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  1. Knn this type of face only mean one thing. Hans, bekommen den Flammenwerfer
  2. Minors involved = ban Grown ass men ala broke back mountain = ok See the difference?
  3. Got explicitly say air space was denied meh? I think it's implicit diplomacy at play by Israel. Contrary to popular belief, indon-Israel relationship is far warmer than it seems, especially when it comes to trade. Next time include source links also.
  4. Atb jiu shi atb. I want to take CL1 also cannot
  5. budget surplus = surplus after factoring all projected income and expenses. budget surplus != money appear out of no where
  6. I strive to use Taiwan Mandarin because Republic of China is the best China.
  7. The MPs dunnoe cum inside how many time Liao. Geylang prostitutes also cleaner la.
  8. S$300 non-nego. One to one replacement unit by Convergent Systems. Convergent opened new box for this replacement. Cables and accessories are brand new. I bought another exact same unit when the old one died so cables and accessories are from the new unit. Original receipt provided, warranty by Convergent Systems till 11/12/2023. Box show 7-yr warranty but Corsair has extended warranties for AXi models to 10 years and was confirmed by Convergent that this unit is covered under 10 year warranty terms Meet my place Punggol or S$10 to deliver to you. For delivery, payment must be made in full first.
  9. There are website that send s you quotes from independent Contractors for this. Medical consultation is still a no go because of risks of misdiagnosis
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