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  1. nice watch... but please watch in mute to avoid the chao ah neh ranting...
  2. but difficult to clean off white stain
  3. your seat is cloth or PVC? PVC better. easier to clean.
  4. [MEDIA=imgur]isetO2w[/MEDIA] i tried posting the above gif in main forum, but dont work. checked firefox, ipad safari and google chrome.
  5. knn... 300 gone... then i do kkj enlargement for what??
  6. surfing this forum on my ipad. Getting random pop ups... like millionaire programs, penis enlargement, mature dating, etc... Is my ipad got virus? Or part of forum monetisation program?
  7. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/starcraft/topic/20753915707 Download the zip file. Unzip and run starcraft.exe Enjoy
  8. Blizzard Entertainment:StarCraft is it download from this website? need to reg blizzard account
  9. facing the same issue on my ipad safari. used HTTPS instead of HTTP. I was logged in when I load the forum from my bookmarks, remained logged in as I browse the forum. But, when I tried to post a reply, the browser prompted me to re-login before publishing my post. the process repeats itself everytime I tried to post a reply.
  10. I updated Java and adobe flash. The problem seem to be solved now.
  11. faced this problem on my desktop using firefox. I keep getting logged out despite me ticking the keep me logged in box during log in. Is there something i can do to fix this issue on my desktop? Im posting from my ipad now, no problem here.
  12. absoluthell

    Nokia C1

    instead of releasing a good flagship phone, they re-releasing the 3310. wtf manz... no need give chance already
  13. they should stop all this distractions and focus on their flagship. re-release the 3310 might bring in some cash, but its not going to revive Nokia as a mobile phone powerhouse.
  14. absoluthell

    Nokia C1

    Wow lau oei... like that dont blame i didnt give chance.
  15. absoluthell

    Nokia C1

    Q1 2017 halfway through already... any updates? My phone getting cranky.
  16. Lan cable is connected to router. Using it to go online.
  17. My father won a Samsung smart TV during his company D&D. It is in the storeroom for 2 months. I thought of installing it in my room. But, my room don't have starhub cable point. There is a LAN cable point. Can bros suggest how do I utilize the TV? Can I install apps like those android box?
  18. I already got what i need. Thanks.
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