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  1. BBClone

    Why I practice a lot of self-censorship

    I am an IMH Doctor here to remind of your appointment in 6 months time.
  2. Actually, I’m also a vegan. But I incorporate eggs, fish, meat, candies, chocolate, Twisties, medium-rare steaks, Cai Png, and some other stuff I cannot recall. But yes, a vegan and proud of it.
  3. BBClone

    grab driver take lee yipeng beedio now lim kopi

    Apparently the driver wasn’t even a PHV, just backside itchy decided to give LYP a ride And maybe LYP also mistook the driver for a PHV This is tantamount to kidnapping
  4. BBClone

    pasir ris bo cheng hu, pmd crash pmd

    The black fatty beating red light at the speed of light what a fucker
  5. BBClone

    X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer

    Her acting is so-so, her face getting rounder with each year, definitely riding on GoT fame. Look at her, like some Kopitiam Tiger Beer Ah Soh
  6. BBClone

    X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer

    Sophie Turner is a serious miscasting.
  7. BBClone

    Don't You Dare Wash My Baby Pillow!

    Everyone has a sense of false dependency on a thing or other.
  8. This robber is a noob Simple theory of 没财劫色 also don’t know, kumgong
  9. This guy walks the talk, start small go big later Just like his SAF email complaint, start with his own OC first, then go big and CC the entire MINDEF later
  10. BBClone

    couple lost $180,000 in hyflux shares

    The couple asked a redundant question TKL gave a redundant answer Simpy tragic.
  11. BBClone

    workers protest at maxwell, 3 months no celery

    Don’t you realize the protestors are always foreigners? And aren’t protests illegal and arrestable by law? Singaporeans have forgotten how to stand up for themselves. But the moment we do, we get arrested.
  12. BBClone

    Bolehsia mm played with Mate X jin sexcited!

    Mate X has a screen that creases when straightened. You can see it when the light reflects off the surface, at 0:45
  13. If I have a pet and need to leave it in someone’s care, I would do so with a fellow pet owner or friend. Take turns to help each other; I’m sure there are plenty of people looking for similar arrangements online. You can never trust these boarding houses. Why till now still no news on Platinum dogs?
  14. BBClone

    Do you have a superpower?

    I have the ability to time travel. If I focus really hard for ten seconds, I can go forward in time ten seconds.
  15. BBClone

    How does this eel get into the body?

    Fucking hell this video cuts off before the eel is out Unsatisfactory