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  1. go farm means gg already... why didnt release back to johor straits?
  2. in sinkieland... all the millenia look at phone and walk without watching... cross zebra crossing without rising their heads. expect cars to stop and give way...
  3. i download, play 10 mins and went back to pokomon. maybe next time got time then play.
  4. bluff people one. tiongland village girl dont look so chio. chio ones are city influenced. this video is #fakenws
  5. chop chop karli pok is the best. but some kaypoh aunties will gossip say is shotgun. but what cares what they say.
  6. Jin kg to spend fortunes at hotell wedding dinner. Jiak buffet at home is good choice.
  7. 4th girl is fan xiao xuan. Mavis Fan Big S is married to younger rich tiong auntie son... she got to maintain her looks to protect her hubby from the hordes of young sexy hungry and vicious atb at their gates...
  8. Just download, havent play yet. later go orchard play!!
  9. this one not bad. their lemon and yuzu pies are refreshing. most girls like. @HarrisY can buy some to impress your gf.
  10. ah boi so late still go st george's tower act semo satki? nite view of moon keng MRT not bad wor... is your distant relative living in satki st george tower? why u go there so late?
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