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  1. Thor

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie)

    Never kill a man's doge
  2. Thor

    Heavy Rain

    In central...please bring umbrella if you are heading here...
  3. Didn't know got Sengkang General Hospital...something new today
  4. Thor

    R&F Mall Johor Bahru opens March 28

    Yes it is true...the place dun feel so conducive to do our research...wahahaha
  5. The gahmen cannot assure after 99years what is the value of hdb ma...got scrap value or not?
  6. Thor

    R&F Mall Johor Bahru opens March 28

    Yes sir...i feel better than HV spa which is next to KSL...
  7. Thor

    R&F Mall Johor Bahru opens March 28

    I go VIP le...bluewave is xdd time go de...wahahaha
  8. Thor

    Finally we got way to be immortal

    Lower risk doesn't mean no risk ma
  9. SATS employees suspended after getting caught brawling on Changi Airport tarmac The video of the incident on Sunday surfaced on social media, depicting two ladies wearing SATS uniform grappling and hitting each other, while their colleagues try to split them apart. It got pretty intense too, with one of the ladies refusing to let go of the other’s hair. All in the midst of planes in the background, like it was a Street Fighter stage. SATS — Changi Airport’s chief ground-handling and in-flight catering service provider — has since suspended the two brawling employees, and assured that a thorough investigation will be carried out. No flights were delayed because of the altercation, the company said. “We have zero tolerance for any breach of conduct at the air-side. Staff in question will be dealt with in accordance with regulations,” a SATS spokesman informed The Straits Times.
  10. Thor

    grab enter ah long + vermin business

    Dunno what's micro insurance...no need to apply for license one? suka suka can just go and sell