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  1. dunno lah...when got sports section one...can put in the main thread hahaha
  2. How to change the prefix to sold from edit mode? I don't see any prefix selection
  3. Ya without games. I sold le.
  4. Haha okok, i just assume everyone wants the latest PS
  5. Mine is not PS Pro though...i'm selling at $400
  6. - Colour: Jet Black - Size: 500GB HDD - One year warranty with (主頁 | PlayStation Asia - Hong Kong) - Playstation 4 console x1 - DualShock4 Wireless Controller x1 - Mono Headset x1 - AC power cord x1 - HDMI cable x1 - USB cable x1
  7. I deleted telegram cause not very popular here. Not many of my friends uses it.
  8. Xbox One 1TB Fallout 4 Bundle Comes with - xbox one console - xbox wireless controller with 3.5mm headset - xbox one chat headset - one year limited warranty - Fallout 4 game - Fallout 3 for xbox 360 game download - HDMI cable Retail @ $379 Fallout 4 Bundle | Xbox
  9. Ok thanks for the update...i'm using the workaround in the meantime.
  10. Take your time. I can still use the browser to upload media. Thanks for helping Kira
  11. On iOS. After selecting an image, the screen become truncated. I can use safari browser to upload the image to work around. Thanks Kira
  12. So true...still can't compete with samsung, apple and i would say microsoft too.
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