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  1. champion lah, now my tax dollars goes into the pocket that brother's dishwashing company.
  2. rtfm38

    Sin Ming hawker stall injects colour into ban mian

    this tray return cost is just to fleece the hawkers.
  3. australia supermarkets try to ban plastic bags, also met with uproar and had to bring it back.
  4. Hoching salary and acs ghey thread so fast shut down. Only left with retarted threads.
  5. shack shack coming to changi airport no?
  6. yalor pls faster build can cut off the water pipes.
  7. rtfm38

    Johor wants crooked bridge to Singapore revived

    oh well, let them waste time and money on this again.
  8. nope not trolling, to be fair, it was a last minute booking, sia was $1200, eva was $700. ok my math is bad, it's a little over half.
  9. just how many companies gahmen outsourced...ramky cleantech. like never heard before.
  10. only sian thing is that sia premium economy seats are not that comfortable, just more spacious than regular economy. i tried eva air premium economy on a trip to taiwan, holy shit, it's like sitting in a recliner couch. slept like a baby all the way. And the kicker is that the price of the ticket is half that of a regular sia economy seat. and after that eva gave me 100% air miles whereas sia hardly does that anymore unless you buy their most exp tickets. i think sia need to buckup.
  11. he already said he didn't have more time but I think he probably means budget wise if the trip took any longer he might run out of money.
  12. rtfm38

    This Maple Syrup factory is so clean

    they use the super pure water to clean their facilities.
  13. last time in my aussie uni, some muslim guy started a fight with a jewish guy in the dormitory. took 5 or 6 guys with krav maga, aikido and bjj training to take him down, ok maybe can dismiss the aikido guys, we think he was also high on drugs cuz hitting him had no effect at all. even on the ground, things started to get really violent and quite clear we can't hold him for long, then everyone just said fuck it and let him go. He ran away because at this time practically everyone in the dorm came to see the fight. Later that night after the police left, probably him and his friends came back and did a driveby shooting.