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  1. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    Today, the 7th day of the 6th lunar month, is the day on which Heaven's Gate opens and the Jade Emperor dispatches his subordinates to bestow blessings upon those who have earned them over the course of the year so far.
  2. nachtsider

    The Sintua Thread

    Astro has recently aired a great documentary series on sintua and mediumship. This segment features a prominent Hell-themed temple from my neck of the woods that I have spoken of in previous posts. Fast-forward to 21:37 for the relevant portion.
  3. This kind of thing is very common among Malay girls and women. It typically only affects female individuals from this racial group who are under academic or job related stress, and is not a ghostly occurrence. I don't believe what the newspaper says that non Malays were also affected.
  4. A medium that charges money is not legitimate.
  5. None of my Singaporean friends are doctors.
  6. The temples allow this practice to continue because it can be used as a source of revenue. Best go to a legitimate medium and get a proper cleansing ritual done.
  7. nachtsider

    More mixed marriages registered in Singapore

    I met her long before uni. In secondary school.
  8. The flowers are an ineffective method whose effects are seldom permanent.
  9. You really think a kempeitai running dog who sold out so many patriots can become a god?
  10. nachtsider

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    No, all you need is authorisation from the issuing deity.
  11. nachtsider

    Thailand cave rescue: Diver dies while taking in supplies

    She did not die.