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  1. At least when his laopei take out the knuckle dusters, is land actual hard punches. This one resort to law suit in his own name,the reasoning and line of argument is feeble af
  2. But miniso isn't Korean brand oh! But, I do concede that when skii became too sexpensive I switched to Missha FTE
  3. Another one https://www.channel8news.sg/news8/latestnews/20181115-wld-china-parcel-on-fire/4180332.html?cid=ch8news-fb Heng mine all on ship liao
  4. @socrates469bc: tencent announced second season of produce 101 (guys edition) and Dilruba will be the main host of the show, will air in 2019.
  5. Those jibye mindef officers why don't die?! Take mc = chaokeng is because u fuckers got this mentality you think whole world like you? Knn outside doctors issue MC who the fug r u to revoke.
  6. My first thought too. Wtf they want disturb the hawker culture machiam eat too full
  7. Stealthfero where got so easy to spot
  8. Sofero

    Updates on edmw.life

    We r staying!!!! Yay!!!
  9. I'll camp n update if I hear anything.
  10. Sofero

    Updates on edmw.life

    @Admin although is like one drop in an ocean, but really hope miracle can happen and keep us going until we can go the next lap... Sorry this month late cos rocket girls got sagat I was busy white knighting my sunnee on weibo. But I just pumped your tank as I had pledged before! Add oil Edmw.life!!! @LupCheongadd oil too!!! I will come get the updates one new forum. Meanwhile anything need to summon me just page me or @ me in telegram ya.
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