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  1. Dark_Pigbunny


    Sammy side alot of hidden spy don't understand why aren't they keeping things discreetly
  2. Dark_Pigbunny


    I think someone tell on them thats why.
  3. Dark_Pigbunny


    They were taught by sammies how to do lupsup things and now sammies had to ton down
  4. Dark_Pigbunny

    abc throw waifu from 4th floor taoyuan airpork

    Heard that apparently the wife eq low lf. Don't know when to shut up
  5. Dark_Pigbunny

    grab enter ah long + vermin business

    *comes in and set the app on fire
  6. Dark_Pigbunny

    grab driver take lee yipeng beedio now lim kopi

    Because he is also Chinese?
  7. Dark_Pigbunny

    random daily boliao pics

  8. Dark_Pigbunny

    random daily boliao pics

  9. *vibrate it's body at high speed to Summon all cute creatures to flood the place
  10. Dark_Pigbunny

    Corgi love thread

    Wanna recommend you guys a taiwanese family who owns 3 corgis called Lian huan pao https://www.youtube.com/user/666eggs Hope you guys enjoy watching!
  11. Dark_Pigbunny

    Corgi love thread

    Oh no animal cruelty:( Just kidding!
  12. Dark_Pigbunny

    Corgi love thread

    Corgi life is that awesome.
  13. Dark_Pigbunny

    Don't You Dare Wash My Baby Pillow!

    × *Takes out a knife and slice up all the London chocolate roll in front of @Londonchocolateroll
  14. Dark_Pigbunny

    MR ceremony?

    MR is just another "free meal" event. Why take it so hard?