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Everything posted by Thor

  1. Thor

    Do you like Indonesian Rupiah banknotes?

    why cannot remove 2 00s...then the figure won't look so big
  2. Last time i went to support, Tampines Rovers still got noor ali...dunno how many years le...
  3. Thor

    Jiuhu Kia try to rob ATB Cheekon

    Facing financial difficulties, a man hatched a plan to rob prostitutes as he thought they would be reluctant to report the matter to the police, a court heard. Yap Ching Ming contacted a prostitute who had advertised her sexual services on the Internet, and then threatened her with a fruit knife. The 34-year-old Malaysian rummaged for money and made off with two mobile phones, but was arrested the next day. At the State Courts on Monday (18 February), Yap was convicted of one charge each of putting a person in fear of harm to commit extortion, theft and drug consumption. Yap is expected to be sentenced on 5 March. On 23 November last year, Yap made an appointment with a 39-year-old prostitute from China. He met the victim at an HDB block in Corporation Drive in Jurong, bringing along a fruit knife and masking tape. Inside the prostitute’s bedroom, Yap and the victim took off their clothes. Yap then pretended to take out $100 to pay her, before brandishing the knife and pointing it at the victim. Yap grabbed the prostitute by the neck while also holding the knife to it. He tried to tape her mouth with masking tape, but was unsuccessful. During the ensuing struggle, the victim got cut by the knife. She broke free from Yap and sought help from her room-mates. They retreated into another bedroom and locked themselves inside. The victim called the police hotline saying, “Someone is robbing us. He is taking a knife.” Yap searched for money in the victim’s bedroom but could only make off with two mobile phones worth $300 in total. He was arrested at his home the next day. His urine samples were found to contain methamphetamine. Yap admitted that he had consumed the drug, commonly known as Ice, the previous day. It is not known if he had consumed the drug before or after he visited the prostitute. The punishment for putting any person in fear of harm in order to commit extortion is between two and five years’ jail, with caning. For theft, Yap could be jailed up to three years along with a fine. The maximum penalty for consuming methamphetamine is up to 10 years’ jail and a fine of up to $20,000.
  4. these are your medications...watch jdrama 3 times a day, watch after food...jiak pgd twice a day, be sure to complete dosage to prevent relapse
  5. pew in the porridge? that's kinky
  6. If he make it to Fulham's first team...it will be a slap on our faces
  7. chao fucker...should be stone and baked under the hot sun
  8. tmr see atb auto will have missiles lah...mai kg
  9. Thor

    [Movie Review] Alita Battle Angel

    Thanks for the nugget of info...see got part 2 or not...dun really feel so enthu about this movie
  10. A mechanical doctor finds a female cyborg core in the junkyard and revives it with new body parts. Turns out this cyborg was a former enemy during a war between man and mars? but she lost memory is a pretty nice cyborg. In this movie world, there is earth and a floating city which is where all the elites and atas ppl stay. Some ppl on earth dream of earning enough to buy a ticket to go up there, why i dunno...the movie never show what's so good about the floating city...this is where the cyborg girl (Alita) meets a guy whose dream is to enter this floating city Pros: Excellent animation and cool looking graphics, blended with real humans. Christoph Waltz (the german nazi from inglourius basterds) is the doctor who revives Alita and he is a terrific actor. Cons: Movie is a bit too long at 122mins and stuff the audience with a lot of background content which is tedious. Also a hint of part 2. Rating: 6/10 if you like ff animations
  11. Thor

    [MOVIE]Legend of the ancient sword free stream

    this reminds me of the LORD yin and yang
  12. today u r in good spirits ar
  13. Merdeka generation package lor...to swing the merdekas over...75%!
  14. Thor

    [Movie Review] Alita Battle Angel

    This nova is also immortal from mars? How he transfer his conscience into other humans?
  15. Have the fitting story of a korean cat 3 moobie
  16. our police is it also got pinoys? then he lodge report also will kana
  17. Thor

    [Movie Review] Alita Battle Angel

    yeah lor really knn...i wanted to see how satki is that nova then the end...tmd
  18. Thor

    [Movie Review] Alita Battle Angel

    which comedian?
  19. Thor

    [Netflix Review] Gokudolls

    A funny, lame yakuza anime on netflix. Only 10 episodes. 3 low level yakuzas screwed up an assignment and to avoid being killed by their boss, choose to go Thailand to have sex op and become girly idols in Akihabara. The 3 ruffians now no kkj and with nn have to perform as an idol group to earn money for the "family". Boss finds ways to milk them and rake in the cash. If you like silly anime where u dun need to think too much, then its suitable for u. Rating: 6.5/10
  20. no girls here leh...but i think they wear colour bras to catch our eyeballs
  21. His frequency increase from once a week to twice or thrice a week...jin worried for him! wahahaha
  22. Knn your appetite bery goot
  23. Maybe need to watch carol denver to get her confidence back