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  1. tiagong this is a serious problem back in tiongkok. pri sch kids this gen is compare family wealth, what car you get sent to school with etc
  2. 1day

    this is how i grab food from amdl

    fucktard "dog-lovers" who doesn't know a shit about leading and disciplining your dog.
  3. 1day

    HKmm perky pigu kym?

    BKY, nothing appealing anywhere from top to bottom
  4. 1day

    GPGT This sporty aunty kym?

    not aunty lah.. 20s only..
  5. 1day

    ohmyhome 姐妹花 bosses kym?

    wont last long
  6. 1day

    ntuc enterprise buy over kopitiam, good or bad?

    $3 milo peng incoming
  7. 1day

    Are China's 'young, fresh meat' men too feminine?

    whatever sells.. last time women chose men by whether they can put food on the table, today women choose men who look instagramable.
  8. so big difference.. I can see why now.. problem is not he tam chiak, is he never give more $$.
  9. gimmicks for coming electrion
  10. 1day

    smrt ambassador uncle told rop not to eat tio slap

    Friday go sembahyang, no more sins already liao
  11. 1day

    5000 years of culture sia suay until reach Seoul

    the husband fucking pussy, steal a kick at a 1v1
  12. 1day

    Daniel is back: this time Daniel goes global.

    if this is not siao lang, I don't know what is..