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  1. cannot eat or drive got what use?
  2. gorilla

    Victor Jin Satki!

    part time mp jin satki
  3. gorilla

    wow school teacher got con by yandao

    the soy chicken sell 2m!? lololol
  4. NS is a waste of time. ppl who wants him to serve just wanna see him burn. then again, in my humble pov, schooling dont really see himself winning for singapore also. so lets fk him up by wasting 2 years of him golden time.
  5. lol.. 1 popiah can wrap how much extra chilli? gian peng the 50 cent and lose 1 customer forever. stoopiak ppl
  6. gorilla

    What is the difference between this and hardwarezone ?

    here lagi best. i fap until my dragon sore already
  7. gorilla

    Do you have a "FIRE" inside?

    my kkj got 三昧眞�
  8. gorilla

    What are your FAVOURITE EMOJIS on KYLT?

    THIS!!! :NPNT:
  9. gorilla

    Surfer dies after shark attack

    amdk jin satki mens
  10. gorilla

    Woman's Note to 'Mean Girls' at Starbucks Goes Viral

    no fucks given
  11. gorilla

    Ang moh student in SIM

    go learn how to become street smart.
  12. revenue opportunity! increase alcohol tax again.
  13. gorilla

    SMRT cuts CEO pay by more than 20%

    in moi next life, moi will stardee hard and strive to becum miw or SMRT ceo.
  14. gorilla


    page for [uSER=3673]HarrisY[/uSER] faster take bas nao!
  15. gorilla


    can post a few pic of your gf let me jelly?