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  1. East-West Line delay caused by switch mechanism problem: Janil Puthucheary SINGAPORE - Delays over seven hours on the East-West Line (EWL) on Wednesday (Sept 19) were caused by a switch mechanism problem, said Senior Minister of State for Transport Janil Puthucheary. Thousands of MRT commuters faced delays of up to 40 minutes during the rush hour on Wednesday morning, the second disruption on the line in two days. "We could have taken a decision to stop service and allow us to just simply concentrate on repairing the problem but that would have been a very big impact on the commuter experience," he told reporters on the sidelines of the launch of the SG Mobility Gallery on Wednesday. "So the decision we took now allows trains to pass, but it's slowing down the commute. So it's slowing, rather than stopping," added Dr Janil. "We thought on balance, that was better for the commuters but it does mean that it's going to take a little bit of time to ascertain exactly what the problem is with the switch mechanism." Dr Janil was speaking to reporters before SMRT tweeted about the rectification of the train fault at 1.35pm.
  2. Train service stopped for 30 minutes on Wednesday morning, resumed at reduced speed afterwards as a precaution: SMRT Train service on the East-West Line was stopped for about 30 minutes between Jurong East and Clementi MRT stations on Wednesday morning (Sept 19) after a track fault was detected, said rail operator SMRT. In a statement on Wednesday evening, SMRT said that the service was stopped to allow staff to go onto the track to check a faulty point machine, which is used to control train movements at rail junctions when trains move from one track to another. After train services resumed at about 7.40am, trains travelled at a reduced speed as a precautionary measure when passing the track point. SMRT said it wanted to keep train service moving during the morning peak period and fix the fault afterwards. PHOTO: SMRT
  3. Mr Bernard Esselinckx, Senoko Energy's president and chief executive officer, said that the firm was working closely with EMA and the company’s equipment supplier to review the incident. “We are relieved that we managed to support the restoration of electricity promptly within 38 minutes with our other units... We are fully committed to working together with EMA to ensure the security and reliability of the power system in Singapore,” he said. Experts ST spoke to said that a number of reasons could be behind the power trips, but added that the situation could have been much worse. Professor Choo Fook Hoong, co-director of the Nanyang Technological University’s Energy Research Institute, said; “Overloading could be possible, but this is less likely given it was the middle of the night... It is difficult to say for now, but faulty equipment or supply problems are two possible causes,” he added. Mr Teo Chor Kok, a fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Singapore, added that supply, mechanical and overheating issues could have caused the trips. “The trips protect the generator when such issues arise. While they cannot be completely avoided, they can be mitigated by regular checks and maintenance,” he said. Mr Teo, who has 38 years of experience in electrical engineering, thought that Tuesday’s outage was handled well. “It could have potentially led to the collapse of the entire system, had it not been for safeguards put in place by the power system operator to keep the situation contained,” he said. As Singapore’s power system operator, EMA is responsible for the reliable supply of electricity to consumers. There are seven companies which generate power and feed it to the national grid. While SP manages the grid, it does not own these companies. The seven power generation companies are: PacificLight Power, Tuas Power Generation, Senoko Energy, YTL PowerSeraya, Tuaspring, Keppel Merlimau Cogen and Sembcorp Cogen.
  4. Tuesday blackout caused by Sembcorp, Senoko power-generating units tripping: EMA SINGAPORE - The extensive blackout on Tuesday (Sept 18) that affected close to 147,000 customers was caused by the power-generating units of Sembcorp Cogen and Senoko Energy tripping. The Energy Market Authority (EMA) said in a statement on Wednesday afternoon that it was working with the two power generation companies and their equipment suppliers to establish why the units tripped. EMA said preliminary findings showed that one of the power-generating units at Sembcorp had tripped first. A Sembcorp spokesman told The Straits Times that the power generating unit that tripped and experienced an outage was on Jurong Island. “We have called in technical specialists from our equipment suppliers and are working with them to investigate the cause of the trip,” the spokesman said, adding that the firm was keeping EMA updated. The authority said that the stability of the power system requires the electricity supply to constantly meet electricity demand. "When a power-generating unit trips, the other units in operation will increase their electricity supply automatically," EMA explained. Later, one of the power-generating units owned by Senoko also tripped while it was ramping up additional supply. The tripping of both power-generating units resulted in insufficient electricity supply to meet demand. Protection devices in the power system automatically disconnected electricity to about 146,500 consumers to "rebalance the system", the authority said. In order to restore electricity supply, EMA instructed other standby power-generating units to provide additional electricity supply. These included unaffected units from Senoko and YTL PowerSeraya. "The restoration of electricity supply was done in a controlled manner to ensure the electricity system remained stable. As electricity generation increased, supply to consumers was progressively restored over 38 minutes," it added. Tuesday's power disruption happened at 1.18am and electricity supply was restored at 1.56am. SP said that 19 areas in Singapore were affected: Boon Lay, Choa Chu Kang, Clementi, Jurong, Pandan Loop, Aljunied, Geylang, Tanjong Rhu, Mountbatten, Kembangan, Bedok, East Coast, Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Thomson, Mandai, Admiralty, Sembawang and Woodlands.
