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  1. Dark_Pigbunny


    So what is the requirement to go in?
  2. It's common in tiongland that a kid immense himself in gaming till they lost common sense
  3. The most important part is you must like the handle that make you feel comfortable to use.
  4. *flies into the thread on a hot air balloon
  5. No such thing as ultimate knife. A chef will have his own set of knives that he's used to
  6. @HarrisYyou didn't try the fishball noodles and nasi briyani at old airport road?
  7. And your butt hole eating also very dkgk
  8. Don't talk cock! Always say me is kgk working.
  9. The way you look down on people and behave the people there is so triggered by you
  10. With your kind of attitude I doubt you can last.
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