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  1. Londonchocolateroll

    This implant make us cannot flap.

    Was expecting an implant that make us cannot "fap"
  2. Londonchocolateroll

    i love this Bridge

    I bet the residents over there sleep well every night
  3. Londonchocolateroll

    Why so many cockroaches at this toilet?

    I will freak out
  4. Londonchocolateroll

    Black sugar cane clan member

    Beware of this cult. They will try to sell you the black sugar cane and tell you that it can cure cancer
  5. Londonchocolateroll

    I would like to thank the SG government

    Not a simpur thread
  6. Londonchocolateroll

    Seattle is Dying

    No wonder people are getting sleepless in Seattle
  7. Londonchocolateroll

    Game of thrones !

    Very clear. Thanks for the sic
  8. Londonchocolateroll

    why do rich bad people like to come here see doctor?

    Because Singapore welcomes anyone and everyone as long as you have the money
  9. Londonchocolateroll

    Son declares mother dead and tries to claim $3.7 million from insurance

    @The_King Content and title is different
  10. 40 friends just conveniently bailed. Sounds legit
  11. Londonchocolateroll

    sim wong hoo say failure is like eating cai png

    They lost to Apple in branding
  12. Londonchocolateroll


    I will just head to the nearest GV and pray that the people beside me don't talk non-stop
  13. Londonchocolateroll

    Thanks for the hard work Admin

    Haha I never intended to mean it as a sarcasm though but sarcasm or not, it won't make much of a difference if one don't intend to donate. This is not the first time the server went down and look at all the fucks given by those who did not donate. Anyway, thank you to those who donated.
  14. Londonchocolateroll

    Thanks for the hard work Admin

    For those that have never donated before, please consider donating because I heard all the hamsters that were powering the servers escaped