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  1. Londonchocolateroll

    Thank you Amy Khor

    NEA 'won’t hesitate' to take action against errant hawker centre operators: Amy Khor The National Environment Agency (NEA) “will not hesitate” to take errant hawker centre operators to task, said Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor. In a Facebook post on Friday (19 October), Khor said that NEA had heard the concerns raised in recent months about cost and contractual terms used by operators. “I have asked NEA to quickly iron out the problems and to do a stock-take of the Social Enterprise model…NEA is already reviewing the contractual agreements with the view to prescribe some of the terms used by operators in these contracts.” Speaking after a visit to Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Khor added, “We will continue to fine-tune the management model, to safeguard the interests of Singaporeans – patrons and hawkers – and achieve the objective of ensuring that Singaporeans have access to affordable food and hawkers can make a decent living.” Hawker centres run by social enterprises such as NTUC Foodfare and Koufu subsidiary Hawker Management have become the subject of heated debate since renowned food critic K.F. Seetoh’s blog post in August, who accused private companies behind these hawker centres of running them like commercial food courts. Tenants in these hawker centres are paying an average of $4,000 in rent each month, Seetoh pointed out. Among the costs specified in vendor contracts included separate charges for crockery washing, collection and return, and even monetary penalties if the stalls aren’t operational for at least eight hours a day, he added. Seetoh also wrote an open letter to Khor in October, highlighting the difficult situation faced by the tenants in these hawker centres and urging NEA to take over the management of hawker centres. In response to a parliamentary question on social enterprise hawker centres, Khor had said on 1 October that the government would continue to refine and improve the management model. Seetoh can go suck thumb now. We love you Amy Khor
  2. Londonchocolateroll

    Major breakthrough: Army artillery hits target at 38 miles, doubling range

    Arty sexpert spotted. Your NS is which Arty unit? Come clean now
  3. Londonchocolateroll

    勇嫂遇劫顽抗 遭痛殴拖5米

    What happened? Untiong please @Sofero
  4. Londonchocolateroll

    This TW teacher KYM?

    Good figure, looks so-so but elbow really pointy
  5. Londonchocolateroll

    nice braking horse

    E-brake before the white line is immediate failure
  6. Londonchocolateroll

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Trailer looks good
  7. Londonchocolateroll

    I got legit tiagong rumour.....

  8. Londonchocolateroll

    Pinoy Left or Right

    Both bky and both wearing padding but if I have to choose, I choose right
  9. Londonchocolateroll

    is this CGI?

  10. Londonchocolateroll

    The Financial Benefits of Being Single in Singapore

    Don't think you understand my question. I am asking is bed room skills essential or critical for a couple on top of other values? Let's say if the bf is the horny type but the gf is not really into sex or a dead fish type. Should that be iron out before marriage?
  11. Londonchocolateroll

    How to hide your valuable at home

    Heng I don't have a lot of valuables
  12. Londonchocolateroll

    buy good lock also no use

    Could be a lot worst. As long as the family is safe, money can always be recouped
  13. Lately Seetoh has been very critical with the hawker scene. Seems like he either has something up his sleeve or a bone to pick with all the jiak liao bees. Sooner or later he will sure tio fixed, if not I chopped @xiang887
  14. Londonchocolateroll

    is this CGI?