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  1. I rike to know how her stained kotex taste rike
  2. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1711981388860433
  3. I just want to be your friend and know the things you like. I promise i am not a bian tai.
  4. TooBianTai

    300 uplorry again?

    I ordered a truck load of tissues.... Wasted
  5. Microshit is still surviving today ish becoz there are still dumb people who buys PCs..
  6. TooBianTai

    HTC new flagship phone! HTC U Ultra

    Looks like shit
  7. Dun rike dis rah bro... Just post some breaking news ok rah, but dun so much lol. Coz too many trivial news also nobody go to read or reply leh.
  8. TooBianTai

    Many Samsung phones exploded.

    Even replacement units also got problems. For your own safety, Don't buy Samsung.
  9. FUCK THE PAP!!!!!