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  1. I was lucky because mine is triggered by food. i had bad eczema but cleared up completely when i went thru NS despite crawling thru mud etc. after NS the eczema flared up again, now I just avoid my trigger foods and drink plenty of water and my eczema practically all gone. Occasionally come back but again it always falls back to food for me at least.
  2. cheapo transport owners don't want to change tires, always drive until threadbare.
  3. whiplash injury is no joke. a taxi just lightly bumped into car once and my neck was sore for the whole day. This kind of crash, can only imagine how serious it can become.
  4. rtfm38

    police NSF @ ulu pandan put a bullet into his own head

    rip. took 6 days to die.
  5. please deposit into my totally untraceable bank account.
  6. rtfm38

    Probably the worst robbery attempt of all time

    murica, guns guns guns for everyone.
  7. i guess they don't want their business affected cuz murica.
  8. also a main cause for good hawkers retiring early. I think it offends the elites that a hawker can maybe earn more than them.
  9. $10k a month? must sell beer and lap dances to the lao uncles there already.
  10. rtfm38

    smrt ambassador uncle told rop not to eat tio slap

    https://www.singsaver.com.sg/blog/can-afford-throw-punch-singapore the cost of this offence to your wallet. not worth it bah.