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  1. What a waste of govt money... These people dun deserve to be at their position but thanks to 70%... Govt is feeding all these useless people
  2. Jelly people got money play golf and drive big car... Dun complain lah... U voted for this thats why they can be enjoying all of this and rich plus not doing their job.
  3. If i am not wrong... the meat is treated with lots of oil and chemical to stable the food. And the meat could highly be from almost spoiled meat. Plus the animals reared are heavily injected with anti biotics to prevent them from getting sick. So if u ask me if it healthy... no lah.
  4. U eat blood pressure med to stable blood pressure... but have to take it forever none stop. And long term taking it causes heart problems... causes cancer?! KNS
  5. Worcer

    Used to listen to this jippun zeh zeh sings...

    i listen to utada hikaru....
  6. Worcer

    Lau Goh hints he may “do a Mahathir” !!

    He will be replaced...
  7. Worcer

    1st person view on gunfire during a chase

    Looks like bandit than police...
  8. Worcer

    sinkie got russian amdl fiancee!!

    That is not even singaporeans loh... PR foreigner loh..
  9. In singapore, productivity is long hours of work but low quality and quantity.
  10. In the past, singapore govt was afraid of different races unable to come together as one... So govt create many things forcing different race to intergate. Now, Singapore govt ki siao(gone full retard... u nvr go full retard)... they create different social circle when there is little barrier to begin with. Create multiple level of culture even in same race... So all in all, singapore govt or PAP is trying to create discord among citizens....
  11. Worcer

    Grab driver’s murder: 2 foreigners charged

    abnn in malaysia are a dangerous brunch... even the malays afraid of them
  12. attention seeker idoit... If not for guan xi, he will be unemployed now...
  13. hate thesee fucking hard drive makers.... if hard drives doesnt last... then how the fuck u backup ur stuff?!