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  1. justln

    Croatia's AMDL aunty prime minister wear bigini kym?

    https://www.reckontalk.com/hottest-croatian-president-kolinda-grabar-kitarovic-coco-austin/ President Prime Minister 傻傻分不清楚. Mistaken identity too, bikini not even her.
  2. Singaporean suggest submarine kenna bashed, AMDK suggest submarine kenna praised.
  3. The portions are really big but not yummy at all, won't return to eat.
  4. Refresh, resolution seems fine to me. Can see the pixels but I assume this applies to other headsets too, this heavily depends on the app/game as I don't notice it as much for some. Dunno about screendoor effect. Comfort not an issue, watch finish the new BattleBot episode, maybe will try a movie out next.
  5. Got my Oculus Go yesterday, Amazon shipping took less than a week. Experience has been 50/50, for every VR good experience there's a shitty one. I tried A Night Sky, free with DLC, good experience so I paid the extra $3.99. B-Team which kinda sucks cause it's just temple run with powers, maybe will try invest 1 hour in it see how Republique graphics not very good, you're seeing from a camera ask the girl go here hide there, play a bit only. Story is great. Face Your Fears is good, the Stranger Things one is like alternate universe, got one is Giant Robot kidnap you got the heights feeling. Then got A LOT of DLC each is $1, haven't bought any. Got Spiders, Snakes, Airplane, getting crushed by compacter, etc etc Watching 2D videos with the virtual cinema was awesome. The "headphone" speaker is fucking amazing but lacks bass. If you can wait, Oculus Santa Cruz which is wireless with better specs and controllers will be a better deal even though it'll be much more expensive. Estimated date is 2019. For now, Go is a functional beginner VR headset.
  6. justln

    Just watched Black Panther ~!!!!!!!!!!

    I watched yesterday, it was a good show. Not boring at all, comparing Shitcide Squad to this is lol. You're definitely not Marvel's target audience if you think Antman, GoTG 2 or Deadpool is bad.
  7. Nvm, just bought Oculus Go cause Amazon dropped shipping from $40+ USD to $13+ USD so end up is $262 USD for 64GB set. Will feedback after I test it out.
  8. Still waiting for second gen VR, all these are for early adopters only. Was considering PSVR or Oculus Go. Oculus Go is "cheap" but doesn't have 6 DoF (degrees of freedom) which makes some people sick when they try to move forward. Lenovo Mirage is limited by Google's Daydream store and is double the price of Go. PSVR have a lot of games but is expensive and wired.
  9. Heard the Adult Toys section got removed.
  10. justln

    The Best Tool to Whack Your Kid, historically

    I even kenna chilli padi on lips as punishment.
  11. justln

    Samsung Gear IconX

    Chui la, you go see Amazon reviews. 1.5 hour listen what shit?
  12. I live chat with Singpost, give me template answer. I ask for manager, say need 4 hours to call me. 2 hours later manager call me, say can I call you at 7pm? I said ok, never heard back from them anymore. Useless fucks.
  13. justln

    what ish the best fibre broadband plan nao?

    Cheap and decent just use M1 lo, $29 how to beat? 300mbps perfectly fine for everything.
  14. Yvonne Chua very flexible, got practise Yoga.