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  1. tikopek

    Cannot recognize Serina Wee liao

    Why in prison become Bui, come out become san? Husband every night piak her?
  2. Meanwhile old couples at 65 yo still waiting collect cpf money and serving at macdonalds
  3. Kenna suan as a property agent by appleyum?
  4. tikopek

    AMDK hoot security guard

    Hoseh liao. The security guard and camera man going to prison for filming our precious FT
  5. Huat ahhhhh demand more than supply, can raise price n pwn sinkies liao
  6. tikopek

    10 yrs jail for fake news, who wanna volunteer

    More communist then most communist cuntries
  7. Devalue ringgit further n more sinkies will flock there like zombies
  8. tikopek

    Nokia 9 PureView, 5 Cameras

    In before lotus roots breast picture
  9. tikopek

    [Giveaway] Torrent Download Site

    Dun mind sic? I wanna do got when it comes out.
  10. tikopek

    [Giveaway] Torrent Download Site

    Does it come with a torrent list of all the leaks u have?
  11. tikopek

    how abnn repair new train

    Many jb van the back windscreen also using this
  12. Daily press space is still up for rent. Why they dun move there?
  13. Fast come fast go