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  1. tikopek

    Which whisky brand to get?

    12 years good enough. The rest all ah tiong wipe out liao.
  2. tikopek

    Jiuhu Kia try to rob ATB Cheekon

    Cheekon earn money so difficult still wanna Rob them. Should castrate him.
  3. tikopek

    Which whisky brand to get?

    Yamazaki or hibiki.
  4. Huat ahhhhh. Mederka gen all vote pap this year. Sb90 otw with ceca coming with arms wide open from pap. A nation betrayed by tunnel vision idiots voting for a party for that few hundred dollars benefits.
  5. tikopek

    Star Wars: Episode IX finishes filming

    Why got Pogba in the photo.
  6. tikopek

    Chinese movie breaks record: $405 mil in 1 week

    Watch the trailer already Sian. Tiong movie always got the ah tiong wan sui ah tiong is the best vibe and storyline is rip off from Hollywood movie ideas like all the disaster show and Armageddon. Typical no originality and just copy.
  7. tikopek

    Cedar girl leak wor

    Piak pigu dong liao still suck. Not scared too salmonella ah.
  8. Wang wahh wahhh I dun mind eat their fa Cai. I mean acai.
  9. tikopek

    Cedar girl leak wor

    In before 10k views but 10 replies.
  10. tikopek

    Pattern more than badminton

    Are they retards?
  11. tikopek

    Budget 2019 to be delivered at 3.30pm next Monday

    Consperm por lampard all the stupid merdeka generations. Dumb fucks all Gian peng vote pap.
  12. tikopek

    girl found beheaded, some organs missing

    I notice that particular religion like to chop head. Dunno why.
  13. tikopek

    The family preserving a dying Singapore tradition

    Four generation consider very good. Got one family, 2nd generation only the useless eldest son destroy the father legacy.
  14. tikopek

    happy family

    Probably swallow that's why become buibui
  15. tikopek

    i got scolded by my relatives during CNY

    Are u Chinese?