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  1. the chemicals they pump in is the same whether private or public.
  2. photoshop still need skills and even so, it was often quite easy to tell if the pic is PS'ed. Now anyone can do it with one click to create a convincingly real pic.
  3. drive along the coast of JB, development after development, all look like ghost town.
  4. last time during gulf war, US cyberattack iraq through printers. they loaded their spyware onto the printer chip and then sold it to iraq.
  5. apple help people to save money by selling the pro stand separately. if not, the display+stand will cost $6999/-
  6. Don't block me don't block me
  7. 15min walk to pasir gudang.
  8. alamak, just ask participants to answer survey form? I think finding can also give 50% discount.
  9. unless they plan to tap into the trend of tour groups staying in JB and then taking day tours into Singapore. Since prices of hotels here go crazy during peak periods.
  10. Frankly speaking they should close the liangcourt and jem stores if it would help them survive with the store at orchard.
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