  5. http://theindependent.sg/nas-daily-says-singaporeans-are-crybabies-after-being-criticised-for-calling-singapore-an-almost-perfect-country/
  6. Cabinet decides to lower voting age from 21 to 18 PUTRAJAYA: The Cabinet has decided to lower the voting age from 21 to 18. The decision was made at its weekly meeting on Wednesday (Sept 19), and work on amending the Federal Constitution will begin soon, said Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman. "One of the things to be done is to work closely with the youth wings of Opposition parties as a two-thirds majority is needed for laws to be amended," he told reporters. "By the next general election, 18-year-olds can cast their votes, that is for certain," he added. Syed Saddiq was confident about getting cooperation from political parties, saying that he already had initiated informal discussion with several youth leaders. "I can say that they too are keen on this issue," he said. Eighteen is the legal age of adulthood in Malaysian law, and is considered an age to take full responsibility of one's actions, such as being eligible for a driving test, marriage or to sign contracts. The voting age for the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Iran, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia has been lowered to 18. Malaysia and Singapore still retain the voting age at 21. Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/19/cabinet-decides-to-lower-voting-age-from-21-to-18/#u7uy7Z63LtFXqdk6.99
  7. SIA plane with 284 on board hits aerobridge at Changi Airport 19 Sep 2018 04:31PM (Updated: 19 Sep 2018 05:25PM) SINGAPORE: A Singapore Airlines (SIA) plane carrying 272 passengers and 12 crew struck an aerobridge at Changi Airport on Tuesday (Sep 18). Singapore Airlines flight SQ178 was scheduled to depart Singapore for Ho Chi Minh City at 9.45am. Advertisement The flight was delayed after the forward fuselage of the Airbus A330-300 struck the rear aerobridge during pushback at Changi Airport, an SIA spokesperson told Channel NewsAsia. “All passengers and crew disembarked normally via the forward aerobridge. Arrangements were made for passengers to be accommodated on another aircraft to Ho Chi Minh City," the spokesperson said. The damage to the aircraft is currently being assessed and investigations will be carried out to determine how the incident occurred, the spokesperson added. As a result of the delay, the flight departed Singapore at 12pm and arrived in Ho Chi Minh City at about 12.45pm time – an hour and 55 minutes behind schedule. Advertisement In a statement on Wednesday, Changi Airport Group (CAG) said that the aerobridge was slightly damaged in the incident, but has since been repaired. It also said that ground personnel provided assistance to the affected passengers. "CAG will work with the relevant parties on the investigations," it added. Tuesday’s incident was the latest in a string of woes for Singapore’s national carrier. Earlier this month, passengers on an SIA flight were stranded at Mumbai airport for more than eight hours after a bomb threat was made. A week later on Sep 15, flight SQ247 from Melbourne to Wellington was cancelled after the pilot failed an alcohol test. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/sia-plane-hits-aerobridge-changi-284-on-board-ho-chi-minh-10736416
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    Train problem thread

    30-min delay on East-West Line due to track point fault at Clementi Train operator SMRT tweeted at about 7am that there will be a 30-minute delay on the East-West Line between Jurong East and Clementi due to a track point fault at Clementi. It added that free regular bus service is available between Jurong East and Queenstown.
