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  1. SINGAPORE - Unauthorised drones are believed to have caused flight delays and disruptions at Changi Airport on Monday (June 24) night, just days after a previous incident saw 37 flights delayed. The Straits Times understands that at least five flights have been diverted since 9pm, including BatikAir flight ID7157 from Jakarta to Singapore that had to be diverted to Pekanbaru. Please subscribe or log in to continue reading the full article.
  2. yeah ck tang location so optimum to fail to turnaround is a disgrace
  3. 555 in taiwan the labour minister bring bao to console the strikers
  4. yeah military and elites still pro business just have to settle some infra issues like flooding but tourism will drop abit
  5. the stability and surplus of sinkieland also contributes to SGD strength but GDP growth only 1% whereas Siam got 3%
  6. wah punggol schools safe anot have to check wind direction
  7. popular bookshop still running 555 ck tang dunno can lose money for how long
  8. the experiment to release modified mosquitoes end up increasing the mosquito population 555
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