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  1. Me. Paid for the $6 delivery fee cos I wasn't one of the early birds who could opt for free self-collection. SIM card coming tomorrow.
  2. Scumugam is just trying to ride the bandwagon and score cheap points.
  3. Kiwi

    NSFW is coming back.

    I want to join too! Thank you!
  4. I dun even know what cock he is spewing. Makes no sense at all.
  5. She probably got arrowed to give that speech cos it would be weird for Khaw to ownself say that fare prices have to increase.
  6. There is one MediaCorp programme called Designer in The House. This is KKJ in The House. lol
  7. I thought this is common sense... who in the right mind will take pictures when naked, when those pictures are going to be posted online like in a sales ad? haha
  8. So this one is considered dua ki or sway ki?
  9. Holy sh!t u got the uncensored picture! lol
  10. Those are the PAP IB scums. Paid to do PAP's black ops in order to provide PAP with plausible deniability.
  11. Choa Chu Kang homeowner uploads photo exposing himself on online property portal lol so funny.
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