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  1. ngensys2000

    So nong neh come here.

    Welcome back
  2. Is this allowed?? my home one side want to hack a bit nia, not allowed.
  3. ngensys2000

    SingPost delivers apology for recent 'service failures'

    They have one job: deliver mail/items. If even that cannot do, then what for?
  4. Washing dishes does not help.
  5. ngensys2000

    The $1 Nasi Lemak Promise

    1 dollar? Where is this place?
  6. ngensys2000

    The Witcher starring Henry Cavill

    Where the scars? Where the dafug are the scars? Aaaaargghh!!
  7. ngensys2000

    serina wee zehzeh update IG !!

    So fast come out?
  8. ngensys2000

    serina wee zehzeh update IG !!

    She not inside meh?
  9. Even if budget airlines, they should have standard in handling situation like this. If not, just close shop better.
  10. ngensys2000

    SIA flight emergency landing @ PLAB after run out of fuel

    First time hear this kinda mess up
  11. ngensys2000

    Too much sleep just as damaging as not enough

    This cannot, that cannot. Then do what?
  12. ngensys2000

    Burger King's AI-written ads are beautiful disasters

    LOL, this is hilarious!