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  1. MINDEF’s “Strict Criteria: Singer Allowed Deferment to Take Part in China Singing Contest http://redwiretimes.com/cow-beh-cow-bu/mindefs-strict-criteria-singer-allowed-deferment-to-take-part-in-china-singing-contest/ RONALD LEE: How strict exactly is MINDEF’s stance on deferment, such that budding local football talent Ben Davis mustn’t be allowed to defer his national service despite being given a contract with an English Premier League club? Very strict, apparently – a singer can get his NS deferred to join a China reality TV singing contest. Not to take anything away from Jeremy Teng because he certainly is quite a talent. Teng beat contestants from countries like the US, Philippines, Argentina and Poland to win the Nojiman The World singing contest back in 2014. The then-20-year-old was the first Singaporean on the show, and the first Asian to win the contest since it was open to foreigners in 2011. But to grant him a deferment to take part in The Voice of China, which again, is a China reality TV singing contest? Teng was originally scheduled to enlist in August 2014. His deferment request was initially rejected, but MINDEF subsequently allowed Teng to delay his enlistment after he wrote letters to Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen and then-Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin seeking their help. Teng failed the blind audition in the first round and returned to Singapore to serve his NS. To put things in perspective – national long jumper Matthew Goh, who broke the national record of 7.62m in the 2009 SEA games, was denied a 3-month deferment to represent Singapore in the Asian Junior Championships and World Junior Championships. Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) student Samuel Tan Chee Hong was close to finishing the first year of his studies when he was called to enlist. He applied for a 3-month deferment to complete just that first year, but his appeal was rejected. And now we have Ben Davis, who could squander his chance at playing for a club in one of the top football leagues in the world because his deferment request has been rejected. Strict criteria for deferment? Perhaps. But consistent application of this criteria? Not so.
  2. https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2018/07/18/pa-says-the-officer-who-submitted-dubious-receipts-for-reimbursement-claims-has-quit-last-year/ PA says the officer who submitted dubious receipts for reimbursement claims has quit last year It was earlier reported that the Auditor-General Office (AGO) has questioned the People Association (PA) over 4 quotations whose contract value totaled $129,400 for the Chingay Parade 2017 event last year. Apparently, PA needed to procure costumes and accessories for the Chingay Parade 2017 event and sent an officer overseas to purchase them. But PA also posted Invitations to Quote for costumes and accessories in the government procurement system, GeBIZ, while concurrently obtaining quotations outside of GeBIZ from the overseas vendors not registered under GeBIZ. PA subsequently posted "no award" notices in GeBIZ as it had awarded the contracts to the overseas vendors outside of GeBIZ instead. This was not allowed under the Government procurement procedures. The officer then went overseas to make purchases amounting to S$142,200 and paid for them in cash or through a remittance agent. This officer subsequently claimed reimbursements using cash sales receipts and AGO found that some of these receipts submitted by the officer had tell-tale signs, which cast doubts on their authenticity. "There were also tell-tale signs on some supporting documents submitted for reimbursement claims (by the officer) which indicated that they might not be authentic," AGO said. "Thus, there was no assurance that the amount of reimbursement claimed by the officer was the actual amount of cash that was paid by the officer to the overseas vendors," AGO added, alluding to possible fraud. And to add to the intrigue, although the officer was accompanied by at least one other staff during the sourcing and purchasing trips, AGO found that he had made two additional personal overseas trips at his own expense so as to make purchases, settle final payments for earlier purchases and obtain the dubious cash sales receipts. "Allowing the officer to make purchases and payments unaccompanied by other staff exposed PA to the risks of duplicate and inflated claims," AGO commented. AGO also noted that other overseas purchases had been made for Chingay Parade since 2007. It advised PA to review all the past purchases too. According to ST report today (18 Jul), PA said that the officer quit last year and that it would stop all overseas direct purchases by staff. PA also said it had reviewed past purchases and payments, and preliminary findings indicate that they were genuine.
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    £340k Iron Man jet suit

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  5. https://www.straitstimes.com/world/when-you-search-idiot-in-google-images-us-president-donald-trumps-photos-appear
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    tiongland arrested Jho Low !!