  9. https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2018/09/18/new-nmp-douglas-foo-once-said-sporeans-dont-want-to-work-as-dishwashers-in-his-company-even-at-3k/ New NMP Douglas Foo once said S’poreans don’t want to work as dishwashers in his company even at $3k ST reported today (18 Sep) that 9 new NMPs have been selected to enter Parliament. They are: Labour unionist Arasu Duraisamy Sakae Holdings chairman Douglas Foo Peow Yong Executive director of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Ho Wee San Communication and technology professor Lim Sun Sun Founder of inter-religious non-profit group Roses of Peace Abbas Ali Mohamed Irshad Corporate social responsibility consultant Anthea Ong Lay Theng President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore Irene Quay Siew Ching Labour economist and associate professor Walter Edgar Theseira Paralympian swimmer Yip Pin Xiu All the present NMPs, whose terms end on Friday (21 Sep), have stepped down. The 9 new NMPs are said to have "met all the constitutional criteria and requirements". Leader of the House Grace Fu said in the statement that these 9 NMPs come with good credentials in their respective fields, and have keen interest in a broad range of issues. One of the new NMPs, Sakae Holdings chairman Douglas Foo, told ST that he was excited to take on the new role at such an interesting time in Singapore’s economy. “I hope to use this platform to reach out to businesses and spread the message about how important it is for them to take a hard look at their business models and use digital technology to innovate and prepare themselves for the future economy,” he said. Sakae Holdings chairman Douglas Foo no stranger to controversy Mr Foo is no stranger to controversy. In a media interview a few years ago in Sep 2012, He said that despite offering $3,000 salary for dishwashing at Sakae Sushi, no Singaporeans wanted to take on the job ('$3,000 salary on offer but still no takers for dishwashing jobs', 13 Sep 2012). And those who took up dishwashing quit soon after they discovered how tough it could be, he said. He told the media that his restaurant chain's advertisement on social-networking site Facebook for dishwashers, with the pay highlighted, was not a marketing gimmick. He also disclosed that his dishwashers' wage was what Sakae Sushi paid their managers and supervisors too. "Yes, the salary is high but look, it's a tough job. You stand on your feet, work weekends and it's dirty and wet," he noted. Mr Foo said he is looking for Singaporeans and permanent residents. "If we can hire a local guy, why not? I'd rather we do this than rely on a foreigner." ST reported that at $3,000 a month, dishwashers at Sakae Sushi earned about three times what their counterparts elsewhere could get. Even then NTUC deputy secretary-general Ong Ye Kung asked on his Facebook page, "I am surprised at $3,000 there are no takers." He added that its Employment and Employability Institute is contacting Mr Foo's company to help them. Company "clarifies" with regard to $3k salary figure When the news came out that Mr Foo was offering $3k for dishwashers, some 300 enquiries and applications poured in. ST followed up with a report the next day ('$3k a month to wash dishes? They want the job',14 Sep 2012) reporting about it. "They (applicants) came after the restaurant chain made headlines for saying it could not get workers at that ($3k) salary, which is more than twice what an average dishwasher earns," ST reported. Then, Mr Foo's company, Sakae Sushi, came out to clarify that the position also includes other cleaning responsibilities, not just dishwashing only. "(It) is very physically demanding," the company said on its Facebook page. Sakae Holdings Brand and communications manager Gregg Lewis further clarified that the dishwashers need to work 12 hours a day, six days a week - from 10.30am to 10.30pm. This differed slightly from the nine hours a day that Mr Foo had told the media earlier. "What Douglas (Foo) mentioned previously (9 hours a day) was based on one of the scenarios tested that was found not to be feasible due to crowd volume," Mr Lewis said trying to cover for Mr Foo. Then netizens discussed online wondering if Mr Foo's company had flouted the Employment Act by forcing workers to work for more than 44-hour per week, since working 12 hours a day for 6 days would mean a 72-hour work week. Mr Foo then further clarified that the $3k package indeed included overtime pay for the extra hours and as such, it did not contravene the Act. Netizens call for boycott of Sakae Sushi Many netizens at the time, felt Mr Foo was not sincere when he talked about offering dishwashers the $3k salary. Many called for a boycott of his restaurant chain. A hardwarezone forumer said of Mr Foo at the time: "What the boss of this restaurant did is so shameful. He went to say there are no Singaporean takers for a $3000 a month dishwasher job wiping dirt off dishes before putting it into the dishwasher. This gave the impression that lowly skilled Singaporeans are fussy workers demanding too much pay... It turned out this is a 72 hours 6 days a week job. Given 44 hours a week is the MOM legal work week, it means the worker is suppose to perform a whopping 28 hours of OT with one day of rest per week. This is $10 per hour wage lower than the lowest minimum wage in Australia, USA, etc. It is hardship money. Even if I have money I’ll never eat at this SAKAE SUSHI." Now that Mr Foo is an NMP, do you think he would help push for implementing a minimum wage policy for Singaporeans?
