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  1. I am so glad my little boi found happiness now
  2. wahaha... the 70% PAP supporters think that if they keep voting PAP in, HDB will huat huat huat until they song song... LKY said last time... as long as PAP in power, HDB huat big big. bao jiak.
  3. handersen lo... near tomy office sotong $5 cabbage $1 eggs $1 sweet sour babi $2 porridge $0.50 Total $9.50 wow no bla shakey shakey geylang opposite Mask51 pub curry cai $1 small intestine $2 sotong kia $3 ikan bilis peanut $1 nasi $0.50 total $7.50
  4. Glad that my little kgk friend found happiness once again.
  5. Potato $0.80 cabbage $0.80 eggs $0.80 minced babi $1.50 nasi $0.50 Total $4.40 Steam eggs $1 potato hotdog $1.50 babi chop $2 black pepper meat $2 nasi $0.50 total:$7
  6. Is this your newest gf? i want to print out the pic to 'use"
  7. lann sai... oil price where got drop? knn pump price increasing every few weeks...
  8. A&W will open a few more branches and then collapse again after the hype. they are 1) too expensive for staple meals 2) too cheap and unhealthy for satki people.
  9. dont know where. the fish and chips is pathetic. so little serving. how to feed a growing young boy?
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