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  1. Poke what hole at the bottom, and are people so stupid they cannot think for themselves, this kind of thing also can be amazed. What I do is bite off the top bit of the dumpling, drink the soup, stuff ginger through the opening, then eat whole.
  2. I propose consuming arsenic or cyanide as the next fad for millennials.
  3. I feel that there should be a stand by the Sherpas/climbers’ association that they do not give up their supplies to save their climbers. This industry keeps their economy going, so I’m fine with noob climbers going there to throw their money and their lives. But the Sherpas shouldn’t feel a moral obligation to sacrifice their own lives for their customers. The money they earn is not inclusive of their lives, but merely to assist the climb.
  4. Yea, yea, growth hormone is totally a new thing that we’ve never heard of before.
  5. BBClone

    Who would you save?

    Rephrasing your question, “WHAT would you save?”
  6. This is a movie ticket, for Christ’s sake. You can go watch it any time, why pay for overpriced tickets? It’s not like a live concert with limited shows. Nothing wrong with the seller, but the real problem are the fools willing to buy overpriced movie tickets.
  7. This might be illegal under MOH guidelines. A lot of third party health companies trying to push the envelope for profits.
  8. BBClone


    Even after account approval, is it normal to see this message? You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action. Denied entry from every thread in “Leaks”.
  9. BBClone


    FFF has been down and up so many times, I think my access there has expired.
  10. Turns out “5D” stands for 5 men putting their D up your ass. ”Try something different” and “energised” for sure, “lots of things happen so fast and when it’s over, you want to “talk and process what happened”... with the police. Surprise, you’re now a gang rape sodomy victim.
  11. BBClone

    High Roller

    Looks like throwing money away to me.
  12. I am an IMH Doctor here to remind of your appointment in 6 months time.
  13. Actually, I’m also a vegan. But I incorporate eggs, fish, meat, candies, chocolate, Twisties, medium-rare steaks, Cai Png, and some other stuff I cannot recall. But yes, a vegan and proud of it.
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