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  1. If she is really working in farm, her strength can break ur kkj and skin should be rough like sandpaper. Can sand you kkj until smooth smooth when hj.
  2. Alot getting bbfa liao. Their butts getting bigger cos of all the fried springrolls which they now can afford cos they suck and pump sinkies springrolls
  3. Looks like king ktv. Cannot be catwalk.
  4. Ermmm everyday see my own kkj already. No need see other ppl kkj. Thanks
  5. Entitlement Jin strong with these countries where population exceeds 1 billion.
  6. tikopek

    What is a BTM?

    Bian Tai Machine?
  7. Never needed to show any ID when I purchased octopus card in HK. How is there traceability?
  8. tikopek

    The 7 Year Itch

    After marriage then is the final nail to coffin.
  9. Sometimes the trouble makers are "own" ppl to create a diversion n to strike fear to ppl contemplating to join the protest.
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