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  1. Yes, but not commonly.
  2. It is Guan Yin's birthday today.
  3. I wouldn't even take that into consideration if I were you.
  4. He used to be a man. A human disciple of the San Qing, who was appointed their successor after perfecting himself over many thousands of years.
  5. It's a double celebration. Both Ji Gong and Tua Pek Gong celebrate their birthdays today.
  6. More scenes from last night. Li Ya Pek, despite being a Hell deity, pays his respects to the Heavenly Hosts.
  7. Scenes from last night's festivities.
  8. A very impressive setup for worship of the Heavenly Emperor, courtesy of Sengkang's Chong Yee Temple.
  9. Today is the day for offering prayers to the Heavenly Emperor. Altar setup and praying times are as below. Make sure your altar faces east.
  10. The wide-eyed creatures are the Five Ghosties. The green skinned boy is Nai He Tong Zi, the guardian of the Bridge of Sorrows (one of the two exit points of the Netherworld). Hu Shi Ye is a Bao Bei Ye with the surname Hu.
  11. That's not Marshal Zhao. Marshal Zhao is the military wealth god. This one is the civil wealth god (Bi Gan).
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