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  1. Sinkiearsenal

    Chio Bu comprained Hitch driver wear improper dress code

    Hi Sarawak Pineapple , you emigrated ? lolol 2018 clean nia. Before and After 2018 ish dirty..
  2. Sinkiearsenal

    Chio Bu comprained Hitch driver wear improper dress code

    1 bui chee sit on each of his legs and hands the rest just self service buffet on him.. wahaha
  3. Sinkiearsenal

    Chio Bu comprained Hitch driver wear improper dress code

    Cause u fit zai got muscles.. chiobu see riaos becum wet...
  4. Sinkiearsenal

    Train problem thread

    Knn. Trains not moving for past 30min.
  5. Why the heck is there a national bonus for ministers ? Isnt that the same as a performance bonus ? If they did their job well , the economy should do well. If they did their jobs well but the economy is shit , then adjust their bonus to be in line with the bottom 20%. Isn't the role of the government to govern and serve the citizens ? There's a reason why it's called PUBLIC SERVANTS and NOT PUBLIC CAPITALISTS.
  6. Sinkiearsenal

    Pronouncing Car Names

    Lololol. This guy is seriously pissedd.
  7. Elite food sia.. wtf.. Meal for 2 almost $500 after GST + Service Charge.. GG
  8. They give u the basic edition free only. Can only play offline with Bots.. lol.. If you want to play online , you still need to buy the game.
  9. Lolol... Trim until so neat... looks damn weird sia...
  10. SB70. HDB flats were always meant for the public to have a house , not for selling and buying to earn profits. MIW gave out wrong signals to cause this situation , but now taiji away.. wahaha... want to blame.. blame sb70
  11. Next time can use this pic to teach. Easier than explaining in detail about everything.
  12. Sinkiearsenal

    Hey! I tot they told us they going to gib us $300????

    I also didnt receive. No letter no sms... nothing.. =(
  13. @The_King Are you buying ? If you are we can 0ew pew tgt
  14. Sinkiearsenal

    lease buyback for all HDB flats, CPF may be allowed for old flats

    In the first place , NOM was the idea of HDB all along. Thanks to certain people who corrupted the good intentions of his predecessors..