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  1. tikopek

    one injured one jailed over atb

    Dada Sasa
  2. Camera angle no good if not can see aurat
  3. tikopek

    [GPGT]SG MeiMei KYM ? @hongyinggg

    765 views but only 2 pages. So many lurkers. Ah xiang mailbox consperm full.
  4. tikopek

    Jay Chou, Liang Sandwich Bar

    Sinkies are the biggest carrots in the world.
  5. tikopek

    [GPGT]SG MeiMei KYM ? @hongyinggg

    In before 5k views
  6. Still does not answer the fundamental question. Why last time no flash floods?
  7. tikopek

    Help! My Child Is Short | Talking Point | CNA Insider

    Propaganda to accept ah Heng?
  8. ohhh thought talking about their people.
  9. Chinese gang name but all yalam... Really multi racial. Why yalam dun have their own gang tiga enam sembilan?
  10. 1 term is 4 years. Ah Heng can warm seat for 2 years then retire and Li HY take over. Baldy max only 1 term.
  11. tikopek

    Shame on you, Seah Kian Peng

    Kian Peng seah
  12. If I say salary should be more higher, I tell you, the company would go and hammer me. Then replace me with Ceca or Tiong FT. Chicken and egg....