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  1. So if more problems come now... it will be because he bey kan?
  2. This is dictatorship... Using face regconition is against everything we fought for... Whoever owns the govt will enslave the whole population.
  3. Worcer

    Justin Trudeau is descendant of William Farquhar

    And lim peh is descendant of First emperor of china...
  4. Imagine so many food outlets let him owe so much money is equiv to support and loan...
  5. This man failed maths and dun have accounting knowledge...
  6. Go back to stone age and sure win...
  7. Worcer

    US soldiers give SAF combat rations the thumbs-up

    Infront of the camera... They say anything is good... But when ask them to eat that during exercise training... They prefer their own rations...
  8. Worcer

    World Kindness Day 2018

    world hypocrite day...
  9. Dun worry. they will create a black hole and send us all to kingdom com...
  10. Worcer

    [11 Nov][11.11] Got what good lobang?

    many items still expensive....
  11. Same as america mah... Expose their mistake and u kena sue until bankrupt
  12. Worcer

    [Movie Review] Iceman: The Time Traveller

    Last time sbc(singapore boardcasting station) also got a similar show... A martial artist from the past come to modern times... And the actor is no other than our mr unbelievable...