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  1. Londonchocolateroll

    escalator lose a panel after a xmm step on it

    Don't know if this method will really work during emergency
  2. Londonchocolateroll

    escalator lose a panel after a xmm step on it

    The uncle that press the button only came later. There were 3 adult bystanders, white shirt guy with the yellow shirt lady and another lady just stood there and spectate without calling for help or doing anything. You can even run up using the center divider but that will be a bit far-fetched. The point I am trying to make is the immediate onlookers did nothing
  3. Londonchocolateroll

    how come jurong mp dun want to abort child diagnosed with down syndrome?

    "I’ve waited so long for a child, and I’ve grown up valuing life and knowing there’s always a reason why things happen." It is not up to anyone to judge or decide other than the parents
  4. Londonchocolateroll

    61-year-old man arrested for armed robbery in Toa Payoh

    So old still want to commit crime? How much you can rob? How to get away with so many CCTVs around?
  5. Londonchocolateroll

    Singapore After Dark: The Man Who Eats For Free
  6. Londonchocolateroll

    escalator lose a panel after a xmm step on it

    Logical but they can stop the escalator or at least call for help right? The way they watch, they are just short of some pop corn
  7. Londonchocolateroll

    Retired Doge can now be adopted by those living in HDB flats

    Every doge deserves a good home, all the more working doges
  8. Londonchocolateroll

    escalator lose a panel after a xmm step on it

    Those onlookers watch until like they paid for front row tickets in a concert. Even the escalator already stopped they still don't bother to help
  9. Londonchocolateroll

    Course for household Basic installing, Maintenance and Repair

    Unless you are after the certification, why waste time and money when you can learn almost everything on the internet and YouTube?
  10. If it is true, this thug should face the full brunt of the law
  11. Londonchocolateroll

    deejay angela baby

    I believe you meant accent
  12. Londonchocolateroll

    Where to buy this Hula Hoop?

  13. Londonchocolateroll

    Three paedos who raped and murdered boy, 10

    I believe they have plenty of coconut trees
  14. Londonchocolateroll

    Three paedos who raped and murdered boy, 10

    Three paedos who raped and murdered boy, 10, are shot dead and hung from cranes in chilling public executions in Yemen THREE paedos who raped and murdered a young boy are shot dead and hung from cranes in a chilling public execution. Gruesome pictures show crowds gathering at a public square in Sana'a, Yemen, as the men are shot dead. (Locals gather as three persons convicted of raping and murdering a ten-year old boy are hung from cranes) The three thugs have been convicted of raping and killing ten-year-old Mosad Saleh al-Mothana. Yemeni officers forced the men, dressed in blue overalls, to lie face down on a mat. A policeman shot each man in turn, through the back with five bullets aiming for the heart. Their bloodied corpses were strung up from a crane for all to see. (The three convicts were hung from cranes in front of a huge crowd) (Yemeni policemen forced the men to bow down in front of the mat they will be slaughtered on) (The convict looks up as police officers force him to kneel on the ground, to meet his fate) (Each thug was forced to lay face down on a mat, before they were shot to death) (A doctor looks over the body of one thug, in an apparent bid to ensure he is dead) (Yemeni police string their lifeless bodies onto rope, so they can be publicly shamed) (The dead corpses of the convicts are raised at a public Yemeni square, after they were shot in the chest) (Officers appear to celebrate as the dead convicts hang from a crane) The convicted paedo is forced to lie face-down on the ground in front of a crowd It comes after the public hanging of Hussein al-Saket, 22, who was convicted of abducting, raping and murdering a four-year-old girl. Saket was brought to Tahrir Square in Sanaa – which the Shiite Huthi rebels have controlled since 2014 – before being forced to lie face-down on the ground. Ali Ayedh, the victim's uncle, said Saket "took part in the search for the girl before being unmasked" as her killer during the police investigation. He said his public execution would act as a "deterrent for criminals". The executions have been framed as an example of the Shiite rebels' efforts to combat crime in their areas. P.S. If only Rape-Land can implement this
  15. Londonchocolateroll

    Guy collect urine to drink and why their urinal so special

    A FESTIVAL-goer got a wee bit carried away as he was caught necking glasses of pee after leaving cups in urinals. Shocked onlookers filmed the topless pee-pincher, wearing a leather choker around his neck, lurking by open-air toilets in Amsterdam on Sunday. (Bizarre footage shows a party-goer downing what appears to be urine at a festival in the Netherlands) Footage shows him hovering around urinals where he had strategically placed plastic cups to collect urine as others relieved themselves. As they finish up, the straight-faced man springs into action, swooping to collect the cups before someone else moves in. In one stomach-churning moment he knocks back a full pint of yellow liquid after grabbing it from a urinal. He then places the cup back on to the urinal before picking up another half-full cup and guzzling it down. (The man was filmed as he lurked around urinals during Amsterdam's Canal Parade) (The man helps himself to a second cup after taking it from the urinals) The clip originally appeared on Facebook, according to local reports, but has since been removed by the platform. It was recorded at Amsterdam's Canal Parade as the city's Pride event drew to a colourful close last week. One viewer on YouTube, where the footage resurfaced, quipped: "Still better than Heineken." Others were disgusted by the act, asking: "Who is this creep?" Amsterdam police described the atmosphere on the Canal Parade as "pleasant" and said they are satisfied with how the festival was organised. Up to 12,000 people participated in the event this year - up from 7,500 last year. A spokesperson said: "We think that's because the Netherlands is becoming more intolerant, which automatically creates a counter-sound."