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  1. BBClone

    reservist injured by howitzer in NZ

    As usual, MINDEF just cannot be honest and give more details like the type of chest/abdominal injuries, the accident that happened etc.
  2. Are you trying to create a super villain? Because this is how you create a super villain. Brilliant scientist devoid of funding and cut off from community, harbours hate towards failures and ultimately creates monstrous super soldiers
  3. BBClone

    Any interesting Riches to Rags stories?

    That team you bet for, will lose.
  4. I give it to him, this kind of bullshit explanation can also say. Integrity and honesty are at an all time low in SG.
  5. Allowing this just means any Ali or Ah Huat can build whatever they want on common space. Never got a chance.
  6. BBClone

    SingPost delivers apology for recent 'service failures'

    Increased peak period workload means it’s alright to lie about sending out pamphlets, and forging evidence that they did? On top of years of denial regarding ninja postmen, even when there is videographic evidence from CCTVs? Lost/missing/stolen parcels?
  7. BBClone

    Tonight''s big game

    Clay pot Xiang strikes again
  8. BBClone

    Don't worry for Apple

    Even Apple supporters like myself are wondering, why bother to upgrade when they offer nothing new? I’m still using a 6. iPhone 7, 8 have been the same, and X is just fugly... also offering nothing new. No 3.5mm jack, and the face recognition tech creates more problem for the user.
  9. BBClone

    pornsak sell 60% of thai restaurant chain for $2

    Are they saying that the agreed cash injection of $400k was verbal? As in, not in black and white? Giving away 60% of your business on a promise is naive.
  10. So really, whose fault was it?
  11. Stupid vegans always looking for the next dietary fad to chase.
  12. I think the “missing” dogs already died and were quietly cremated. I don’t know how this level of accountability can be accepted. You board a dog with them, they can just say you dog went missing, end of story.
  13. Youths who want to flout the law and smoke, whether it’s 18, 19, 20 or 21... frankly the change in law makes no difference to them.
  14. BBClone

    scary auntie hack door not scare police!

    Are we using some kind of neutered, watered-down taser? In US, their tasers can bring down a bear of a man and he won’t be standing any time soon.