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  1. If sinkie,new will print in bold and underline SINGAPOREAN.
  2. tikopek

    Oxfam rejects Singapore defense of low taxes

    Confirm in a few weeks u will see another agency publish their results which paints Singapore in a better light then the Oxfam report.
  3. tikopek

    Milo president to perform on TV

    Will the bodyguard push away all the purple symphony people?
  4. tikopek

    Beggar beats female driver after being refused money

    Ah Tiong land. But one sided story. Driver might have said some discriminating words.
  5. But the ah tiongs made Chinese a much worst with their disgusting behaviors.
  6. tikopek

    GPGT This sporty aunty kym?

  7. tikopek

    300 Status Update

    Grant me access please, thank u. BTW what is diff between fff n 300?
  8. tikopek

    property bubbles ranked by UBS

    Why SZ, Shanghai n Beijing not in there?
  9. tikopek

    jovane zehzeh win Miss Astro !!

    Must sleep with who?
  10. Actually dinos already expect Kings n prince
  11. Foreign amdk. Foreign same race also cannot
  12. tikopek

    Vivian Lai CEO hubby tio pok-ka

    Japan companies are quite bad pay masters, especially Pokka is manufacturing and consumables, profit margin very small. I bet his boss doesn't even stay in a 8 million house in Japan. Maybe just a 100sqm apartment.
  13. I blame Korean drama