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  1. once you reached 500 postcows, it'll automatically unlock
  2. Ya sure they can access internet using own mobile data devices
  3. Pple are laughing oreadi: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/ea...g-5390684.html Better rest your cases asap alrighty?
  4. Nothing's really free actually, e.g. your internet subscription.
  5. What a nuisance! Yet stupid silver serpents still loving him to death!
  6. Not to mention the potential of a brexit, which can have repercussions not only to EU but the world economy as a whole.
  7. Having the liberty to post stupid comments or threads (hello mingli :bye:) without getting marked or banned for doing so. Freedom of Speech ftw!
  8. Possibly... given the apparent incoherence in the sentence structure - a typical trait of business engrish
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