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  1. chance to buy before markets surge to new highs
  2. another one not using dark mode
  3. dysentry

    6 men arrested for rioting along Sims Avenue

    use dark mode how to see
  4. steady lah buy 2 ground floor units and live like landed, cost max $1m only
  5. https://mustsharenews.com/jurong-mp-down-syndrome/
  6. https://m.scmp.com/business/money/stock-talk/article/2159531/china-lowers-yuan-fixing-3-week-low-amid-turkey-currency
  7. terrible nasi lemak with cold rice and cold meat
  8. dysentry

    Singapore's GDP Growth Disappoints as Construction Slumps

    siao liao shenzhen 8% hk 3% sinkieland 0%
  9. dysentry

    elderly sinkie finding food in rubbish, freegan movement?

    think she is probably senile, few temples giving out free food, no need to dumpster dive
  10. dysentry

    Beyond snobbery, a poisonous elitism in the PAP

    same zodiac as pll? open mouth tio shoot
  11. another 15 platforms added to problem list last week https://m.wdzj.com/zhuanlan/guancha/17-8955-1.html
  12. dysentry

    NTUC now sell hotdog for $1

    wah look like copy ikea jodless liao can eat
  13. dysentry

    Sun Xueling ish a hot MP

    age quite abit after motherhood premium milf