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  1. I also dunno. Totally dun recognise the place...commonwealth?
  2. Thor

    Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

    I will kill Thanos!
  3. Thor

    The daily life of pigbunny

    Marine Terrace?
  4. Thor

    [GPGT] kyloren daily lunch kym thread

    $3 cheap, damn worth it!
  5. Somalia took the better genes
  6. Further down is watnam bu nest...
  7. If got SBS Jalan Miles...i think u will be their titanium member liao...wahahaha
  8. Thor

    [GPGT] kyloren daily lunch kym thread

    If 20mins walk one way is quite far man...by the time reach shud be damn hungree
  9. Thor

    toobaintai level expert

    What so shiok?