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  1. genki sushi almost there but payment still a hassle
  2. dysentry

    Ask me anything: Life in Buangkok chalet

    how does amdl psychiatrist analyse u? do u get monitored in toilet as well?
  3. in shenzhen can check menu, order and pay from wechat while seated staff only prepare and serve food, clean table
  4. dysentry

    random daily boliao pics

  5. sinkieland can only do presales lah product development all done elsewhere
  6. dysentry

    VB KYM ? [GPGT]

    this vietbu had sex with best man jin jialat
  7. dysentry

    one of the most discreet toilet when i ssrr

    looks like bukit merah central I was once walking past this bridge years back and saw someone had jumped the policeman were moving his body and blood gushed out of his nose jumped from low height but landed on head wanbao said he lost his jod that day
  8. the high cost of living should drive some of them out of san francisco probably to seattle or london but not to sinkieland
  9. once worked in a hospital and a department head aunty was drinking during office hrs and always smelt of alcohol, she din last long in the jod
  10. dysentry

    sinkie lost $2.2m on jipun restaurant

    yeah u have a point he is reaching a very niche market that knows what level of wagyu beef and wants very authentic ingredients, but he still wants to be popular like DTF
  11. dysentry

    Ask me anything: Life in Buangkok chalet

    are there significantly more women in depression compared to men?
  12. looks terrible after cny business still quiet faster buy shorts in usd sgd going to face pressure
  13. dysentry

    sinkie lost $2.2m on jipun restaurant

    at least got jipun ex gf and fly tokyo 23 times not totally wasted
  14. dysentry

    kranji got shilin market wor

    maybe can go botanic gardens ssrr
  15. dysentry

    ceca stole $312m hiding in sinkieland and launder money

    SINGAPORE - A 42-year-old Indian national was extradited to the United States on Thursday (April 18). In a joint statement on Saturday, the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) and the Singapore Police Force said that Singapore received a request from the US government for the extradition of Hitesh Madhubhai Patel last September. Patel is suspected to be part of an Indian-based transnational criminal organisation and has been indicted in the US.