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  1. if no property then no point vote PAP
  2. already a billionaire huai work so hard
  3. dysentry

    siao charbor in nyc metro

    yeah so sian nyc also full of asians
  4. alot of chiobu in honkieland heaven for masturbators
  5. 50s liao suppose to be iron rice bowl smrt will give him pension till die?
  6. dysentry

    Do you really need a lawyer to draft your will?

    so cheap moi looking to do it next year
  7. dysentry

    [News] Three MY ships still in SG waters

    what a joke, both transpork ministers are boleh chinese
  8. dysentry

    Where you guys go when no life to access.

    many nice stuffs on youtube and many books
  9. dysentry

    australia property can crash 40% in 2019

    australia got good demographic with many young migrants can buy if really crash 40% problem is they want to cut migrants by 30k a year and maybe more later