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  1. Yeah go kembangan slum mall walk after jiak atb...much better than rv de
  2. Thor

    Lost interest in going to Bolehland

    Friday sure jam...weekends are better
  3. Restoran huat in 2019 thanks to chapman
  4. Thor

    2019 过年 cheongsam collection

    zz has pleasant look
  5. Thor

    Dont say bojio

    Arsenal 2-0 nao! first time u r correct...lol
  6. Thor

    Any interesting Riches to Rags stories?

    Yes supermart close down after kia lost $$ in casino? tiagong from eastsiders
  7. How about the guy? Hahahaha
  8. Thor

    [WARNING] CPF nomination may not be what it is

    I dunno about this but my frens got their mother’s cpf funds after she pass on
  9. Even your dao huey also lai ang
  10. Thor

    Progress Singapore Party formed!

    I rather they stop their squabbling and have a coalition...already so diluted
  11. 2 more days to monday...wahahaha