    Dr Mahathir, M'sia top cop in the dark over Jho Low's 'arrest' Jho Low/Facebook Malaysia could not confirm reports that fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho has been arrested in China. KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia on Thursday (July 19) said it could not confirm reports that fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho has been arrested in China. Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he is unaware of such news but hoped the news is true and that the tycoon - who is at the centre of a global corruption probe - be extradited to Malaysia soon. "I did not know he was arrested, thank you for giving me the information," he told reporters in Parliament when asked about the reports. "I hope he is arrested and brought back to Malaysia ... We have no treaty on extradition but that doesn't mean China cannot hand him over." Similarly, Malaysia's police chief Mohamad Fuzi Harun said he could not confirm Mr Low's arrest. “I have not gotten any information on that, and cannot respond to it,” he told Malay Mail. He said there is insufficient information about Mr Low’s location but confirmed that that an Interpol red notice has been issued on the financier. “The exact location is still unclear. We are tracking him down and we believe he is roaming in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau,” he said. Quoting an unnamed Hong Kong-based radio station and the Sarawak Report website, Malaysian tabloid China Press claimed that Mr Low’s arrest will only be announced during Dr Mahathir's trip to China next month. The exact whereabouts of Mr Low are unclear but reports have said he was in Hong Kong, Macau and China. The businessman popularly known as Jho Low is accused of corruption, bribery and money laundering by law enforcement agencies in several countries in connection with the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) financial scandal The 1MDB scandal saw financing for economic development projects allegedly being used for other purposes, most particularly for personal enrichment of the individuals involved. It has prompted multiple investigations worldwide, including a wide-ranging Swiss probe into two former 1MDB officials and against persons unknown on suspicion of bribery of foreign public officials, as well as allegations of misconduct in public office, money laundering and criminal mismanagement. Mr Low is said to have close ties with former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak, who has also been charged with several counts of corruption and criminal breach of trust in relation to the 1MDB scandal. Meanwhile, Malaysian investigators are said to have issued arrest warrants for two former executives of 1MDB, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is seeking 1MDB’s ex-general counsel Jasmine Loo Ai Swan and former executive director Casey Tang Keng Chee, according to a person familiar with the matter who asked not to be identified as the matter is private. Ms Loo and Mr Tang haven’t been charged with any wrongdoing, and it isn’t clear what suspicions underpin the warrants. Attempts to reach their representatives weren’t successful. A representative for the MACC declined to comment. Ms Loo, a Malaysian who studied law in the U.K., was said to have been dubbed “1MDB Officer 3” by the United States government, according to people familiar with the matter. The US also said the officer was 1MDB’s liaison to Goldman Sachs Group Inc, the bank that helped the state fund raise US$6.5 billion (S$8.89 billion), and that she received a US$5 million transfer among dozens of payments in a scheme that ultimately drained billions of dollars from the fund. Mr Tang was involved with 1MDB, from when it was still known as Terengganu Investment Authority, until 2011. It isn’t clear when Ms Loo left the fund. Malaysia's central bank summoned both of them for questioning in 2015, but they never appeared. AGENCIES
  7. judgement fair? the girl consent wor!! Man who molested sister's friend at own birthday party in Downtown East gets jail, caning SINGAPORE: It was meant to be a joyous occasion, but it took a turn when the birthday boy molested one of the partygoers - who was his own sister's best friend. The accused, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, was at his 25th birthday party at D'Resort in Downtown East on Jul 30, 2016. The victim, then 23, was one of the guests at the surprise birthday party organised by the family of the accused. She arrived with her boyfriend at around 6pm to 6.30pm and went to the barbecue pit, where they mingled with the family members of the accused. The victim drank three mixed vodka-orange drinks and a cup of wine over the course of the night and felt "tipsy and sleepy" at about 10pm, court documents said. About an hour later, her boyfriend took her upstairs to one of the chalet rooms to rest. There were other people in the room. HE MOLESTED HER WHILE SHE WAS SLEEPING While she was drifting in and out of sleep, she heard the voices of the accused and the accused's father, and saw the accused sitting on the side of the bed. When she was half-asleep, she felt the accused molesting her under her shirt, but did not react as she thought it was her boyfriend. The accused then molested her over her underwear before pulling it down. She pulled up her clothes but did not turn, as she still thought it was her boyfriend. The accused then pulled down her bottoms and rubbed himself against her. The victim woke fully when she felt something wet, and saw the accused walking to the toilet. She went to the toilet and saw the accused inside masturbating. When he exited the toilet, the victim asked him what he had done to her. He replied "nothing" and left. At this point, the victim saw that three of the accused's siblings were in the room, along with his father, but all were sound asleep. The victim went to the toilet to wash away the fluid and went downstairs to look for her boyfriend. She felt outraged and distressed by the incident, and said she had viewed him like an older brother before the offence, investigations later revealed. POLICE AT THE SCENE FOR UNRELATED DISPUTE ARREST THE ACCUSED Police had arrived for an unrelated quarrel among a group of people at about 3.45am, but when they saw the victim crying, they asked her what happened. The victim said she had been molested. She then fainted and was taken to hospital, while the accused was later arrested. Forensic examinations found the accused's DNA on the victim's panties, as well as the accused's semen on the bedsheet. The prosecution initially called for a sentence of 20 months' jail, with caning, but later reduced this to 18 months' jail, with four strokes of the cane, after taking into consideration the accused's plea of guilt. He had pleaded guilty last month to one charge of assault or use of criminal force with intent to outrage modesty. On Wednesday (Jul 18), the defence asked for a sentence of between six and eight months' jail, saying that the accused had spared the victim the trauma of a trial and extensive cross-examination. He added that the accused's mother had run away and has not been in Singapore for the last five years, while his father had a heart attack and went for heart surgery. "He and his siblings united to help," said the defence. "He pleads for the minimum sentence possible, because there's still a chance for reformation. He has been very good to his family. He still wants to look after his siblings." The defence added that "at all times, the victim thought it was her boyfriend who was having contact with her". He said: "Is there distress? Is there harm?" VICTIM WAS VIOLATED IN THE COMPANY OF PEOPLE SHE TRUSTED: JUDGE In response, District Judge Ng Cheng Thiam said: "Yeah, but if it had been the boyfriend, there would be consent." He added that the accused had been taking advantage of the victim being tipsy, and that the victim was in the company of people she trusted. "Instead of being safe, she was violated," said the judge. Sentencing the accused to 18 months' jail and four strokes of the cane, the judge said that there was a betrayal of trust, and that the accused took advantage of the victim's state. He also noted that there was denial when the accused was confronted at the scene. "The harm caused to the victim cannot be trivialised," said the judge. "Caning in this case is warranted." He added that the accused, who has an asthmatic condition, would be examined by a medical officer in prison. If found unfit for caning, the case would be sent back to the judge. For assaulting or using criminal force with intent to outrage modesty, he could have been jailed for up to two years, fined, caned, or given any combination of the three penalties. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/man-who-molested-sister-s-friend-at-own-birthday-party-in-10540268
  8. rast time stardee business/economics.. may be choose computer/engineering nao
  9. Conscription in South Korea has existed since 1957 and requires male citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 to perform about two years of compulsory military service. why Mindef die die requires sinkies to enlist at age 18?
