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  1. wahahaha dua kumgong jiu shi dua kum gong... perm banned there... u are stuck here... until u make a new NK clone...
  2. is she the sister of the marathon runner? the face look alike
  3. absoluthell

    alicia low

    wow... like Marvel movies... regular refreshing and releasing... keeping the audience glued
  4. i m on cold turkey this weekend. got a shock when i check my bank statement.
  5. Congrats to him for having the cash to YOLO... keep so many millions for what... not as if he can finish spending all... he knows he dont have much time left.
  6. 加拿大法庭修改婚姻资产总额,70岁医生富有神经科医生与妻闹离婚,如今料得支付高达3100万元的离婚费用,比早前的1660万新元,多出许多。 《新明日报》今年5月报道,狮城脑神经科医生戈宾纳丹(Gobinathan Devathasan,70岁)与妻子克里斯蒂(Christie Devathasan,55岁)闹离婚,加拿大高等法院经过审讯后,针对婚姻资产的分配做出裁决。 当地法官在判词中曾判给女方近1639万加币(约1660万新元)的资产,男方则可保留近2141万加币(约2174万新元)的资产。 根据《海峡时报》报道,加拿大温哥华的法庭,近日对两人的婚姻资产金额进行修改。 当地法官确认,此前的判词中针对本地一所物业(Goodwood property)的标价有误,因此将物业价值从原本的243万加币(约253万元)调整至490万加币(约511万元)。 两人的婚姻资产经过调整后,男方得向妻子支付1620万加币(1689万元)。 此外,他被法庭要求支付160万加币法律诉讼费。再加上340万加币的赔偿费,以及840万加币的伴侣及子女生活费等,戈宾纳丹所要支付的总费用高达3000万加币(约3100万元)。 而他自己则能从婚姻资产中分得约2300万加币(2398万元)。当中包括他在伊丽莎白医院的诊所单位(价值超过800万元),以及本地数个物业。 与妻曾生子 分手又再婚 戈宾纳丹和克里斯蒂于1984年在中央医院工作时认识,男方已是名神经科医生,女方当时年仅19岁,是名见习护士。 两人在1987年生下了一个儿子后分手,6年后重新在一起,结束各自的婚姻后于1997年结成夫妻。他们于2004年举家移民加拿大,但男医生此后又回本地执业。 夫妻两人的关系在2015年后恶化,妻子隔年申请离婚。两人目前有一名工程师儿子以及一名在加拿大念大学的女儿。 完整报道,请翻阅2019年8月17日的《新明日报》。 Google Translation Canadian courts have revised the total amount of matrimonial assets. A 70-year-old doctor with a neurologist has divorced his wife. Now he has to pay up to 31 million yuan for divorce, which is much more than the previous S$16.6 million. "Xinming Daily" reported in May this year that Lion City brain neurologist Gobinathan Devathasan (70 years old) and his wife Christie Devathasan (55 years old) were divorced, after the trial of the Canadian High Court against marriage assets The assignment is made. The local judge sentenced the woman to nearly 16.39 million Canadian dollars (about 16.6 million Singapore dollars) in the judgment, while the man could retain nearly 24.1 million Canadian dollars (about 21.74 million Singapore dollars) of assets. According to the Straits Times, the courts in Vancouver, Canada, recently revised the amount of their marriage assets. The local judge confirmed that the previous judgment was incorrect for the local property (Goodwood property), so the property value was adjusted from the original 2.43 million Canadian dollars (about 2.53 million yuan) to 4.9 million Canadian dollars (about 5.11 million yuan). After the marriage assets of the two were adjusted, the man had to pay his wife $16.2 million (16.89 million yuan). In addition, he was asked by the court to pay $1.6 million in legal costs. Together with $3.4 million in compensation and $8.4 million in partner and child living expenses, Gobina Dan has to pay a total of up to $30 million (about $31 million). And he himself can get about 23 million Canadian dollars (23.98 million yuan) from the marriage assets. Among them are his clinic units (worth more than 8 million yuan) at Elizabeth Hospital, as well as several local properties. With his wife, Zeng Shengzi, broke up and remarried Gobina Dan and Christie met at the Central Hospital in 1984. The man was a neurologist. The woman was only 19 years old and was a trainee nurse. The two gave birth to a son in 1987 and broke up. After six years, they reunited. After ending their marriage, they formed a husband and wife in 1997. They immigrated to Canada in 2004, but the male doctor returned to practice locally. The relationship between the husband and wife deteriorated after 2015, and the wife applied for divorce the following year. The two currently have an engineer son and a daughter who is studying in Canada. For a full report, please read the "Xingming Daily" on August 17, 2019.
  7. Teck Ee Rice & Porridge 300 Joo Chiat Rd If wrong, i chop my kkj, minced and fried eggs
  8. problem is... HK is China's domestic affairs. If they send in troops to whack the hongkies students, nothing much can be done by other countries, except make alot of noise and apply some trade controls. USA, UK, UN or NATO can't send in troops to save the hongkie students... and if anyone make noise, China just need to reply, my domestic affairs, u huan loh? @XianGe is right, the western style of freedom, is something they won't get. They're ruled by the Chinese Communist Party. Unless the students go train up, build up their own troops and drive the CCP out of HK and keep them out. This don't look very possible, even with USA's support. If USA so good, there won't be NK and communist Vietnam now. These states are alive now because USA behkan.
  9. I dont know didnt go siam diu before
  10. saw this post in my fb feed this morning https://www.facebook.com/groups/complaintsingapore/permalink/713862679060629/ Another insta account has surfaced!!! https://www.instagram.com/wei.ming.lim/
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