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  1. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    More scenes from last night. Li Ya Pek, despite being a Hell deity, pays his respects to the Heavenly Hosts.
  2. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    Scenes from last night's festivities.
  3. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    A very impressive setup for worship of the Heavenly Emperor, courtesy of Sengkang's Chong Yee Temple.
  4. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    Today is the day for offering prayers to the Heavenly Emperor. Altar setup and praying times are as below. Make sure your altar faces east.
  5. nachtsider

    aud crash to 1.04 liao, can buy vat?

    1 AUD is still 2.88 MYR.
  6. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    The wide-eyed creatures are the Five Ghosties. The green skinned boy is Nai He Tong Zi, the guardian of the Bridge of Sorrows (one of the two exit points of the Netherworld). Hu Shi Ye is a Bao Bei Ye with the surname Hu.
  7. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    That's not Marshal Zhao. Marshal Zhao is the military wealth god. This one is the civil wealth god (Bi Gan).
  8. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

  9. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    Happy New Year, all - here comes the God of Wealth to bless you.
  10. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    The Dong Yue Hu Song Dian is one of Singapore's most prominent sintuas, famous for being the first ever establishment to enshrine and worship Bao Bei Ye the Hell paymaster. It will be holding a celebration in his honour over the course of this coming week. Below are some photos of the celebratory setup, plus the timetable for the festivities.
  11. She's an adulteress. She's a fraud. She's fat and ugly. She deserves it.
  12. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    He is probably a clone. His mannerisms and speech are practically a carbon copy.
  13. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    He is the Li Ya Pek of a sintua not far from my teacher's place; this sintua has only just begun channeling Hell deities. Fourth Court Li Ya Pek, virtually identical to the one channeled by my teacher's successor, so I guess you could say this is sort of a reunion between me and him. The hat is one sponsored by yours truly.