  10. S’porean footballer seeking Tony Tan’s son advice to disrupt NS for 12 years Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know who to look for when the right solution is needed, are turning to Tony Tan’s son for advice on how to get disrupted from National Service for 12 years. This after a 17-year-old Singaporean footballer has been told he cannot defer from NS and must serve it soon, or else the government would feel cheated one person didn’t do what he was supposed to do. One Singaporean, Chao Keng, said: “There is no doubt that there is only one person left in Singapore who can help Ben Davis. And that person is Tony Tan’s son who disrupted NS for 12 years as he was doing something considered to be important.” “So, Ben must seek Tony Tan’s son’s help with this predicament. If 12-year disruption has been carried out before, it should be able to be pulled off in this day and age.” “Just that there is more social media scrutiny now compared to in the late 1980s.” Other locals said there must be other ways for Ben to get deferred from NS or get disruption. Another local, Zuo Zhong Tong, said: “Everybody is looking to the son and asking if he is talented enough or if he can win the highest prize for Singapore to make the country proud.” “All these faith in the boy is misplaced.” “Why hasn’t anyone asked the father of Ben Davis why he hasn’t become Defence Minister in Singapore?” “If Ben’s father is Defence Minister, then Ben can join Fulham with no more problems.”
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    TP buy BMWs to replace WRX

    Traffic Police buy BMWs for expressway patrol A BMW 3-series car with the police livery. Believed to be a turbodiesel 325d, it will be the first diesel-powered highway patrol car in Singapore.PHOTO: ST READER The Traffic Police (TP) are buying a fleet of BMW sedans for highway patrol duties - the first time the German brand will be used since the late 1990s. A BMW 3-series was spotted at a police facility in full Traffic Police livery. Believed to be a turbodiesel 325d - the first diesel-powered highway patrol car here - it is one of eight cars expected to be on the roads by early next year. The BMW will replace old Subaru WRXes.
  12. http://theindependent.sg/editor-accuses-the-straits-times-of-omitting-question-on-adultery-law-minister-was-allegedly-asked-at-recent-forum/ Editor accuses The Straits Times of omitting question on adultery Law Minister was allegedly asked at recent forum The chief editor of a local online publication has alleged that The Straits Times omitted some questions Minister for Law and Home Affairs K Shanmugam was asked at a recent forum, in the paper’s coverage of the event. Terry Xu of The Online Citizen accused the mainstream broadsheet of failing to cover two potentially controversial questions Mr Shanmugam was asked at an event organised by the Association of Muslim Lawyers last Friday. Xu alleged that the Minister was asked whether adultery should be criminalised and that he responded that the Government will consider whether it should be made illegal if the majority of people feel that it should be made so. Xu added that as the Minister was asked this question, “everyone in the hall laughed in spite of trying to hold it in.” Noting that this question and another were not covered in The Straits Times’ report, Xu claimed: The paper’s coverage of the event instead focused on the Minister’s comments on an ongoing review of the Penal Code that was initiated as the Government seeks to do more to protect the vulnerable. The review may include new offenses and harsher punishments, so as to better protect children, domestic workers and disabled persons. In his article, Xu indicated that The Straits Times made the decision to omit the two questions in its report because of its perceived links to the Government. Referencing local playwright Tan Tarn How’s recently concluded production Press Gang – a play that delves into the working of a not-so-free press – Xu said: “The above mentioned is exactly the kind of editorial decision portrayed as the simple premise of the screenplay where a fictional newspaper “Singapore Times” has to decide whether a story makes it to its papers.” He added: “When stakes are high, particularly for the editors who oversee the reporters and act as the gatekeepers for stories that might be negative for the establishment, stories are edited drastically or trashed completely.” The Independent has reached out to Mr Shanmugam for his comments. We will update the article if we receive a response from the Minister.