong and her husband turn? Why najib be silenced forever?
  6. LupCheong

    Now PAP got new Snake Oil. U buying?

    No wonder this PAP MP fashion sense look like shite.
  7. LupCheong

    Recreating "Sorrowful Rice"

    Cool, but got license or not? I personally made a travel in hongkong of the movie inspiration location and food in 2016 for the movie 20 years anniversary. Not all were visited or done, here are what it was about. The movie very representive of hong kong. Temple Street, kowloon. Rooftop bar. Hongkong do have school where the girls wear sailor school uniform, I saw dark blue and very long skirt around hongkong island. Think their cheongsum school uniform more unique. Beef/pork inards stalls. Exploding mantis shrimp beefball Hong Kong Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery Tai Pak, Jumbo Kingdom flooding resturant.
  8. LupCheong

    NUS student arrested for outrage of modesty on train

    Seriously, dwarf height, not pretty face, body like kid. The boi boi thought he molesting someone long hair with kkj?
  9. LupCheong

    NUS student arrested for outrage of modesty on train

    Boi boi must be desperate, to molest that type of aunty.
  10. LupCheong

    Massive blackout in many parts of singapore

    Truth ish will not be the last, if they can claim once every 30 years, like once 50 years flash flooding.
  11. Source from the other side.
  12. No security guards surrounding him to be seen while filmed by an unknown foreigner. No ads video because paid. Next NOC bikini babe interview Lee Hsien Loong exclusive.