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  1. efficiency problems. expensive overheads 1st world problems
  2. 9.30am eat what shack shack? kumgong
  3. the lady got an irritating fake AMDK "accent" That ah neh is CECA... AMDK restoran also hire CECA... sinkies dont want to cook ATAS lobsters... even JHK cooks losing jobs to CECA... $65 for chili sos lobster $65 for signature lobster no wonder the lady so excited... she gets to eat for free. On top of its signature lobster (S$65), prime burger (S$25) and original lobster roll (S$40), it will also be launching the sambal glazed lobster (S$65), which will only be available here. https://cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com/dining/burger-lobster-jewel-changi-airport-11550720
  4. now only may, already hyping NDP song... dont know is it election year or MSM trying to distract people from something else.
  5. sweet face, i can teach her mechanics and biology
  6. future huawei phones going to face problems. its about the ecosystem. they can have a very good os, but if the os isn't connected to the rest of the world, it fails... eg, A huawei phone with a superb chinese OS, but it can't do the following.... watch youtube, google map, catch pokemon, fb messenger, insta, snapchat, whatsapp, telegram... the phone is basically useless outside china...
  7. ok, noted your rants. welcome to drop by. Crawling back when they lift your band.
  8. u go so early? should go at night 8pm to jiak lor mee.... vege - $0.50 sardine - $1.50 babi - $1.50 ngor heong - $1.50 rice- $0.50 total - $5.50
  9. Go around act busy and imagine i am an important satki man
  10. this type of food is those towkay want to humble brag... bring his coolie to jiak... "humble food" but expensive like a dkg.
  11. Wayang... attention grabbing headlines. Most sinkies cant do what he did.
  12. Like that need to cry on video meh?? Nowadays fake also dont put effort.
  13. vegetable english pwn DPP deep deep... taiwanese need food, need money... no need ghey rights. ghey rights maybe can talk after the economy is fixed. next president will not be vegetable english, nor korea fish... terry gou high chance.
  14. this rapist will be jailed long time and caned many strokes. judge will whack him 9696 to send signals to the other workers. What is the girl doing alone at Kranji at 1.30am? I feel singapore youth are complacent when it comes to personal safety. eg, at starbucks, all the iphones, macbooks, wallets left on table waiting for people to take only and the girls wear shorts so short to expose half their bums.. Singapore is safe, but at least take care of yourself la...
  15. $3400 is respectable already. dont be like those crazy people in NK. how many real people earns $20k/mth? most are around $4k
  16. is dkg... their cai png box is like packed cook house ration...