  10. I though because people were poor and hungry
  11. SpaceX names Japanese billionaire as first private passenger Elon Musk says Yusaku Maezawa will be sent around the moon as early as 2023 Elon Musk’s SpaceX has named Yusaku Maezawa, the Japanese billionaire behind the apparel self-measurement system Zozosuit, as the first private passenger it will send on a flight around the Moon. Mr Musk set a tentative goal of 2023 for lift off. Mr Maezawa said he had purchased all the available seats on the flight and wanted to bring up to eight artists with him on the round trip, which an official website says will take more than five days from launch to landing. “I did not want to have such a fantastic experience by myself”, Mr Maezawa, a renowned art collector, said at the unveiling ceremony, also attended by Mr Musk. “That would be a little lonely.” SpaceX celebrated the first successful launch of a rocket capable of reaching the moon in February, when the company’s Falcon Heavy rocket managed to shoot a Tesla Roadster into space without issue. The company describes the Big Falcon rocket, which is slated to ferry Mr Maezawa to the far side of the moon and back, as a “next-generation reusable launch vehicle” that is “designed for transportation of people and cargo to the Moon, Mars and beyond”. https://www.ft.com/content/e65ac00a-bae5-11e8-94b2-17176fbf93f5
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    Sakae Sushi boss to be NMP !!

    9 nominated to be NMPs, including paralympian and Sakae Holdings chairman Paralympian swimmer Ms Yip Pin Xiu and Sakae Holdings executive chairman Mr Foo Peow Yong Douglas are among the nine individuals who have been nominated to be appointed as Nominated Members of Parliament (NMPs). If approved, President Halimah Yacob will officially appoint the nominees to their new post at the Istana on Sept 26. NMPs can participate in debates in Parliament and vote on all issues except amendments to the Constitution, motions relating to public funds, votes of no confidence in the Government, and removing the President from office. Besides Sakae’s Mr Foo and gold medallist Ms Yip – who won Singapore’s first gold medal in the 50m backstroke a decade ago at the Beijing Paralympic Games in a world record time, before getting a better record at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games – the seven nominees for the NMP posts are: Mr Arasu Duraisamy – Singapore Port Workers Union general secretary and elected member of the labour movement’s Central Committee. Mr Ho Wee San – The Singapore Chinese Orchestra’s managing director Professor Lim Sun Sun – Singapore University of Technology and Design’s Head of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, and Media Literacy Council member. Mr Abbas Ali Mohamed Irshad – Founder and director of non-profit Roses of Peace (ROP) that aims to promote inter-faith understanding and dialogue. Ms Ong Lay Theng Anthea – Social entrepreneur and founder/CEO of corporate social responsibility consultancy, Anagami. Ms Quay Siew Ching Irene – Certified pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore president and assistant director in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital’s Allied Health Office. Associate Professor Walter Edgar Theseira – Transport economist at the Singapore University of Social Sciences and Ministry of Social and Family Development’s research advisory panel member. NMPs are appointed for a term of two and a half years on the recommendation of a Special Select Committee chaired by the Speaker of Parliament – presently ruling party MP Tan Chuan Jin. The Committee may nominate persons who have rendered distinguished public service or who have brought honour to Singapore. In the past, the committee has invited proposals of candidates from community groups in the fields of arts and letters, culture, the sciences, business, industry, the professions, social or community service, and the labour movement. In 2009, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong proposed in Parliament that the Committee should also invite nominations from the civil society such as grassroots leaders, young activists, and even new citizens so that NMPs can reflect as wide a range of independent and nonpartisan views as possible. The NMP scheme, however, has been criticized on the grounds that it is undemocratic, and that unelected NMPs have no incentive to express the electorate’s views in Parliament.
  13. https://www.zaobao.com/znews/singapore/story20180917-891903 居民疑为省电费“偷电” 磁铁吸转盘让电表慢“跑”
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    WTF train station so much people

    schools closed for another day https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health-environment/article/2164571/hong-kong-schools-stay-closed-another-day-due too many fallen trees. cannot clear finish one