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  1. Thor

    White Storm 2

    i watch the ah tiong version. I also cant believe a drug addict gang member can become financial whiz in 15years. Sibei far fetched story. Hahaha
  2. I guess those gravure books or fhm/maxim. Hahahaha
  3. Thor

    [Movie] Anna

    What is the story about? Female secret agent?
  4. Thor

    White Storm 2

    Movie about Andy Lau and Louis Koo started young in triad who doesn’t do drugs but Louis Koo’s turf was caught with ginna pis peddling drugs. Punishment from Triad chop fingers off and tio expel. From there Louis became one of the biggest hk druglord while Andy exited the triad and become a financial guru. The movie set its stage from here. I find quite unbelievable that Andy’s gf is Chrissie Chau but Andy produced this film so i guess he can lam anyone he wants. Michael Miu also start as a grizzly narcotics cop out to hunt druglords. Overall i give this movie a 6/10. Very average hk film, white storm 1 is better but there is no correlation with this movie
  5. Haha we dun want pogba...he can stay at man lian and eat liu lian
  6. You are going tomb raiding?
  7. Been a while since he ate tao huey
  8. ok thanks for the replies...i wanna bring yuan into prc...
  9. No pogba please...damn toxic
  10. Do you know what happens if i declare i bring over $XXX
  11. Thor

    Spiderman: Far From Home

    Did you enjoy this movie?
  12. Anyone knows? @socrates469bc @Satki What is the rationale to this
  13. Thor

    Spiderman: Far From Home

    Think phase 4 will start with captain marvel
  14. Thor

    Spiderman: Far From Home

    Aunt may 56 liao but still looks yummy 40s!
  15. Thor


    Good qn...thor also dunno
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