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  1. stillgottheblues

    Why AMDKs love Middle East and CECA?

    They are natural servants!
  2. stillgottheblues

    This is huai so many tax increase coming issit?

    Overpriced piece of hardware. I am really disappointed with the careless spending habits of sinkies's government
  3. Media Corp is full of foreign talents, hardly any sinkies anymore.
  4. stillgottheblues

    Feedback and Improvement.

    Need to remove the chat box by default. It's taking so much space. Makes one felt no interest in continuing.
  5. stillgottheblues

    Google vs DuckDuckGo

    Try duck duck go. It's quite good actually.
  6. stillgottheblues

    Singapore sees a sharp increase in arrival of Indian visitors

    Most of them are here looking for jobs or even fake marriage to leech the system here.
  7. When is he going to retire?
  8. Too bad his family is nobody.
  9. stillgottheblues

    NTUC Foodfare social enterprise can help moderate industry food prices

    Please wake up LKY and asked him why he approved starting the NTUC. It had became money minded now.
  10. stillgottheblues

    murali suggest turn empty schools into retirement villages

    Rent the school out to CECA like what they had been doing already.
  11. Simi lan jiao anal leeport when there's no numbers involved?
  12. stillgottheblues

    Quiet Commercial Area Series

    It should get better when 12 million people is imported here.
  13. Sinkies will only be erected if they are tekan. No worries! These highly educated men are talking cock!
  14. stillgottheblues

    GLGT Singapore 's unofficial sex offenders registry

    A number of them are in the SPF. Not enought pay to go Geylang? Time to increase their renumeration?
  15. stillgottheblues

    tiong fights 2 amdk for kicking his car

    Ang Mo got jealous, seeing people had nice car.