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  1. Rockets and sirens? Purposely go live in a war zone and crybaby to everyone... Hey. I can sleep whole night though guns firing and motar shelling... Been there done that...
  2. Maybe is bui chi see him lau chui nua... later find many bui bui chi gangbang him...
  3. IF its amdk... even show her kkj she will kiss him also...
  4. Worcer

    Aircon maintenance worker jailed 6 months for molesting

    Now all foreign workers openly molest women??? Singapore so dangerous liao
  5. Give money to a group of people to using citizen money to talk good about how themselves.... Win liao loh
  6. Because chinese got a saying"The chinese word "guan" got two "mouth"" guan zhi liang ge kou"... Meaning govt can flip prata anytime and ur money can be lock and taken from u forever...
  7. Worcer

    Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing Has Gone Missing

    Must be accused of being a American spy...
  8. They wanted to know what she knows... Because back in 2016, they were looking for a organization that was disablizating south east asia...
  9. hahahahaha a sushi competition for foreigners...
  10. Worcer

    Why McDonald’s Flopped In Vietnam

    Because of the culture... Ask Vietnamese to accept burger is like asking korean to drink miso soup instead of seaweed soup...
  11. His ideas really fail... Other countries is ownself high tech and well trained professional go other foreign countries and invest... Then earn money from there... Singapore is ownself low tech and using foreigners professional go other foreign countries and invest... Then help other countries link up and bully singapore... How come up to now this LHL still dun understand the mistake he has been making all these while?!
  12. US researchers alrdy showed mixed improvement of some of the patient using probiotic... We cannot say it 100% cure but it smooth the problem in some case of eczema.