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  1. Thor

    Superhero Hangout!

    None of them as powerful as Thor
  2. Thor

    Superhero Hangout!

    Hmph...i dun really like them
  3. What kind of fashion is this?
  4. Thor

    Lineage 2 M Trailer

    unfortunately i think it is p2w...never see f2p can win one
  5. Thor

    Bui en lost 4kg !!

    Ninja costume?
  6. Yeah lor...dead man tell no tales...somemore they are doing illegal stuff...still go poon...jin kg
  7. Thor

    Lineage 2 M Trailer

    New game coming 2019 @chamfer @Zirconwall
  8. Thor

    Nvidia crash 20% as crypto crash weakens demand

    less demand for graphic cards nowadays
  9. If he sold his car and take public transport daily and not tongpang from others i think its commendable
  10. $2.50...my house downstairs