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  1. I don't understand how people can be so gullible
  2. Londonchocolateroll

    NTU student found dead in hostel room

    Natural or unnatural, you can't determine until they do a post-mortem. The Prof must be a self-proclaimed expert
  3. Londonchocolateroll

    congratulations @picolo !! won toto!!

    Gxgx. Can go Hong Kong and piak lolita
  4. Londonchocolateroll

    Myanmar singer-songwriter really really loves Superman

    Is this a Myanmar gay video in disguise?
  5. Londonchocolateroll

    One of the best BAK CHOR MEE (minced meat noodles) in Singapore!

    One of my comfort food all day
  6. "So its time to tell the aged to do something themselves......" In the first place, if they can do something themselves, they wouldn't have to depend and vote for the government. There is a reason why governments keep certain class of people poor and certain class rich
  7. Londonchocolateroll

    Teaching how to blowjob

    Was expecting some JAV stuff.....
  8. Londonchocolateroll

    Teen builds working nuclear fusion reactor in Memphis home

    Not a science person but where is he going to get the key ingredient aka uranium/plutonium to cause the nuclear reaction?
  9. Londonchocolateroll

    [GVGT] Scary lie.. Daughter kill "tiger mom" parents

    Here you can just paste the link directly
  10. By saying "Who in the right mind will sleep on the floor..." is quite obvious that I am against the idea of eating/sleeping on the floor. And you are missing my point. Yes, Singapore is First World when it comes to profits but Third World when it comes to labour cost, thus they are paid a pathetic $18 a day and most have to work 2-3 years just to pay back the agent loans. Their lives are already miserable enough. Please don't chastise and make things difficult for them or support people who does that. If you genuinely care and want to help, then go after the companies and authorities. Those are the real culprits.
  11. Who in the right mind would want to sleep at a void deck if there is so called "welfare" in the first place? Migrant workers are paid $18 a day. I find it laughable that you use Swiss standards as a comparison. While I applaud your ideology, please go after the Masters and Elites instead of the workers.
  12. Londonchocolateroll

    Man gets jail, caning for trying to enter Singapore on sampan

    Obviously this guy know nothing about the City Harvest sampan escape case
  13. Seriously wtf. Who would have thought that you can get infection from soap dispensers
  14. Londonchocolateroll

    Bird Lovers of Bedok

    Dying hobby