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  1. TooBianTai

    My account got compromised!

    No rah, Wanbao will mosaic ur face one.
  2. TooBianTai

    My account got compromised!

    Faster post to Wanbao rah... Maybe LHL will get intouch with u, to assist investigation also
  3. TooBianTai

    My account got compromised!

    Cheebye! Issit u surf porn using hospital work station?!!?? knn no wonder the Fucking tiongs hacker infiltrate our database gao gao
  4. TooBianTai

    My account got compromised!

    Heng moi camera ish always pointed at moi pigudong while i fap... Hackers can sexpose moi pigudong video for all they want.
  5. PAP CECA Lee oledi stated: Sinkies fault for surfing internet while working.
  6. Tiong hackers and scammers going all out to whack Sinkies. But guess what? Lots of daft Sinkies will be scammed becoz they have been conditioned to be daft since ages ago by the PAP and Prostitute 154 Media
  7. Cumming soon to a neighborhood near you!... #PAP’sCECApride
  8. TooBianTai

    LKY grandson publicly comes out of the closet

    Maybe time for Ho Jinx to cum out too..
  9. I bet cha my signed kkj its the motherfucking Tiongs. If not Tiongs i will live steam my kkj.
  10. Hint: CPF (Sekali oledi tio hacked and insai $ all gone riao...)
  11. Mean the hackers can see LHL’s lampar X-ray record??? Time to increase hospital fees more to protect Sinkies health data!!! Time to hire more CECA ABNNs IT foreign talents to safeguard our Smart Nation!!!! It was an honest mistake and the problem would have been worst had opposition parties be incharged! Just look at the AHTC!!! Millions$ gone! WP must cum cream!!!!!!! #ConfidenceForTheFuture #PAP+SB70%’sPRIDE
  12. TooBianTai

    [Soccer] Arsene Wenger for Japan!

    He will fail big time. Wenger oledi abit senile. He is no longer a good manager like last time. The current Jippun manager is good enough.