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  1. beyond

    I need an opinion - which is more keyi

  2. beyond

    NK shitizens missing @sofero 女神 on Christmas eve

    i need to work for kaya... lol..
  3. wow..... she manage to wait it out and still be alive to receive it......
  4. @Thor was a baby before also wat... tats his teething toy lah.....
  5. wat are u toking about... the whole country is geylang wat..... just diff lorongs.....
  6. no quota for summon means unlimited..... free flag spam ar~!~!~!~!
  7. beyond

    Today (15 Oct) is mckkj anniversary?

    dun forget the newer mc cum burger.... lol...
  8. see lah... no more free wifi liao.....
  9. there is a plc call study corner... itsa located at the void decks... cant take the heat of the weather then just fail ur papers... degree cert also is toilet paper nia.... waste time waste effort waste youth....
  10. beyond

    [GPGT] lee beewah become bus inspector??!

    nv underestimate the power of a mama eye power....