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  1. Hi peeps new dark theme very chio but in mobile chatbox is dark for on dark theme. Can fix?
  2. Once you go black can't go back. So he'll ya gimme my dark theme nao!!!
  3. Wahr....I think my eee pc dunno throw where liao lo. Fingers crossed the batteries are still alive. If they really fixed the Wi-Fi it will be great cos I used to really like the size and it was pearly white and after some getting used to, it used to be great for getting some simple work done on the go. But then again nowadays smart phone and tablet have really caught up in terms of processing power and portability wise eee pc already no fight liao.
  4. The last time I boldly threw myself into the arms of linux, and bought an Ubuntu eee pc, it hurt me deep deep when it pushed out an os update that broke the Wi-Fi connectivity and moi heart. :emoji_disappointed_relieved: Now I don't really have the energy to play all these liao.....but yes i agree that windows 10 is tmd pita. Already sibei dulan it cos my work pc 被volunteered for upgrade to knn windows 10 and tmd so many functions are broke. Then the privacy and rights things. I may not ever find the time but i will try to find the time to try out your guide. Thank @Pagan korkor for your effort in developing this amd let more ppl benefit from it!!!
  5. the bookmark address point to the http one or the https one?
  6. When a culture encourages a rat race, then it is hardly surprising everyone behaves like a rat.

  7. missed a step, fell down (see dp), shoes fly, knees grazed (see gallery). bus uncle stunned, kaypo uncle say: happy new year huat ah.

  8. -- .- .-.. .. -. --. / ... .... ..- ... .... ..- / .-- --- / .- .. / -. ..

  9. 操流利髒話的女人你未必一時三刻愛上,但她們的有血有肉,實實在在卻值得你珍惜。

  10. 不要去追一匹马,用追马的时间种草,待到春暖花开时,就会有一批骏马任你挑选

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