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  1. China says army can help maintain order in Hong Kong if requested BEIJING: Chinese troops stationed in Hong Kong can intervene to maintain public order if necessary, said China’s Defence Ministry on Wednesday (Jul 24). Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said Beijing has been following developments in Hong Kong closely, especially the incident last Sunday when “radicals” vandalised the China liason office in the city. “The relevant departments have already commented on this - these actions challenge the authority of the central government and the principle of One Country, Two Systems. They cannot be tolerated,” Wu said at a news conference unveiling China’s white paper on national defence. When asked by a reporter how China intends to respond to the situation, Wu said that there are “clear provisions” in section 3, article 14 of China's Hong Kong Garrison Law. It states that Hong Kong can request for assistance from China "when necessary ... in the maintenance of public order and in disaster relief". On Tuesday, Hong Kong's government dismissed rumours that the People's Liberation Army's Hong Kong Garrison will be stationed outside certain buildings like the liaison office and the Legislative Council building. "The claims are totally unfounded," Hong Kong authorities said. Hong Kong has been plunged into crisis by weeks of marches and sporadic violent confrontations between police and pockets of hardcore protesters. The initial protests were sparked by a now-suspended Bill that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China, but they have since evolved into a wider movement calling for democratic reforms, universal suffrage and a halt to sliding freedoms in the semi-autonomous territory. Source: CNA/Agencies/aa(gs) https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/hong-kong-protests-chinese-army-pla-can-intervene-request-11749202
  2. Philippines' Jollibee buying US firm Coffee Bean for US$100 million Philippines' Jollibee Foods Corp said on Wednesday it is buying U.S. brand Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for US$100 million. MANILA: Philippines' Jollibee Foods Corp said on Wednesday it is buying U.S. brand Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for US$100 million. Jollibee said in a stock exchange disclosure it would acquire 100 percent of the Los Angeles-based specialty coffee and tea brand to boost its overseas sales. Jollibee operates the largest fastfood chain in the Philippines with 3,195 restaurants. It also operates 1,418 stores across various brands overseas. (Reporting by Neil Jerome Morales; Editing by Stephen Coates) Source: Reuters https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/philippines--jollibee-buying-us-firm-coffee-bean-for-us-100-million-11749044 @ManOfTheHour your fav restoran JSKM!!
  3. go siamland chop your useless bird?
  4. knn... u want kaopeh your problem dont disturb people earn eat la black shirt too much already!
  5. @ManOfTheHour would love some of those chicken rice flavoured kimchi watery sai
  6. Dreams shall remain dreams. she'll rather her ah gua rich bf lick her wrinkled ass, than reward u a puddle of her warm laosai...
  7. Yucks... her face so retarded now. Bet those sai smell like plastic toxic waste
  8. U should go lucky plaza suck those jollibee farts from maids on their off days...
  9. they should just stop at end game and do something else.
  10. Ask them back, do they trust? If they got option to do in hk, will they?
  11. Agent need to come clean.... 1 sided accusation also...
  12. u werk as a chambermaid, correct? always show photos of made up bed with tower on top
  13. U usually only report to werk on weekdays and weekends u spend time with family... yesterday saturday, u still got to report to werk... means u jin kelian lo....
  14. This one is big saga for the next gen.... In an Instagram post last week, Ms Rihana wrote: “My son Ismail Leon, the Crown Prince of Kelantan, and if God Wills it, the next King of Kelantan.” On Tuesday, the Kelantan state palace said no individuals can be referred to as the state’s queen or sultanah without any official announcement. In a statement, the palace stressed that the brother of Sultan Muhammad V, Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra, was the Crown Prince. Their mother Tengku Anis Tengku Abdul Hamid was the Queen. “Only official announcement from Kelantan Palace can be taken into account as accurate and acceptable news by the people and media practitioners.” said the statement issued by the comptroller of the royal household. “The Palace calls for the people and media practitioners not be easily influenced by the dissemination of unverified information on social media.” https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/sultan-of-kelantan-divorce-russian-beauty-queen-rihana-11739616
  15. Divorce completed in kelantan... statement released by his personal lawyer in sinkieland.
  16. Jin kelian sia.... Saturday still got to do OT.
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