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  1. 1day

    Suspect Spits on Cop, Cop Knocks Him Out

    wah... knocking someone whos handcuffed with 2 other officers behind him, armed with weapons - so manly, so alpha siol..
  2. 1day

    Singapore Air Force to get new chief Kelvin Khong

    Generals in their 40s look fairer and better complexion than me
  3. 1day

    miss usa mocks asian contestants' engrish

    given such privileges, this is what they can achievea in life? by mocking others?
  4. 1day

    Huawei CFO arrested in Canada

    too much power to the government? suka suka can arrest people? what did she violate?
  5. 1day

    Guess how much does this breakfast cost ??

    $0, claim from residents
  6. 1day

    Can anyone explain this antenna radiation?

    bo bian, we keep chasing for better technologies, but better technologies are killing us
  7. 1day

    sinkie fathers 3rd child of cecilia cheung

    sell body feed the other 2 kids
  8. when in group, they think they garang.
  9. confirm fugly, if not father wont ask him stay away liao
  10. don't think the bf is abnn but man, the girl must be damn broken right now.
  11. need to call gang one? got balls already whack already.. pack animal mentality
  12. 1day

    hahahahahaha: whole family pump the car

    the no-money-still-want-to-own-a-car type. pui.
  13. 1day

    Magdelene Liau KYM??

    must be sibeh cui last time to have such sorry look even after plastic