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  1. I also dunno. Totally dun recognise the place...commonwealth?
  2. Thor

    Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

    I will kill Thanos!
  3. Thor

    The daily life of pigbunny

    Marine Terrace?
  4. Thor

    [GPGT] kyloren daily lunch kym thread

    $3 cheap, damn worth it!
  5. Somalia took the better genes
  6. Further down is watnam bu nest...
  7. If got SBS Jalan Miles...i think u will be their titanium member liao...wahahaha
  8. Thor

    [GPGT] kyloren daily lunch kym thread

    If 20mins walk one way is quite far man...by the time reach shud be damn hungree
  9. Thor

    toobaintai level expert

    What so shiok?
  10. Yeah sore loser...orh lang cannot lose half asian? orh lang must dua liap, dua kee, tokong? cannot be opposite?
  11. Thor

    [LIVE] Apple iphone/ifone/isheep Event

    He can buy 20 of these phones for his atb gf...wahahaha
  12. Thor

    [LIVE] Apple iphone/ifone/isheep Event

    The biggest Xs Max 512gb cost $2,349 sgd....my goodness...
  13. Thor

    My gf KYM?

    So King is Caspergon? OMG!
  14. Thor

    My gf KYM?

    Not bad King...happy for u
  15. Thor


    Anyone still wear pyjamas to bed?
  16. Thor


    Maybe both
  17. Thor


    I thot green is melayu