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  1. Londonchocolateroll

    Homemade Milo Instant Noodle

    Can I order a kopi si kao noodle extra chilli please?
  2. Londonchocolateroll

    jiuhu chiobu drive grab earn rm261 a day

    Sure won't be viral because not chio and did not show boobs
  3. Heard of corkage but never cakeage charge. I think the restaurant should give the option whereby if you spend a certain amount, then the charge is wavied.
  4. Londonchocolateroll

    Belly Shake Shake

    The music like don't go with the traditional costume
  5. Londonchocolateroll

    Where you guys go when no life to access.

    I locked myself in the room and touch myself
  6. Londonchocolateroll

    Thank you Admin

    Glad that it is up again
  7. Londonchocolateroll

    "he treat me transparent" "my hand act faster than my brain"

    At least "rough patch" sounds more original than "depression"
  8. Londonchocolateroll

    how many bbfa, think like me?

    Either that or you will die out on the streets because you travel everywhere to take photos
  9. Londonchocolateroll

    [GPGT] Miss Thailand World 2016

    The chin like can open durian Takeshi Kaneshiro
  10. Londonchocolateroll

    one injured one jailed over atb

    Wow, didn't know there is a club for aurat
  11. Londonchocolateroll

    This supermarket got free freshly grind coffee from whole bean

    Looks like Cold Storage? I don't think it will last because those free and greedy mentality Singaporeans will either misuse or spoil it
  12. Nothing new, all the profits go to the greedy corporations.
  13. Londonchocolateroll


    Real or fake news?
  14. Londonchocolateroll

    [GPGT]SG MeiMei KYM ? @hongyinggg

    Because the title is missing the key word "Leaked"