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  1. got... jiak bus terminal canteen nasi romak
  2. absoluthell

    Air taxis to be tested in Singapore skies mid-2019

    if u all know AMDK ah neh working style... CSB gao gao... when take action time... all excuses come out... i won't be surprise if 2020/H2, they fly some drone toy at MBS and claim that is the air taxi they "testing"...
  3. absoluthell

    Updates on edmw.life

    moi want donate $12.15 to sponsor the site for 3 years. KYM??
  4. absoluthell

    Updates on edmw.life

    paging singh lawyer to question @Admin
  5. I wonder what those liberal anti capital punishment sjw got to say??
  6. absoluthell

    The Sintua Thread

    cool set up
  7. absoluthell

    nice braking horse

    i thought TS say brake hose
  8. absoluthell

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    this oily png is bky.... feed doggie also cannot. doggie will lao sai
  9. absoluthell

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    wow... this breaky looks like jin keyi... I guess $25
  10. amazing, they called her family to pick her.
  11. absoluthell

    Updates on edmw.life

    we waiting for @LupCheong new forum to jump ship to.
  12. aiya... black dark black dark one.... like u join grassroot... can do many things... no problem... if u work with oppo... better watch your back...
  13. Nobody will chup seow her one la... ownself stir ownself for publicity
  14. absoluthell

    Pinoy Left or Right

    left one got juicy nn... but a man's face. right one got sweet face and a tight body. i will take both
  15. This KF Seetoh standby to be fixed... into FK Seetoh. Amy Khor got eat in hawker center before or not??
  16. absoluthell

    Lazada customers can now collect parcels from 7-Eleven stores

    jin wols... i already collected so many jumping eggs from 7-11
  17. absoluthell

    The Sintua Thread

    very grand... which malaysian town is this?
  18. absoluthell

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    Diam diam la.. dont come act yige travelgrammer la...
  19. absoluthell

    It begin.. china property bubble bursting

    already on controlled soft landing. central govt squeezing the developers hard... developers big bosses "invited for discussions"..
  20. absoluthell

    Temasek's SGD bonds can hoot or not?

    @socrates469bc kym??
  21. absoluthell

    Updates on edmw.life

    lupcheong forum
  22. yes... closing down le... jin sad... when u new forum ready?? we need a new place to squat. quickly leh...
  23. absoluthell

    Temasek's SGD bonds can hoot or not?

    Temasek no money meh? why need issue bonds?