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  1. Many atb hostel around there wor... U can date one and bring her to whampoa hawker jiaks fish head pot like a satki kia
  2. See that dirty pillow... any erection also die... kgk @HarrisY can u volunteer to be her chambermaid?
  3. Oh fug... u got part time maid? my friend pt maid is a damn hot atb milf. Nn damn big and got that cfm atb milf face... one day he took off to sleep at home. Slept in boxers and woke up by her noise. He walked out to see her mopping the floor, in shorts and wet white t shirt. His erection damn obvious. Quickly ran to toilet to fap.
  4. My tiong friends told me street side MLXG is low SES food. High SES eat fresh food
  5. I think you will be delighted to find out your maid cooked you nasi kangkang... when most of the population will be disgusted. U like everyone else, u will run to the toilet. They will run to throw up their meals... but, you will rush to fap away your raging hard on...
  6. That shop got laksa soup, which is not common. guo fu is good? tomorrow go try.
  7. Upper moon keng road there. U very ghey... snipe 2 ah neh pigu
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