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  1. Worcer

    Why Chicken Nugget Demand Is Flat

    But singapore we eat a lot of unwanted chicken parts like chicken heart and liver... As long they are not spoiled... Its ok to eat mah...
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-21/australia-is-in-a-housing-slump-but-property-stocks-are-rallying During 2006 even as debt market is getting more defaults(unable to pay mortage), the value of the bonds supporting it goes up... Wonder if this is the same as 2008?!
  3. Worcer

    chao ang moh throw plates coz dunno how to chope seats

    u nvr hear govt say... AMDK always right...
  4. Worcer

    Debt Is Piling Up for Owner of Salt Bae Steakhouse

    They are! They did it on purpose... why i cannot tell u...
  5. HE is not wrong... There is still value... not 0 sgd... Just left Less than 30% of original value...
  6. If i want go for sashimi, i go liang court or Himawari at alexandra... Too bad if capitaland takes over... high chance jap stuff will all move out and ntuc come in...
  7. They oem stuff but worse quality than better brand... Then price it 5% less than the good quality brand... Then they restrict other cheaper, better quality brand from entering ntuc... So u see liao bobian have to buy ntuc brand!!! Song boh?!
  8. but upper bukit timah area is cheapo place leh... The prices always drop very fast when economy downturn... Still believe the ones near central better... like near great world city...
  9. Worcer

    grab driver take lee yipeng beedio now lim kopi

    How dare he take beedio of prince! jia lat liao!
  10. Bank say will follow guideline from hdb... And hdb is no allowing financing for older flats... So older flats will be harder to buy next time... Because govt dun wan 70% to sell their older flats.... If u sell flats too much, prices will drop... so dun let u sell loh!
  11. Worcer

    Eggs. How much consumed is considered bad then?

    The amount of eggs that can be taken depends on ur age and how active is ur body. Like michael phelps, during his training before he got his gold medals... He ate at least 10 eggs a day.
  12. The card that we have nowsadays all got these all in one.. But instead of using credit card function... The hacker use nets function to steal my money. Meaning use a duplicate card with stolen pin number... All these done with a hacked card. Of course, i am assuming the hacker method. Because i have yet to find another method to be able to steal atm card info without my knowing...